Naomi Osaka covers Vogue Japan

Tennis superstar Naomi Osaka is the newest cover girl for Vogue Japan’s upcoming August 2021 issue. The theme for her photoshoot and interview is “HERE I AM”.

Osaka is an official ambassador for the French luxury house Louis Vuitton, and on the cover she is dressed head to toe in a sporty style, wearing vivid colors and the famous Louis Vuitton monogram logo. Osaka is currently one of the most famous and successful athletes in the entire world, she has used her star power for good by continually speaking on multiple social issues such as the BLM and “Stop Asian Hate” movements.

Dragon Ash and Hakubi Perform on “Love music” for June 20

This week’s guests were Dragon Ash and Hakubi.

Dragon Ash – Endeavor / New Era

Hakubi – Doukeshi ni wa Narenai

Tokyo Jihen Appears on “KanJam Kanzennen SHOW” for June 20

This week’s episode was the second part of a special dedicated to Tokyo Jihen. This week’s guests were Tokyo Jihen, Akimitsu HonmaTsuneta Daiki (King Gnu), Seki Yu (King Gnu), Chan MARI (Gesu no Kiwami Otome.), and Takahashi Shigeo (Savanna).

iri, SHISHAMO, and More Perform on “Shibuya Note” for June 19

This week’s guests were SHISHAMO, Travis Japan, iri, and ATARASHII GAKKO!

SHISHAMO – Chuudoku

Travis Japan – The Show

iri – Uzu


Takuya Kimura to star in global series “The Swarm”

Takuya Kimura has been cast in his very first major international drama series! “The Swarm” is an eight-party environmental thriller based on a novel by Frank Schatzing. Kimura is one of the main stars, joining an ensemble cast of many international other international actors spanning Europe and North America.

The plot of the series follows humankind on the brink of destruction, as they face off against an unknown “swarm intelligence” that lives in the depths of the sea. Due to many years of pollution the swarm is disrupted and begins to strike back at human kind, which threatens the entire livelihood of humans on Earth. The fate of the world lies in the hand of a small group of scientists.

Open Post

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Utada Hikaru Takes on Gendered Titles

In an Instagram post earlier today, Utada Hikaru took on gendered titles. She expressed annoyance at being asked if she should be referred to as “Miss”, “Mrs.”, or “Ms.”, saying that she feels “uncomfortable to be identified so markedly by … marital status or sex.” She added that she doesn’t identify with any of these labels and that she feels “forced to misrepresent” herself when asked to pick one.

Ayumi Hamasaki Releases Gothic Music Video for “23rd Monster”

On April 8, Ayumi Hamasaki released a new digital single, “23rd Monster.” Now, over two months later, she has released the music video for the song. The music video for the rock song has very gothic feel, with the main color for the video being black. Check it out below!