Is Tomohisa Yamashita now dating Terrace House cast member Niki Niwa?

Johnny’s talent Yamashita Tomohisa recently enjoyed a relaxing vacation in Hawaii, what made this trip so interesting is that he apparently was spending lots of time with a beautiful woman.

The woman in question was not his girlfriend, actress Satomi Ishihara. This time Yamapi was spotted with 21 year old Niki Niwa, a popular up-and-coming model who gained fame by appearing as a cast member on the reality television show Terrace House: Aloha State.

Yamapi and Ishihara’s relationship blossomed after appearing together in the 2015 Fuji TV drama series 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita ObōsanThe following year they took their relationship to the next step by moving in together. Once moving in together, whispers of marriage quickly started to circulate within the tabloid scene.

According to the tabloids, Yamapi and Niwa have friends who are all in the same social circle which resulted in their meeting.  It’s been said that Yamapi is a lot more interested in Niwa romantically, and wants to pursue her further. The two enjoyed Hawaii in late January, and tried to stay with friends as often as possible to avoid unwanted attention.

Niwa’s affiliated office did comment on the rumor, saying that they do not interfere in the private life of their associates, but the two are simply just good friends. Naturally, Johnny & Associates has not commented on the situation.

Sources close to Yamapi and Ishihara allegedly claim that the status of their relationship has been “catastrophic” for months now, and the two parted ways last year. Only time will tell if their relationship is truly finished for good.

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