Tsubaki Factory release two new MVs for new single “Dansha-ISM / Ima Nanji?”

Hello!Project group Tsubaki Factory is gearing up for the release of their brand new single “Dansha-ISM / Ima Nanji?”. This is their 7th major single so far, and 2nd release for 2020.

The lead a-side “Dansha-ISM” is a high energy song warning about the dangers of shopping too much, quite fitting for the times considering many people are stuck at home online shopping! In the MV mini versions of the members are seen cleaning up a messy room, while dancing in front of an LED panel wall.

V6 Performs on SONGS for September 26

This week’s episode featured V6. They are currently celebrating their 25th anniversary. In their first appearance on this show in five years, V6 looks back on their career.

V6 – Ai Nanda / Darling / BEAT YOUR HEART / over

Tokunaga Hideaki, Sarah Alainn, and MORISAKI WIN Perform on Music Fair for September 26

This week’s guests were Tokunaga Hideaki, Sarah Alainn, and MORISAKI WIN.

Tokunaga Hideaki x Sarah Alainn – Koi ni Ochite -Fall in Love-


Sarah Alainn – To Love You More

Tokunaga Hideaki – STATEMENT

Yuko Takeuchi has passed away at 40

It was reported that actress Yuko Takeuchi (40) was found dead at her residence in Tokyo. The Metropolitan Police Department is carefully investigating the possibility of suicide.

Yuko Takeuchi is an actress who has headlined several popular dramas including the getsu9 drama “Lunch no Joou” and “Strawberry Night”. Her most recent role appearance is in the movie “The Confidence Man JP: Episode of the Princess”.

V6, Reol, and More Perform on Buzz Rhythm 02 for September 25

This week’s guests were V6, Hirai Dai, Reol, and Super Break Dawn.


Hirai Dai – Stand by me, Stand by you.

Reol – Dairokkan

Super Break Dawn – DREAM GIRL

Awich Releases Short Film for Black Lives Matter

Awich has released a short film titled “‘UNITY’ Japan for Black Lives Matter.” The video was made in collaboration with Shimpo Takuto, who has directed many of Awich’s music videos. In the video, she thanks black people for their contributions, while showing images of her mixed race daughter and deceased black husband. Other figures in the world of Japanese hip hop, including Chinza DOPENESS, kZm, Chaki Zulu, and IO, also express their thanks to black people and their support of Black Lives Matter.

In tandem with the short film, an exhibition titled “Black Lives Matter Charity Exhibition ‘Unity'” will be held in Tokyo on September 26 and 27. At this exhibition, Awich will sell her collaboration t-shirt with the fashion brand BlackEyePatch. The proceeds from the t-shirt’s sales will be donated to the Bail Fund, to pay for bail and legal fees for unjustly arrested black people.

Check out Awich’s Black Lives Matter short film and her t-shirt below!

Naoi Yoshifumi Suspended from BUMP OF CHICKEN Due to Affair

BUMP OF CHICKEN bassist Naoi Yoshifumi has been suspended from the band. This came about after it was reported by Shukan Bunshun last week that Yoshifumi was having an affair while secretly married with children. Included in the Bunshun article was a statement from an employee of BUMP OF CHICKEN’s management company, confirming that Yoshifumi is married with children. The mangament company employee also told Bunshun that Yoshifumi has had affairs with numerous women.

Upon publication of the Bunshun article, Yoshifumi tweeted an apology. Not only did he apologize to his wife, but also to his family, his bandmates, his fans, and the band’s staff. He vowed to reflect and change his behavior in hopes of regaining the trust he had lost via his adultery.

Kanjani8’s Okura Tadayoshi Tests Positive for COVID-19

Okura Tadayoshi, member of Kanjani8, has tested positive for COVID-19, as reported by the official website of Johnny & Associates. He began to feel tired on the night of September 20, but didn’t have a fever. The next morning, he had a fever of 37.5℃. He was then tested for COVID-19 and received a positive result on September 23. Tadayoshi is now under the care of a health center, which he will remain under for ten days, starting from the day of the onset of his symptoms, September 20.