Tomohisa Yamashita covers new anan issue, talks exercise and detox

Johnny’s golden boy Tomohisa Yamashita will be the cover boy for the latest upcoming issue of anan magazine.

The photoshoot has officially been described as three different styles: chic, natural, and “mode”. The shoot promises to allow you to “enjoy” Yamapi’s physical beauty and adult sex appeal. In the issue he mainly talks about how he maintains his motivation to keep training, a big detox that happened in his life, and his future goals.

Yamapi’s new anan issue will be available for purchase beginning on July 15th, 2020.

Johnny’s Jr. member Nobuki Fukushi tests positive for COVID-19

Johnnys & Associates released a press release regarding one of their Johnny’s Jr. members, Nobuki Fukushi. He has unfortunately tested positive for COVID-19.

Fukushi noticed that he had a fever around June 30th, but luckily the last time he had interaction with Johnny’s staff and talent was back on June 16th. During that time frame he also did not enter any Johnny’s affiliated offices.

Shortly after noticing his fever he got tested, and it came back positive. Since testing positive Fukushi has been in quarantine, and is receiving treatment. Fukushi is the very first Johnny’s talent to test positive for COVID-19.

Koda Kumi, Suzuki Airi, and More Perform on Music Fair for July 4

This week’s guests were Suzuki Masayuki, Hikawa Kiyoshi, Koda Kumi, and Suzuki Airi.

Suzuki Masayuki x Hikawa Kiyoshi -Runaway

Suzuki Masayuki x Koda Kumi – Megumi no Hito

Suzuki Masayuki x Hikawa Kiyoshi x Koda Kumi – Yume de Aetara

Suzuki Masayuki x Suzuki Airi – DADDY! DADDY! DO!

Hikawa Kiyoshi – Omohizora

Koda Kumi – puff

Ayumi Hamasaki releases “Ohia no Ki,” her first single in 4 years

National treasure Ayumi Hamasaki has just surprise-released her new single “Ohia no Ki,” the first song in her discography with a non-romanized Japanese title.

On July 3 at midnight, a mysterious video was posted to the singer’s official Twitter page that teased a never before seen photo of Ayu glitching in for a single frame. The video read “July 4th 24:00 DON’T MISS IT,” and fans braced themselves for nothing special…a TikTok challenge…a perfume—but she said SURPRISE!

Fans mobbed her site at the teased time, momentarily crashing it.

The single marks her first original musical release since 2018’s “TROUBLE” EP, as well as her first single in 4 years. It comes the night after the airing of the finale episode of “M: Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite“, the drama based on her life that stars up-and-coming avex artist Kalen Anzai.

At the beginning of 2020, Ayumi Hamasaki revealed that she had given birth to a baby boy. The song opens with a dedication to him, and is about how he gave her a new outlook on life. The titular ohia references the ‘Ohi’a lehua, a flowering shrub native to the six largest islands of Hawaii.

The song was composed by Kazuhito Kikuchi, a frequent collaborator in the early years of Ayumi’s career. He began working with her on her 5th single “Depend on you” in 1998 and continued composing for her through 2006.

Ayumi Hamasaki’s new song “Ohia no Ki” has been distributed to most major streaming services (it’s not on Spotify at the time of writing this).

Hikawa Kiyoshi and SHE’S Peform on Buzz Rhythm 02 for July 3

This week’s guests were Hikawa Kiyoshi and SHE’S.

Hikawa Kiyoshi – Genkai Toppa x Survivor

SHE’S – Letter

Hey! Say JUMP, Kis-My-Ft2, AI, and More Perform on MUSIC STATION for July 3

This week’s episode was a DREAMS COME TRUE tribute special, with some acts covering them and Nakamura Masato serving as guest co-host. This week’s guests were Little Glee Monster, AI, Hey! Say! JUMP, Shirota Yu, and Kis-My-Ft2.

Little Glee Monster – Nando Demo (DREAMS COME TRUE cover)


Hey! Say! JUMP – Last Mermaid…

Little Glee Monster – Itsuka Kono Namida ga

Shirota Yu – Yasashii Kiss wo Shite (DREAMS COME TRUE cover)

Kis-My-Ft2 – “WA ni Natte Odorou” Project

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Hana Kimura’s Mom claims Terrace House staff instigated her argument scene, encouraged bad behavior

Bunshun has conducted an interview with Hana Kimura’s mother, Kyoko Kimura who is also a professional wrestler. In May, 2020 Kimura tragically commit suicide, she was only 22-years-old. This was largely in part to a constant stream of negative comments Kimura received through social media, many of them wishing death on the wrestler.

The drama started in an episode of “Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020“, one of the housemates accidentally ruined two of her wrestling outfits while doing laundry. Wrestling outfits are almost always custom made and cost a lot of money, so on the show they made sure to make a big deal of Kimura going off on the cast mate. Kyoko is claiming that producers of the show instigated the argument between the two, and completely blew it out of proportion.