Ryo Nishikido & Mayu Matsuoka to play married couple in upcoming Summer Drama

Details of the upcoming 2017 Summer Drama season are slowly being revealed. One future drama that has tons of fans buzzing is NTV’s “Uchi no otto wa shigoto ga dekinai”, where Ryo Nishikido and Mayu Matsuoka will be playing a married couple.

The main character in “Uchi no otto wa shigoto wa dekinai” (My husband can’t do his work) is Kobayashi Tsukasa (Ryo Nishikido). On the surface Kobayashi seems to have it all. High income, good looks, and a young pretty wife. However, what Kobayashi’s wife Sayaka (Mayu Matsuoka) doesn’t realize is that Kobayashi is pretty terrible at what he does. Many of his co-workers see him as a huge burden. Even his junior co-workers poke fun and bully him over his constant mistakes.

Sayaka really admires her husband, so Kobayasha tries his best to hide the situation from her. Things don’t get better which leads to Kobayashi considering quitting, but Sayaka finds out she’s pregnant. With his job being the primary source of income he’s stuck in a bind. Sayaka eventually finds out about the work situation and helps Kobayashi overcome his issues.

A low quality video of Ryo and Mayu introducing “Uchi no otto wa shigoto ga dekinai” can be seen below!




  • mio

    isn’t she a bit young to be playing his wife lol

    • Mmm

      She looks 33 years old so it’s ok

      • h

        For fucking real? She most certainly does not.

      • Oziar

        Who. Tao or Mayu. Which drama. I can’t remember it as i watch most of their drama.

      • AliceB

        I thought that too. At first glance I thought she was Yuko Takeuchi, who I adore by the way.

    • Buzz

      Maybe the role required someone to look like a young wife? Tao Tsuchiya played as Kame’s wife role yet he is her seniors by 9 years same with Mayu with Ryo who are 10 years apart.

      • mio

        but the storyline with tao and kame was that she was a high schooler…..she’s supposed to be young lol.

  • the groupie who

    she plays a younger wife so nothing wrong with her casting(Nikaido Fumi rn is playing the love interest of Ayano Go who is 13 years older than her) … seems like it’s the trend?

    love her, love him . I’m looking forward to this!

    • Mirza Rakhmadianti

      last year was all about older women with younger men, looks like it’s reversed this year!

  • eplizo

    Somehow, he looks like Okura Tadayoshi in that pic lol.

  • Reileen

    It amuses me that it’s Ryo out of all Johnnys who keeps getting daddy and husband roles

    • TruthSpeaker

      But Ryo keeps rocking in those roles… I dont mind hubby or daddy roles given to Ryo…

  • Rave

    Ryo goes from barely able to speak with his female co-stars to discussing the appropriate schedule to fart lol

  • Mirza Rakhmadianti

    holy that synopsis looks interesting! and it’s another Mayu drama! of course I’ll watch :D

  • Risa

    Jun in a movie, Ryo in a drama. KimuTaku in a movie. That’s good news for me and my favorites :-)

  • PigeonPop

    When young actors and actresses make the rounds to promote on morning TV and prime time variety shows, they tend to be “typical” and quite prescribed. Mayu isn’t that type–even in the clip here she casually says negai-sage (which is an idiom you rarely hear to begin with in this kind of setting) to Ryo’s flatulence talk, but in a manner that invites laughter from the staff.

  • panpandaa

    finally!! a drama for Ryo !!it’s been almost 2 years… his last one was samurai sensei….

  • Queen_Of_The_Yokai537

    She is so pretty *_*. OMG Ryo Nishikido<3<3<3<3 I am so excited TvT. Can't wait to watch this ^^!

  • Midna

    Why can they never be the same age??????