Kamenashi Kazuya talks of KAT-TUN “restart”

KAT-TUN’s Kamenashi Kazuya marks the first Tokyo performance of his solo concert at the Tokyo International Forum last Aug 29. Kamenashi performed solo, group and his duet songs with Yamapi, including a cover of “Katte ni Shiyagare”, written by Aku Yu, who he portrayed in the special drama for “24 Hour TV 40”.

At the press conference, he says that “Re-charging is correct”, pleased with the individual members’ ability improvement. Regarding their ‘restart’ “I don’t think it’s this year, it would be nice if we can gather at the Tokyo Dome next year”. He also emphasized that continuing solo activities in parallel with group activities even after the restart should become the strength of KAT-TUN.

In the middle his first solo live, 1 year and 4 months since the “re-charging”, Kamenashi envisions a KAT-TUN reunion next year.

After the concert encore, Ueda Tatsuya who was part of the audience was introduced. “I enjoyed seeing a new side of Kamenashi and his usual boring talk. It’s a lot of fun!”, garnering cheers from fans who witnessed the members’ interaction in a long time.

KAT-TUN has entered the charging period from May last year and members are concentrating on solo activities. Ueda is cast in his first lead role in TV Tokyo drama “Shinjuku Seven” which starts in the October, and will also be singing the theme song. Nakamaru Yuichi will be doing a solo stageplay from October “Nakamaru-kun no Tanoshii Jikan 2″.

During the concert, Yamashita Tomohisa also made a surprise appearance through a VTR. Kamenashi was suprised “I do not know! He was just sending me a message before the concert”.

Starting with Kobe last July 13, Kamenashi has since performed in 4 venues for 12 performances. On Aug 26 and 27 he served as the main personality of the “24 Hour TV 40”, and also starred in the special drama “Jidai o Tsukutta Otoko Aku Yu Monogatari”. Looking back, Kamenashi says “Doing a concert or becoming Aku san, it has become a memorable summer”.

(via Livedoor news, Nikkansports)

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    • angel223_

      FIRST!! LOL

      This guy is a genius!!! When Kat-tun think of an hiatus I really thought that is their best way to do. I am so excited for the 2018 comeback and looking forward to Ueda drama and single.

    • Time48

      I think the recharging period idea is a very good idea. All of the members have shown significant growth in all their solo activities and they’re able to show their individual talents. I’m glad they they’re all really supportive of one another.

      • Why K-T decided to have the hiatus in the first place? Is Johnny-san who decide that for them or they themselves want it?

        • K

          Kame decided on it.

        • You don’t remember?

          • I’m not active in the fandom at that time — I missed that whole era. When I come back, it seemed they’re on hiatus and never find out.

            • When Taguchi left the group, the members and probably the agency decided a hiatus was best. You can find some articles here on arama about it for more details.

    • yamakita

      Sorry to be cynical, but I seriously doubt the Yamashita appearance wasn’t scripted.

      Looking forward to Ueda leading his first drama.

      • Reileen

        Yamapi’s appearance was just through a VTR. interviewed by Ten no Koe (the narrator of KAT-TUN’s TBS show).

      • mad

        Pi better put on his big boy pants since he has to do that chance song with him again pretty soon. BFF mode!

    • Hyphen

      Come back soon kat-tun !!! We miss you guys!!!

    • lol

      “Tokyo International Forum”

      jfc conferences are held there. why such a small venue?

      • Kiang Sheryl

        This time was a Hall tour so venues are small.
        Maybe the fear of not filling up the venue was one was of the reason but for Kame’s performances, a smaller venue will provide the fans a better experience imo.
        though that means my chances of getting a ticket through JFC is smaller too.

        • AoZora

          Agree..I read somewhere Kame saying that smaller venues will provide the fans a better experience.. He has thanked all the fans who couldn’t attend the concerts for supporting…

    • Kameneko223

      Congratulations to Kame first and foremost for the success of 24HTV. I’m so glad that we saw a glimpse of his solo concert. I’m dying to see it. Hope KAT-TUN will come back next year. But if that still not the right time, I hope Kame will have another solo con. And i will do everything to make it in his concert.

    • AoZora

      Congratulations to Kame.. I really liked his performance as Aku Yu and also his hosting skills during 24hr TV..
      From whatever clips I saw of his solo yours, he was amazing…
      Hoping KATTUN to come back next year.. I want a precious single or album for their comeback… Ganbatte..

    • SlyMoonFox

      I’ll be looking forward to KAT-TUN! Please keep working hard to all members!

    • lol I wondered how he performed his duet song with Yamapi if he’s not there. So he basically sing all the lines?

      • Reileen

        yes he also sang group songs

        • Thank you! Ahhh I’m so happy he sang Kizuna in the concert as well! :D

    • Glad to hear this~

    • kazumi

      I’m so happy KAT-TUN (for this time is kame) talk about KAT-TUN’s come back planning. I hope KAT-TUN will really comeback next year. Can’t wait for KAT-TUN’s comeback!!