Naniwa Danshi, INI, BE:FIRST, and More to Perform on “Kamioto -Kamigata Otomatsuri-“

On May 28 at 11:55 AM JST, ytv will air the special music show “Kamioto -Kamigata Otomatsuri-.” The show will run for five hours and five minutes. In addition to performances, the show will also feature interviews, comedy, and anime theme song specials.

ytv announcers Sawaguchi Miho and Sato Kana will serve as program progress hosts. Unabara Yasuyo Tomoko serves as talk navigator. Ae! group serves as the show’s special supporter. New York serves as the event navigator.

The show will feature performances by the likes of Naniwa Danshi, INI, BE:FIRST, JO1, Koda Kumi, Novelbright, BiSH, and flumpool. There will be interviews with names such as Sakanaction, NiziU, and Creepy Nuts.

Find out more about the show below!

Girl Arrested for Stalking & Pulling a Knife Out on 7 MEN Samurai’s Taiko Sasaki

On May 18, Tokyo Metropolitan Police arrested a 17 year old female high school student in Yokohama in connection to incidents involving Taiko Sasaki of 7 MEN Samurai.

She began stalking him after seeing him one day at Shibuya Station in Tokyo. “I fell in love at first sight when I saw him at Shibuya Station in April last year,” she confessed. “I started to follow him. He was the only person that I could think of.

ENHYPEN, LE SSERAFIM, Sagupan, Official HIGE DANdism, and Mei-chan Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 5/2 – 5/8

This week, ENHYPEN topped the Combined Single chart with their new single “DIMENSION : Senkou”, with 321,907 points in its first week.

LE SSERAFIM topped the Combined Album chart with their debut mini album “Fearless”, with 10,487 points in its first week.

ENHYPEN also topped the Single chart with “DIMENSION : Senkou”, selling 305,786 copies in its first week.

Sagupan topped the Album chart with his debut mini album “Saguwan”, selling 3,975 copies in its first week.

Official HIGE DANdism retook the top spot on the Digital Single chart with their digital single “Mixed Nuts”, selling 20,125 copies its fourth week, topping the chart for the second non-consecutive week.

LE SSERAFIM also topped the Digital Album chart with “Fearless”, selling 2,2921 copies in its first week.

Mei-chan topped the Streaming chart with his new digital single “Rana”, with 11,668,739 streams in its first week.

SixTONES Shows Their Softer Side with “Watashi”

On June 8, SixTONES will release their seventh single, “Watashi.” The song is an insert song in the Fuji TV drama “Koi Nante, Honki de Yatte Dousuru no?”, which stars SixTONES member Hokuto Matsumura.

“Watashi” will come in three different editions, two CD+DVD limited editions and a CD only regular edition. Limited edition A will feature a new song along with the “Watashi” music video and related content. Limited edition B will include three live tracks from SixTONES’ “Feel da CITY” tour from earlier this year, along with a documentary about the making of their album from earlier this year, “CITY.” The regular edition will include two new songs and a remix of SixTONES’ single “Kyomei” from earlier this year.

SixTONES has now released the music video for “Watashi.” The song and video both show a softer side of the group. Check it out below!

Kitani Tatsuya, Ohashi Chippoke, and More Perform on “Premium MelodiX!” for May 16

This week’s guests were Kitani Tatsuya, LONGMAN, Ohashi Chippoke, Day and Night, and Absolute area.

Kitani Tatsuya – Planetes


Ohashi Chippoke – Iya Demone

Day and Night – my story

Absolute area – mirroring

Hoshino Gen, AKB48, and More Perform on “CDTV Live! Live!” for May 16

This week’s guests were PUFFY, Hoshino Gen, Hirai Dai, AKB48, asmi, and Kyanai.

PUFFY – Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Etcetera / Kore ga Watashi no Ikiru Michi / Ai no Shirushi / Asia no Junshin

Hoshino Gen – Kigeki

Hirai Dai – Slow & Easy / HOPE

AKB48 – Motokare Desu

asmi – PAKU

Kyanai – Vanilla

BE:FIRST, Angerme, and More Perform on “Love music” for May 15

This week’s performers were ENHYPEN, Angerme, and BE:FIRST. Oswald was the talk guest.

ENHYPEN – Tamed-Dashed [Japanese Ver.]

Angerme – Ai Mashou

BE:FIRST – Bye-Good-Bye

Sexy Zone Goes Back to the 80s with “Forever Gold”

On June 1, Sexy Zone will release their new album, “The Highlight.” This is their first album since February 2020’s “POP × STEP!?”

The album’s title was created by the group to show that every song on the album is a highlight. The “the” in the album’s title is a reference to it often being used in the 80s and 90s, reflecting the album’s retro theme. Sexy Zone has wanted to try the sounds of this time period for a while, and they are featured all throughout the album.

“The Highlight” will include the singles “LET’S MUSIC” and “Natsu no Hydrangea.” The new songs on the album include 80s Western-style dance numbers, city pop, refreshing summer club sounds, and love ballads. These songs were created for Sexy Zone by the likes of Nulbarich, Hata Motohiro, Okazaki Taiiku, STUTS, and iri.

The album will be released in three editions, two limited and one regular. All three are CD+DVD. The covers for the limited editions were drawn by tree13, an artist who has grown popular recently due to the city pop revival. The regular edition feature Sexy Zone in colorful vintage fashion. The group’s name and album title are all written in katakana in a vintage font reminiscent of the one used by the iconic late Showa TBS music show “The Best Ten.”

Ahead of the album release, Sexy Zone has released the music video for their album’s opening track, “Forever Gold.” Both the song and video are dripping in 80s nostalgia. In the clip, Sexy Zone plays a hit boyband on a music show and regular American high school boys. Check it out below, along with more information on their new album!