King & Prince’s Yuta Kishi Falls for His Reincarnated Dog in “Sukisuki Wanwan!”

In January, the Nippon TV drama “Sukisuki Wanwan!” will premiere. The drama stars Yuta Kishi of King & Prince, in his first lead role.

In “Sukisuki Wanwan!”, Yuta plays the role of Yukii Kotaro, a man who quit his job to lead a life of nothingness. One day, he meets a man named Kinomiya Ten, played by Bishonen‘s Hidaka Ukisho.

On his 20th birthday, Ten realized that in his previous life he was a pet dog of the same name, Kotaro’s pet dog to be exact. Over the course of the drama, the love between the former pet and owner is also reborn.

Yuta, who is happy to have his first starring role, describes Kotaro as a bum who grows up bit by bit through the love of his reincarnated dog. Hidaka hopes to show viewers a new side of himself in this drama.

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