Sexy Zone to Hold First Dome Tour

One of Sexy Zone‘s dreams since their debut is coming true! In December, the group will start their first dome tour! The tour will see them go to two domes for a total of four concerts.

The announcement was made on August 14 at the group’s Yokohama Arena concert of their “Sexy Zone Live Tour 2022 The Arena.” During the show, the arena went dark, and an emergency announcement appeared on the stage’s screen. The screen then revealed the dome tour announcement.

“Many things have happened in the last eleven years, but Sexy Zone has always made the choice to keep going,” So Matsushima said after the new was revealed. Continuing his speech to the audience, “And this time, it is all of you who have made it possible for us to keep trying. I want to thank you all again. Truly, thank you.”

Fuma Kikuchi followed, saying, “Tokyo Dome was one of our dreams. Ten years, eleven years, I think we’ve kept you all waiting too long, but I’m proud to make this announcement. Sexy Zone, Chapter 2, everyone please follow us!”

Then Kento Nakajima addressed the arena. “The unrequited love of ten years has finally come true! We have waited and hoped for ten years, and now we have arrived at a dome performance! We have the best concerts, so Sexy Lovers, please come to the dome and make the best memories! We will liven up the Sexy Dome!

So then read a message from Shori Sato, who is currently undergoing medical treatment for COVID-19. “Dome, finally! It took more than ten years, but my dream since debut came true! I’ll risk my life to make everyone happy for the amount of time we’ve kept you waiting! I’m sorry I couldn’t be at Yokohoma Arena, but I will recover and get back on stage! I’ll be waiting for you in the dome!”

Check out the tour dates below!

12/16-17/22: Tokyo Dome

12/24-25/22: Kyocera Dome Osaka