Arashi unveils “Hope in the Darkness” concert stage and more for “We Are One: A Global Film Festival”

Arashi has participated in the We Are One: A Global Film Festival. It is a 10 day online festival, exclusively on Youtube, bringing together the film community by providing much needed relief for COVID-19 efforts. For this, Arashi has prepared 3 special performance videos of some of their most memorable concert stages. From the display of high-tech stages incorporating digital sensors to control sound and lights in “Hope in the Darkness” to the extravagant fireworks display for “Love So Sweet” at the National Stadium, you can enjoy the performances below.

ayaka and Daichi Miura Team Up for “Negaiboshi”

ayaka has released the music video for her new collaboration with Daichi Miura, “Negaiboshi.” ayaka started work on the song while adhering to the COVID-19 stay at home order. Her thought for the song was what could be done now and only now through music. She then contacted Daichi.

Both ayaka and Daichi solicited fans for their thoughts and photos to create the lyrics for “Negaiboshi.” Some of the fans’ voices can also be heard in the song.

Check out “Negaiboshi” below!

Rola, Kiko Mizuhara, SKY-HI, Naomi Osaka, and More Express Support for Black Lives Matter

On May 25, George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department. In the days since his death, protests in support of Black Lives Matter have sprung up not only in the United States, but around the world, including Japan.

A march was held this past Saturday in Tokyo, which focused not only on America’s issues with police brutality, but also Japan’s, especially mistreatment of non-Japanese people.

These protests are not only physical, but virtual as well, with social media being used as a tool to express emotions over the current situation. Social media is also being used as a tool to teach people about the issue of police brutality against black people. One such way is the subbing of a viral video of black men talking about police brutality into Japanese. This subbed video has also gone viral, spreading the message of Black Lives Matter in Japan.

Several Japanese celebrities have lent their support to the cause. Rola posted the above-mentioned video on her Instagram Stories, along with other messages of support.

On her Twitter, Kiko Mizuhara posted a link to a site explaining Black Lives Matter in Japanese. She also posted a petition which hopes to achieve justice for Floyd.

Arashi postpone release of new single “Party Makers” due to American protests

Earlier in the day Johnny’s group Arashi announced the release of a brand new digital single titled “Party Makers“. The single was going to be released worldwide on June 12th, 2020, but just hours later an update posted to fan club members of Johnnys-net confirmed that the release would be postponed.

The primary reason for the postponement is due to the vast amount of large-scale protests currently taking place in the United States. Americans are currently mainly protesting in support of the movement Black Lives Matter, brought on by police brutality. The murder of George Floyd and many others by the hands of Police created somewhat of a resurgence with the movement. Similar protests have also been happening all around the world in other countries such as Canada, Japan, New Zealand, France, and Spain.

YOASOBI, Fujii Kaze, Arashi, and Agust D Top the Billboard Japan Chars for the Week of 5/18 – 5/24

This week, YOASOBI topped the Hot 100 single chart with their digital single “Yoru ni Kakeru”, with 12,797 points.

Fujii Kaze topped the Hot Albums chart with his debut album “HELP EVER HURT NEVER.”

YOASOBI also topped the Streaming Songs chart “Yoru ni Kakeru.”

Arashi topped the Download Songs chart with their digital single “Love so sweet: Reborn.”

Agust D topped the Download Albums chart with his new mixtape “D-2.”

YOASOBI, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, PassCode, LiSA, and Fujii Kaze Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 5/18 – 5/24

This week, YOASOBI topped the Combined Single chart with their digital single “Yoru ni Kakeru”, with 29,163 points in its fourth week in the chart’s top 10.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER topped the Combined Album chart with their new mini album “The Dream Chapter:ETERNITY”, with 31,466 points in its first week.

PassCode topped the Single chart with their new single “STARRY SKY”, selling 7,175 copies in its first week.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER also topped the Album chart with “The Dream Chapter:ETERNITY”, selling 24,482 copies in its first week.

LiSA retook the top spot on the Digital Single chart with her single “Gurenge”, selling 24,278 copies in its 57th week, topping the chart for the sixth non-consecutive week.

Fujii Kaze topped the Digital Album chart with his debut album “HELP EVER HURT NEVER”, selling 2,651 copies in its first week.

YOASOBI also topped the Streaming chart “Yoru ni Kakeru”, with 6,759,782 points in its sixth week in the chart’s top 10.

Chanmina, MY FIRST STORY, Fujifabric, and More Perform on Love music for May 31

This week’s episode featured a mixture of new at-home performances, previously recorded performances, and old performances. This week’s guests included Chanmina, MY FIRST STORY, Fujifabric, Koresawa, SUPER BEAVER, and ACIDMAN.






Mameshiba no Taigun

Ryu Matsuyama





Mayu Watanabe retires from show business

Actress and former AKB48 member Mayu Watanabe has announced that she will be retiring from show business. Recently, she has been on hiatus from social media but briefly came back to share the news with her fans.

She confirmed that she had parted ways with her agency Production Ogi, and that she will be retiring from working as an entertainer effective immediately. “Health Reasons” were the official reason why she will be retiring from the industry.