Nogizaka46 and DA PUMP Perform on CDTV for March 28

This week’s guests were Nogizaka46 and DA PUMP.

Nogizaka46 – Shiawase no Hogoshoku

DA PUMP – Heart on Fire

JUJU, Daichi Miura, Little Glee Monster, and More Perform on Music Fair for March 28

This week’s guests were JUJU, Daichi Miura, Takahashi Mariko, Sada Masaki, Yuzu, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Tanimura Shinji, THE ALFEE, Kon Natsumi, Little Glee Monster, and LA DIVA.

JUJU x Daichi Miura – Yasashisa de Afureru You ni

Takahashi Mariko x Sada Masashi – Sake to Namida to Otoko to Onna

Yuzu x Yamazaki Ikusaburo – Sayonara Bus

Tanimura Shinji x Sada Masashi x THE ALFEE x JUJU x Kon Natsumi x Little Glee Monster – Shounen Jidai

LA DIVA – My Way


Nogizaka46, Kis-My-Ft2, and More Perform on Buzz Rhythm 02 for March 27

This week’s guests were Nogizaka46, Kis-My-Ft2, DA PUMP, and Fujikawa Chiai.

Nogizaka46 – Kikkake / Shiawase no Hogoshoku

Kis-My-Ft2 – To Yours

DA PUMP – Heart on Fire

Fujikawa Chiai – Tokyo

SKY-HI releases visuals for “SKY-HI’s THE BEST”

Rapper and AAA member Mitsuhiro Hidaka, otherwise known as SKI-HI, has released the visuals for his upcoming best album “SKY-HI’s THE BEST“.

SKY-HI made his solo debut in 2013 with the single “Ai Bloom / RULE”. So far he has released 4 studio albums, two joint albums with SALU, and a collaboration best album.

“SKY-HI’s THE BEST” will be available in 3 standard versions. A 3CD only, 3CD+2DVD, and a 3CD+Blu-ray. Each disc represents a different part of the album. Disc 1 is called “POPS BEST”, Disc 2 “RAP BEST”, and lastly Disc 3 is “COLLABORATION BEST”.

Jin Akanishi & Ryo Nishikido to release joint album in Summer 2020

In December 2019 it was announced that former Johnny’s talents Jin Akanishi and Ryo Nishikido would be forming a brand new unit called N/A. The longtime friends made the announcement on their various social media accounts.

Their first activity for N/A was a concert that was to be held in Honolulu, Hawaii in May 2020 called “THE MEN”. However, due to COVID-19 the concert has been canceled. Luckily for fans, Jin had some very exciting news for fans of the duo.

tofubeats to Release New Mini Album “TBEP”

On March 27, tofubeats will release a new mini album, “TBEP.” This release comes nearly a year and a half after the release of his last album, “RUN.”

tofubeats recently released a music video for one of the songs on “TBEP”, “Inboron.” The video was directed by tofubeats and features him dancing via a 3D model. Check it out below!

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Watch CHAI’s new MV for “NO MORE CAKE”

CHAI is back on the scene with a brand new MV for their latest digital single “NO MORE CAKE“.

The MV opens with the band members standing in a circle wearing all white. They then proceed to rub cake icing and food coloring on their face, almost similar to war paint. The MV then takes a psychedelic turn in a very CHAI way.