Sakura Miyawaki’s HKT48 graduation apparently leaked by HMV

Sakura Miyawaki recently completed activities with the successful South Korean based group IZ*ONE. In 2018 she successfully was one of the winning contestants on the CJ E&M talent reality show Produce 101, as one of the winners she halted activities with AKB48 and HKT48 to focus on IZ*ONE.

After three years fans were looking forward to her return with HKT48, but it appears that her time with the group is limited. Popular retailer HMV shared a preview photo of Sakura in an upcoming issue of the popular fashion magazine ViVi. In the page it has text that approximately says:

Tokyo Jihen to Release First New Album in a Decade

On June 9, Tokyo Jihen will release their new album, “Ongaku.” This is the band’s first new album since 2011’s “Daihakken.” Tokyo Jihen has spent the last two years working on this album, which will include the previously released digital singles “Aka no Doumei”, “Ao no ID”, “Inochi no Tobari”, “Yaminaru Shiro”, and “Ryokushu.”

“Ongaku” will be released in two versions, a 2CD+Photobook limited edition and CD only regular edition. The second CD of the limited edition will feature the three songs that appeared on the “Aka no Doumei” digital single. The limited edition’s photobook, “Shigotochu”, is 40 pages long.

Ahead of the release of “Ongaku”, Tokyo Jihen has released the music video for “Ryokushu”, which was released in March. The song serves as the ending theme for the TV Tokyo show “World Business Satellite.” The video was directed by the band’s frequent collaborator / Ringo’s boyfriend, Kodama Yuichi. Check it out below, along with more information on Tokyo Jihen’s new album!

Seiho Enlists cero, KID FRESINO, ACO, and More for “CAMP”

On May 12, Seiho will release his new digital mini album, “CAMP.” This release is an Amazon Music exclusive, due to it being the first release of Amazon Music’s new “PRODUCERS” project, which is a series of releases that focuses on producers. For this release, Seiho collaborated with several different artists, including cero, KID FRESINO, ACO, and Chinza DOPENESS. Sunahara Yoshinori mastered this release.

In conjuction with the release of “CAMP”, a music video featuring short clips of the music videos for each of the five songs on the mini album was released. A short documentary featuring commentary from Seiho about the production of “CAMP” was released in tandem. Check out both video after the jump, along with more information on Seiho’s new mini album!

Ai Otsuka & Akko Gorilla Team Up for “Aibiki”

On May 12, Ai Otsuka and Akko Gorilla will release a collaborative digital single, “Aibiki.” The two met last June after they were both part of the digital live event “LIVE HUMAN.”

Of Akko Gorilla’s voice, Ai said it has a special charm, a mixture of strength and sadness. Akko Gorilla is still in shock over working with Ai, saying that she can’t believe she is working with the person whose songs she sings at karaoke.

The music video for “Aibiki” was recently released. In it, Ai and Akko Gorilla go to Big Boy to have hamburger steak, which is a play on the song’s title, because depending on the kanji used, it could mean “meeting” or “ground”, as in ground beef. This being 2021, the duo wear face masks when entering the restaurant, sanitize their hands, and wear gloves when using the salad bar. All of this is done in a sensual manner. Check it out below!

JO1, ENHYPEN, YOASOBI, Ayase, Yuuri, Hoshino Gen, and YUKI Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 4/26 – 5/2

This week, JO1 topped the Hot 100 single chart with their new single “Born To Be Wild”, with 25,028 points.

ENHYPEN topped the Hot Albums chart with their new mini album “BORDER : CARNIVAL.”

YOASOBI topped the Artist 100 chart for the third consecutive week.

Ayase topped the Hot 100 Lyricists chart for the second consecutive week.

Ayase aslo topped the Hot 100 Composers chart for the third consecutive week.

Yuuri topped the Streaming Songs chart for the 13th non-consecutive week with his digital single “Dry Flower.”

Hoshino Gen topped the Download Songs chart with his new digital single “Fushigi.”

YUKI topped the Download Albums chart with her new album “Terminal.”

Take a Look Inside of Koki’s Bag

Vogue Japan recently released a video featuring Koki. In the video, Koki give us a glimpse inside of her handbag. She carries many things with her on a daily basis, including something from her mother, Kudo Shizuka. Take a look inside of Koki’s bag below!

JO1, ENHYPEN, Hoshino Gen, YUKI, and YOASOBI Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 4/26 – 5/2

This week, JO1 topped the Combined Single chart with their single “CHALLENGER”, with 261,940 points in its 15th week.

ENHYPEN topped the Combined Album chart with their new mini album “BORDER : CARNIVAL”, with 87,048 points in its first week.

JO1 also topped the Single chart with “CHALLENGER”, selling 254,111 copies in its first week of physical release.

ENHYPEN also topped the Album chart with “BORDER : CARNIVAL”, selling 83,218 copies in its first week.

Hoshino Gen topped the Digital Single chart with his new digital single “Fushigi”, selling 40,678 copies its first week.

YUKI topped the Digital Album chart with her new album “Terminal”, selling 1,961 copies in its first week.

YOASOBI topped the Streaming chart for the second consecutive week with their single “Kaibutsu”, with 7,661,973 streams in its 17th week.

Oricon Flashback: Week of 5/3

We’re back with this week’s edition of Oricon Flashback. This is where we look back on what topped the charts this week 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, and 30 years ago. Think of it as a way to reminisce and learn about the past of Japanese music.