Takuya Kimura to mentor on new idol survival show with Jay Chou, BLACKPINK’s LISA, & Yi YangQianxi

The popular Chinese video hosting service Youku has announced another idol survival show! Unlike the many others, this one has a slight twist. Titled “Asia Super Young” the show will be accepting and showcasing trainees from all across Asia.

To reflect this the show has already announced 4 mentors that will be appearing on the show. Representing Japan is Takuya Kimura, one of the most well known Japanese idols. Kimura has maintained steady popularity all across Asia due to his previous activities with his group SMAP, and acting roles.

Official HIGE DANdism to Release “HELLO EP”

On August 5, Official HIGE DANdism will release their new EP, “HELLO EP.” The EP has four songs, three of which have tie-ins. The title track is the theme song for Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV”, “Parabola” is the Calpis Water CM song, and “Laughter” is the theme song for the film “Confidence Man JP Princess-hen.” The last song on “HELLO EP”, “Natsu Moyou no Neko”, is a song from HIGE DAN’s indie days.

“HELLO EP” comes in CD+DVD and CD only editions. The DVD part of the CD+DVD version includes footage from HIGE DAN’s February concert in Yokohama.

Check out more information this release below!

Watch ZOMBIE-CHANG’s trippy new MV for “SNOOZE” from new album “Take Me Away From Tokyo”

Singer ZOMBIE-CHANG has returned to the scene with a brand new MV and album! “SNOOZE” is one of the brand new tracks on her latest studio album “Take Me Away From Tokyo“.

In the MV ZOMBIE-CHANG can be seen exploring the streets of Paris as she begins to trip out, the imagery and music perfectly fit her situation! Presumably filmed pre-COVID19, the MV was directed by Nasty Men$ah who has worked with HIYADAM and 3House.

Check out the full MV for “SNOOZE” below!

SixTONES, BiSH, YOASOBI, and Arashi Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 7/20 – 7/26

This week, SixTONES topped the Hot 100 single chart with their single “NAVIGATOR”, with 51,273 points.

BiSH topped the Hot Albums chart with their new album “LETTERS.”

YOASOBI topped the Streaming Songs chart for the ninth non-consecutive week with “Yoru ni Kakeru.”

Arashi topped the Download Songs chart with their new digital single “IN THE SUMMER.”

BISH also topped the Download Album chart with “LETTERS.”

Yuya Tegoshi releases tell-all book revealing his exes, Kazunari Ninomiya’s marriage, SixTONES, & more

When it was announced that former NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi would be releasing his very own book titled “AVALANCHE” fans were ecstatic. Since leaving NEWS and Johnny’s, Teogshi has created a successful YouTube channel and is active on Twitter.

However, once fans found out what the book was going to be about many were disappointed in the former Johnny’s star. Preparation for the book happened extremely fast, just a month after leaving Johnny’s he was approached by a publisher. Tegoshi agreed to do the book so he had a chance to respond to all the various rumors about him, and state why he left NEWS in his own words.

Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ ELLY Tests Positive for COVID-19

LDH JAPAN has announced that ELLY, member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, has tested positive for COVID-19. He came down with a fever on August 1 after appearing on the TBS program “Honoo no Taiiku Kai TVSP.”

ELLY didn’t appear on a Sandaime J Soul Brothers live streaming event the following day. He took a PCR test the day after that, August 3, with the result coming back as positive on August 5.

Presently, fever is his only symptom. He is taking precautions and resting though to help his recovery. “I want to rest and recover under the direction of my doctor so that I don’t spread my illness to others,” ELLY said in the statement annoucing his diagnosis.

Kenshi Yonezu releases new MV “Campanella” and 5th studio album “Stray Sheep”

Kenshi Yonezu is riding high off the release of his brand new studio album titled “Stay Sheep“.

It features the hit singles “Uma to Shima”, “Paprika”, “Teenage Riot”, “Flamingo” and the monster hit “Lemon”. 15 tracks will be included on the album in total. In celebration of his new album Yonezu has released a brand new MV for one of the new songs on the album, “Campanella“.

In the MV a gold handed Yonezu dances on the beach while a mysterious beauty with gold under her left eye looks out a train window. Check out the full MV below!

Hiroshi Tamaki & Haruka Kinami welcome their first child

The offices of actor couple Hiroshi Tamaki and Haruka Kinami have confirmed the birth of their very first child together!

In the statements released by their agencies the gender of the baby was not revealed, wishing to respect the privacy of the parents. Tamaki and Kinami married back in June 2018. No further details about the birth were revealed by their agencies.

The news of this is especially fitting for Tamaki, as his latest upcoming drama series “The Way of a Househusband” has him playing a homemaker who is a former yakuza.