Hikaru Utada, Shiina Ringo, KREVA, & more team up for Yosui Inoue tribute album

Many talented artists in the Japanese music scene have been recruited to record songs for a tribute album in honor of the beloved legend Yosui Inoue.

The album is being released in honor of his 50 year long career. He is quite renowned for his odd lyrics, district singing tone, and signature black sunglasses. Yosui was the very first artist to sell over 1 million copies of an album in Japan alone, with his 1973 release “Kori no Sekai”.

Perfume, AKB48, and More Perform on CDTV for September 21

This week’s guests were Perfume, Little Glee Monster, AKB48, and Last Idol.

Perfume – Linear Motor Girl / Computer City / Macaroni / Secret Secret / Nananananairo

Little Glee Monster – ECHO

AKB48 – Sustainable

Last Idol – Seishun Train

Perfume Performs on SONGS for September 21

This week’s episode featured Perfume. The group is currently celebrating its 15th anniversary. This episode is a first for SONGS, seeing as how it’s the show’s first live episode. During the episode, Perfume looks back over their career, from debut til now.

Perfume – Linear Motor Girl / Laser Beam / Nananananairo / Polyrhythm

Koda Kumi, Daichi Miura, and More Perform on Music Fair for September 21

This week’s guests were Jaejoong, Nogizaka46, Daichi Miura, Koda Kumi, and Yoyoka.

Jaejoong – Mirai Yosouzu II

Nogizaka46 – Yoake Made Tsuyogaranakute mo Ii

Daichi Miura – Katasumi

Koda Kumi – GOLDFINGER 2019

Koda Kumi x Daichi Miura x Yoyoka – Nando Demo

Kanjani8 to release first song as 5, theme for new drama starring Toma Ikuta

At the beginning of September it was revealed that Kanjani8 member Ryo Nishikido would be parting ways with both the group, and Johnny’s. The group is gearing up for their first release as a 5 piece unit.

Their song “Tomoyo” has been selected as the official theme song for the upcoming drama series “Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai“. It will star fellow Johnny’s member Toma Ikuta.

Keyakizaka46 member Yurina Hirate’s solo MV “Kado wo Magaru” is finally available on YouTube

Back in 2018 Keyakizaka46 ace Yurina Hirate starred in her debut feature film “HIBIKI”.

Yurina played the lead role of a sensitive but tough 15-year-old high school student with a knack for writing. One day her novel is submitted for the Rookie of the Year award at a prestigious literature magazine. Unsatisfied with the story, staff members throw the manuscript into the trash where it’s found by an editor (Keiko Kitagawa).

Kado wo Magaru” served as the theme for the film, and it was unusually left out of Keyakizaka46’s 2019 single “Kuroi Hitsuji”, but signs are pointing that it will finally be included on the groups 2nd single of 2019.

Touyama Mirei Releases International Single “Take Me Away”

On September 20, Touyama Mirei will release a new digital single, “Take Me Away.” However, this song isn’t for Japan, but for the international market, under her international name MIREI. “Take Me Away” sees her singing in English. This is MIREI’s first release since her 2013 debut, “Tattoo.”

On “Take Me Away”, MIREI “speaks to the sometimes-painful push for authenticity in a deeply conformist culture.” She says, “‘Take Me Away’ is about how hard it is to feel like you belong, especially when you’re dealing with things like anxiety and depression.”

“Take Me Away” precedes the EP of the same name, which will be released next year. In regards to her songwriting, MIREI writes from the standpoint of a young woman in Tokyo. “There’s a light side and a shadow side to Tokyo, and I’ve seen a lot of the shadow,” she says. “I wanted to write songs that let people know about both sides.”

Check out more information on MIREI’s new song below!

Erika Sawajiri rumored to play Ayumi Hamasaki in biographical drama series

The colorfully candid and always audacious Erika Sawajiri, is apparently in talks to play her fellow mesmerizing mogul Ayumi Hamasaki in a biographical drama series!

Back in August a biographical novel about Ayu called “M – subeki hito ga ite (There is A Lovable Person)” was released. One of the big revelations from the book was that at one point she was romantically involved with avex’s head honcho Max Matsuura.

A drama adaptation of the novel will be produced by TV Asahi, and is slated to make it’s debut in April with the Spring drama lineup. Yahoo! Singapore has reported that the top actress in the running to play Ayu is none other than Erika herself!