Winners and Nominees for the 60th Japan Record Awards Announced

Today TBS (the Tokyo Broadcasting System) has published both this year’s set of winners for the Japan Record Awards as well as the nominees for the Song of the Year and Best New Artist categories.  The Japan Record Awards are a Japanese music awards show akin to what the Grammies are in the United States and it can be considered a great honor to be selected for any award on the list below.

Of particular note among this year’s Song of the Year Nominations are DA PUMP’s “U.S.A.,” Nogizaka46’s “Synchronicity,” Kiyoshi Hikawa’s “Shoubu no Hanamichi”, Daichi Miura’s “Be Myself”, and SEKAI NO OWARI’s “Sazanka.”  Also worth mentioning is the recipient of this year’s Album of the Year award:  Kenshi Yonezu’s “BOOTLEG”, a smash-hit record which has moved over 450k physical copies (and accrued nearly 140k downloads) according to Oricon.

The 60th Japan Record Awards will air on December 30th, which is when we’ll find out who this year’s Best New Artist will be, as well as which of the song nominations will receive the coveted Grand Prix award.  Please read on below for a look at the full list of winners and nominees and a healthy congratulations to each and every one of them.

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RADWIMPS reveal all of the details about their New Album “ANTI ANTI GENERATION”

Last month we reported that popular rock band RADWIMPS would be releasing their ninth studio album on December 12th.  Now, as this date has drawn closer, the group have chosen to publish all of the information about the record on their website.

The album, titled “ANTI ANTI GENERATION,” comes just over two years after the release of their previous set “Ningen Kaika” and will include their already released tracks “Saihate Ai ni,” “Mountain Top,” “Catharsist,” a new mix of “Sennou,” and 13 additional songs for a total of 17.  Of particular note are new songs “IKIJIBIKI,” which features guest vocals from ONE OK ROCK’s Taka, “Nakidashisou da yo,” which features the same from rising singer/songwriter Aimyon, “TIE TONGUE,” which features both New York-based rapper MIYACHI and SOIL & “PIMP” SESSIONS member Tabu Zombie, and both “Banzai Senshou” and “Seikai,” which were performed at NHK’s 18 FES. earlier this year.

In conjunction with this announcement, the band also uploaded the music video for album track “Sokkenai” to their YouTube channel.  This PV was directed by Yusuke Ishida and stars both actress Nana Komatsu and young actor Fuuju Kamio as a couple that are both physically close and yet worlds apart.

Read on below to find not only this music video, but also the cover and complete track list for “ANTI ANTI GENERATION.”

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Yuzu move resolutely forward in their Short PV for “Maboroshi”

Earlier today folk/pop duo Yuzu published the short music video for their latest song “Maboroshi” to their YouTube channel.  “Maboroshi” is currently being used as the theme song for drama “Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu” and features lyrics and composition by member Yujin Kitagawa and arrangement by SUNNY BOY, who also worked on Namie Amuro’s “Hero.”

The PV, which was directed by Daisuke Shimada, was shot in monochrome and centers around a concurrent pair of stories that each features one of the group’s members.  Of note, this marks the first time that the duo have appeared in a music video that features no performance scenes.

Maboroshi’s short PV can be found right after the cut.

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Frederic brush past borders in their Music Video for “LIGHT”

Last night electronic rock band Frederic announced that they would be releasing a new digital single titled “LIGHT” today on November 16th.  In conjunction with said announcement, the group have also made the full music video for the track available on their label’s YouTube channel.

Directed by Nao Watanabe, the PV was shot in South Africa with the aim of connecting the country with Tokyo and showing that ‘true dance music’ is capable of surpassing all barriers.  As such, it showcases a number of South African citizens dancing to “LIGHT,” as the band themselves do so back in Japan.

You’ll find this festive music video right after the jump.

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Emerald to release New Mini-Album “On Your Mind” & unveil Music Video for “Moonlight”

A year after the release of their second album “Pavlov City,” jazz/rock band Emerald have announced that they will be releasing a brand new mini-album on December 12th.  Titled “On Your Mind,” the release will include five new songs and feature guest contributions from Tamaki ROY, DADARAY’s Etsuko, and TAMTAM’s guitarist yuthke.

To coincide with the release’s announcement, the group have also chosen to upload the PV for its lead track “Moonlight” to their YouTube channel.  Based around the themes of coffee and the moon, the music video primarily takes place in a karaoke bar, though the real story is playing out on the TV screen.

You’ll find Moonlight’s PV, as well as the cover and track list for “On Your Mind” below.

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THE CHARM PARK to release his Major Debut Album in December

Singer/songwriter THE CHARM PARK, formerly a member of the now defunct rock band Hemenway, has announced that he will be making his major debut with Avex.  His first release under this arrangement will be a Double Album titled “Timeless Imperfections,” which is scheduled for release on December 5th.

The record will run 17 tracks in total, split between two discs with the themes ‘Dynamic’ and ‘Organic’ respectively; of note, his previously released digital singles “Carpe Diem,” “For You”, and “Mothers” will be included.  Ahead of the album’s release, the music video for its lead track “Timeless” has been made available on Avex’s YouTube channel.

You’ll find this PV, as well as the cover and complete track list for “Timeless Imperfections” right after the jump.

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Yourness to release their first EP “Shift” & unveil Music Video for “Kogarashi”

Up-and-coming rock band Yourness will be releasing their first EP next week on November 21st.  Titled “Shift,” the EP will include six new songs from the band, all of which have already been made available on streaming services in advance of its physical release.

To promote “Shift,” the group have published both a trailer and the music video for its lead track “Kogarashi” to their YouTube channel.  The PV, which was directed by the band’s guitarist Shouhei Koga, makes use of nature shots from Kumamoto and Aso in order to evoke that quintessential Autumn feeling.

You’ll find both of these videos, as well as the cover and track list for “Shift” right after the cut.

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Naomi Watanabe revives her iconic Beyoncé “Crazy In Love” performance

Naomi Watanabe is one of Japan’s most prominent and popular Japanese female comedians. Like many of her peers at the beginning of Watanabe’s career she struggled to make an impact, but that quickly changed quite short into her debut.

In 2008 on a variety show Watanabe did a monomane lip sync to Beyoncé’s hit single “Crazy in Love”, her similar mannerisms and choreography to the real thing made her a sensation in Japan. It garnered her the nickname “the Japanese Beyoncé” and her career took off ever since.
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