AKB48 surpasses Mr.Children as the 2nd best selling Japanese music act

With the release of AKB48‘s latest single “Jiwaru DAYS” the group has hit another brand new milestone, they have become the 2nd best selling Japanese music act.

The sales from “Jiwaru DAYS” has brought them to just over 60 million units sold, putting them ahead of the legendary rock group Mr.Children who is at 59.5 million units sold. Back in 2017 AKB48 became the best selling Japanese female artist of all time, pulling ahead of Ayumi Hamasaki.

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Takumi Saito & Becky’s “A Gambler’s Odyssey 2020” will still come out, despite Pierre Taki’s arrest

Almost a week ago musician and actor Pierre Taki was arrested for being in possession of a small amount of cocaine. As a result all promotion and sales have been halted for “Judgement”, a Playstation 4 game starring Pierre and Takuya Kimura.

Pierre’s arrest has also put the game’s worldwide release in limbo, as Sega is currently further accessing the situation. Pierre had already complected a slew of projects, including acting in one of the main roles in the film “A Gambler’s Odyssey 2020”.

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Hoshino Gen and Orisaka Yuta Win The 11th CD Shop Awards 2019

Hoshino Gen and Orisaka Yuta have been announced as the Grand Prize winners of The 11th CD Shop Awards 2019. Gen won the Red Grand Prize award for his album “POP VIRUS”, while Yuta won the Blue Grand Prize for his album “Heisei.” This is Gen’s second time winning this award, the first being in 2015 for his album “YELLOW DANCER.”

Check out the full list of winners below!

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Suchmos reveal 8+ minute Music Video for “In The Zoo”

As we’ve reported previously, six-piece fusion rock band Suchmos will be releasing their latest studio album “THE ANYMAL” next week on March 27th. In further support of the release, the group have now published the music video for lead song “In The Zoo” to their YouTube channel.

This PV, directed by yahyel’s Kento Yamada, pairs the sprawling eight minute psychedelic blues number with some suitably trippy and washed-out visuals. According to the band, “In The Zoo” is based around the idea that humans are animals constantly caught between reason and their instincts.

You’ll find the full version of this rather lengthy music video below.

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Sakanaction’s New Song “Nylon no Ito” used in the latest CM for Calorie Mate

It’s been announced that electronic rock band Sakanaction will be providing the latest CM track for Otsuka Pharmaceutical’s Calorie Mate brand. The song, titled “Nylon no Ito”, will be featured on Sakanaction’s upcoming double album “834.194“.

The commercial stars Sakanaction frontman Ichiro Yamaguchi, pairing footage of him working in the studio with shots of a vast desert meant to represent the scenery inside his head. In addition, the company also produced a short interview video which sees Yamaguchi discussing both “Nylon no Ito” and the music production process in general.

You’ll find the commercial and its pairing interview right after the cut.

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The Recording Industry Association of Japan Releases Its Digital Certifications for February

No songs from 2019 were certified this month.

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bohemianvoodoo to release their 4th Full-Length Album “MOMENTS”

Instrumental jazz quartet bohemianvoodoo will be releasing their fourth studio album “MOMENTS” this week on March 20th. This record comes fully four-and-a-half years after the release of the group’s previous album “Aromatic” and will include 11 new songs.

Ahead of the album’s release, they have published the music video for its lead track “Ishi no Kyoukai” to their label’s YouTube channel. The PV focuses on the group’s spirited performance of the track in a well-lit room.

You’ll find this music video, as well as the cover and track list for “MOMENTS” below.

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Mai Kuraki and Dream Ami Perform on Premium MelodiX! for March 18

This week’s guests were Mai Kuraki and Dream Ami.

Mai Kuraki – Kimi to Koi no Mama de Owarenai Itsumo Yume no Mama ja Irarenai

Dream Ami – Good Goodbye

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