Join the Arama! Japan “silent” Watch Party!

Starting at 10:45 PM EST on October 27, Arama! Japan will resume its Drama Watch Party! For this edition, we will be watching the new Fuji TV drama “silent.”

The drama stars Snow Man‘s Meguro Ren and Kawaguchi Haruna, playing Sakura Sou and Aoba Tsumugi, respectively. Sou and Tsumugi begin dating in high school, bound by their mutual love of music. After graduation, he suddenly disappears. Eight years later, Tsumugi has started a new life, when she sees Sou. He is suffering from sensorineural hearing loss, a condition that gradually makes people deaf.

We will watched the drama, subtitled in English, on Viki. To join the watch party, join us on Discord shortly before the time above!