New METAFIVE Album Canceled In Light of Cornelius Scandal

Noted bully Cornelius has a new victim: his supergroup METAFIVE. Their second album, “METAATEM”, was set for release on August 11. But that is no more.

It was announced that the new METAFIVE will no longer be released. This was to be their first album since their debut one, “META”, in January 2016.

Did Nintendo back out of the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony?

Popular tabloid Bunshun has released more details on the ill-fated Tokyo Olympics. They released a lengthy “confidential” report that detailed specific plans for the Opening Ceremony, in total the report spanned 1199 pages but Bunshun shared the highlights.

One section that has been gaining traction online was a proposed segment involving comedian Naomi Watanabe and the videogame powerhouse Nintendo. In the segment Naomi was going to be joined by American singer Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga was to appear remotely from a warp pipe, a device commonly seen in videogames from the Super Mario franchise. In the actual stadium “Naomi Gaga” would have appeared, this segment was meant to poke fun at former prime minister Shinzo Abe’s appearance at the 2016 Rio games.

Snow Man, BTS, millennium parade × Belle, and Arashi Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 7/12 – 7/18

This week, Snow Man topped the Combined Single chart with their single “HELLO HELLO”, with 813,477 points in its sixth week.

BTS topped the Combined Album chart with their new album “Butter”, with 195,084 points in its first week.

Snow Man also topped the Single chart with “HELLO HELLO”, selling 805,691 copies in its first week.

BTS also topped the Album chart with “Butter”, selling 195,084 copies in its first week.

millennium parade × Belle topped the Digital Single chart with their new digital single “U”, selling 29,786 copies its first week.

Arashi topped the Digital Album chart with their best album “Ura Ara BEST 1999-2007”, selling 12,756 copies in its first week

BTS also topped the Streaming chart with their digital single “Permission to Dance”, with 21,430,094 streams in its second week.

LiSA, Sexy Zone, SEKAI NO OWARI, and More Perform on “CDTV Live! Live!” for July 26

This week’s guests were SEKAI NO OWARI, Johnny’s WEST, LiSA, Sexy Zone, Aoi Shota, Miyano Mamoru, and MY FIRST STORY.


Johnny’s WEST – Dekkai Ai


Sexy Zone – Natsu no Hydrangea

Aoi Shota – Glass no Kutsu

Miyano Mamoru – Dream on


King Gnu, indigo la End, AiNA THE END, and More Perform on “Love music” for July 25

This week’s episode was a “VIVA LA ROCK 2021” special, featuring KEYTALK, KANA-BOON, Kyuso Nekokami, Frederic, Novelbright, UNISON SQUARE GARDEN, FOMARE, indigo la End, Saucy Dog, Base Ball Bear, teto, AiNA THE END, Dizzy Sunfist, 10-FEET, ROTTENGRAFFTY, Nothing’s Carved In Stone, MONOEYES, Creepy Nuts, Suga Shikao, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, and King Gnu.

KEYTALK – Ouka Ranman

KANA-BOON – Starmaker

Kyuso Nekokami – 3minutes

Frederic – Wake Me Up

Novelbright – Seishun Hata

UNISON SQUARE GARDEN – Throw Curve wa Utenai (that made me crazy)

FOMARE – Kimi to Yoake

indigo la End – Yoru no Koi wa

Saucy Dog – BLUE

Base Ball Bear – changes

teto – Moshi Moshi? Moshi Mosaa

AiNA THE END – Kienaide

Dizzy Sunfist – ANDY

10-FEET – Hello Fixer


Nothing’s Carved In Stone – Pride

MONOEYES – My Instant Song

Creepy Nuts – Hareru!

Suga Shikao – FUNKAHOLiC

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Diamond In Your Heart feat. Hosomi Takeshi

King Gnu – Senryo Yakusha

Hiromi Go, THE ALFEE, and Wagakki Band Perform on “Music Fair” for July 24

This week’s guests were Hiromi Go, THE ALFEE, and Wagakki Band.

Hiromi Go x THE ALFEE – Yoroshiku Aishuu

Hiromi Go x Wagakki Band – 2 Oku 4 Senman no Hitomi -Exotic Japan-

Wagakki Band – Starlight

THE ALFEE – The 2nd Life -Daini no Sentaku-

Hiromi Go – Kitsunebi

Choutokkyuu, THE ALFEE, and Little Black Dress Perform on “Buzz Rhythm 02” for July 23

This week’s guests were Choutokkyuu, THE ALFEE, and Little Black Dress.

Choutokkyuu – CARNAVAL

THE ALFEE – The 2nd Life -Daini no Sentaku-

Little Black Dress – Natsu Darake no Glider

Suzuki Airi Performs on “MUSIC BLOOD” for July 23

This week’s guest was Suzuki Airi.

MY FIRST STORY – Hatsukoi Cider (Buono! cover) / Be Brave