Johnny’s WEST, Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai, and More Perform on Buz Rhythm 02 for October 11

This week’s guests were Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai, The Cro-Magnons, Johnny’s WEST, and CARRY LOOSE.

Uchikubi Gokumon Doukoukai – Shimaguni DNA / Natsu no Uta

The Cro-Magnons – Crane Game

Johnny’s WEST – Big Shot!!


KEN THE 390 to Release New EP “Faces”

On October 11, KEN THE 390 will release a new EP, “Faces. ” The seven-track EP will feature production by a different producer on each track, in an effort to show different “faces.” These producers include the likes of DJ WATARAI and DJ JIN of RHYMESTER. Check out more information on this release and its accompanying music videos below!

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Oricon Flashback: Week of 10/7

We’re back with this week’s edition of Oricon Flashback! This is where we look back on what topped the charts this week 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years ago. Think of it as a way to reminisce and learn about the past of Japanese music.

Creephyp Release New Digital Single “Band 2019”

Creephyp is currently celebrating their 10th anniversary. As part of this celebration, the band will release a new digital single, “Band 2019”, on October 10. The song is actually a re-release of the song “Band” from Creephyp’s 2016 album “Sekaikan.” The accompanying music video depicts the funeral of frontman Ozaki Sekaikan. Check it out below!

m-flo and J. Balvin Release Music Video for “HUMAN LOST”

Back in July, it was reported that m-flo and J. Balvin collaborated on the song “HUMAN LOST”, which serves as the theme song for the anime film “HUMAN LOST Ningen Shikkaku.” The song is set for a worldwide digital and streaming release on October 11, followed by a physical release in Japan on October 23. The Japanese single will be a double A-side titled “HUMAN LOST feat. J. Balvin / against all gods.” The second A-side was released digitally back in July and served as the ending theme for the TV Tokyo anime series “Black Clover.” The cover art for the single depicts m-flo and J. Balvin, as imagined by Kizaki Fuminori, the director of “HUMAN LOST Ningen Shikkaku.”

m-flo and J. Balvin have now released the animated music video for “HUMAN LOST.” The song is a mixture of Japanese, English, and Spanish. It can be seen below!

m-flo will also release a new album, “KYO”, on November 6. The album will come in three versions: 2CD+DVD, 2 CD, and CD+DVD. The first CD is the new album, while the second CD is a mix CD that contains both old and new remixes of m-flo’s songs. The DVD features m-flo’s music videos from this era.

Check out more information on m-flo’s upcoming releases and their new music video below!

Shinjiro Atae and Thelma Aoyama Team Up for “Suki Suki Suki”

On October 30, AAA‘s Shinjiro Atae and Thelma Aoyama will release a joint single, “Suki Suki Suki.” The duo wrote and composed the ballad together. It’s a sad song that shows how at times men and women can’t convey their true feelings to each other.

The single will be released in two versions: CD+DVD and CD only. Both versions will contain a 24-page photobook.

The dramatic video for “Suki Suki Suki” was recently released and can be seen below, along with more information on Shinjiro and Thelma’s new single!

Art Imitates Life in Music Video for indigo la End’s “Kokoro no Mi”

On October 9, indigo la End will release their new album, “Nureyuku Shishousetsu.” This is the band’s first album since July 2018’s “PULSATE.” The ten-song album will include the previously released digital singles “Hokorobi Gokko” and “Hanikande Shimatta Natsu.” It also includes the songs “Koiki na Bye Bye” and “Musubisama”, which appear in the Fuji TV drama “Boku wa Mada Kimi wo Aisanai Koto ga Dekiru” as an insert song and the ending theme, respectively.

indigo la End recently released the music video for the album track “Kokoro no Mi.” In the clip, frontman Kawatani Enon takes a page out of his own life and dates two women at the same time, which can be seen as a play on his adultery scandal with Becky. Check out the video below, along with more information indigo la End’s new album!