Koda Kumi to release TWO new studio albums in 2018

misono’s big sister Koda Kumi will making her return to the scene with two brand new studio albums, for the second year in a row!

Last year Koda released two albums on the same day, W Face ~inside~ and W Face ~outside~. It seems this strategy worked for her as she’s repeating it again this year, but with a slightly different touch.

Instead of releasing both albums at the same time, the second one will be released later in the year. Her first album of the year will come out on February 28th, and features 10 songs in total. All three of her previous limited edition singles LIT, HUSH, and NEVER ENOUGH will all be included on the album.

A CD only, CD+DVD, and CD+blu-ray version has been announced with all versions coming with a B-2 sized poster at select retailers. Furthermore, a super deluxe limited edition version will be available only for members of Playroom, Koda Kumi’s fanclub. Priced at 10,000 yen it comes housed in a giant 12 inch size box. It comes with a music card, 32 page hard cover photobook, and two discs of live songs from KODA KUMI LIVE TOUR 2017-W FACE-. Information on the 2nd album is expected to be released shortly after the first album is released.


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    • Mika

      Japan’s last pop star. Nishino Kana hew??

      Her music lately is meh but the remix album she released this year was FIRE. She should keep that sound, it’s a waste to have songs like that just as remixes.

      • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

        maybe time to climb out from the barrel n check some new artists my dude

        • honey girl

          After Beverly’s horrible album, there’s just no need really to check any of the new ones out. I’m mad…her album was just terrible. She deserved better.

          • Check Awich’s album “8”. That was easily the best Japanese female soloist album from last year.

          • aliyah

            they’re all flops, i was praying beverly would be our lordt and savior but she is a disappointment. OP is right tho kota kami is the last female pop star to make it big. too bad she’s an embarrassing flop too now.

        • huh

          there’s no other artist post Ayu and Utada that’s risen to kuu’s level in 2006 tho….so technically she is…….

        • Mika

          Chica, can you read? I said last pop S T A R, not artist, jfc. There hasn’t been a new pop S T A R since Koda Kumi and there definitely hasn’t been a single pop artist who has dominated in sales since her reign in 2006-2007. There isn’t even a pop girl in the Oricon Top 50 singles of 2017 or a pop girl debuted past 2006 in the Oricon Top 30 albums of the year.


          • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

            maybe time to climb out from 2006 my dude

          • aliyah

            i don’t even like kota kami but i thought this was obvious and well known tho…doesn’t arama have monthly discussions complaining about how ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~idols have killed the female soloist~~~ or w/e. swear we even had a post.

    • Guest

      Because releasing 2 studio albums worked so well for her last time….

    • yaccha “JoinAramaDiscord” itai

      “misono’s big sister Koda Kumi” 😂

      • circe154

        Once upon a time misono was the only Koda sister anyone knew or cared about.

      • CyDo

        i’m curious abt the progress of her career as singer lol. or does she alr give up and aim to be #1 variety talent?

        and not to mention she keeps saying retiring and even planning to be #1 kyabajo but then….

    • honey girl

      She gon tank. No one liked the last albums and they disappeared off the charts faster than than it took her make it.

    • honey girl

      Also it takes me out everytime she does these limit releases for her 3 fanclub members. Honestly how are tours doing bc it does seem like she doesn’t have it productions with themes anymore? Last time she had to resort to dropping a hot wheels car from from the ceiling and and the rest of the show was her gyrating on it w/ 4 dancers.

    • Guest

      “misono’s big sister” – Y’all are so wrong for that! Also this album doesn’t include HUSH.

      @disqus_AwmXByZbDE:disqus her tours are still doing decent surprisingly. Her hall tours attract about 125k people and arena tours about 150k. People are still here for her as a performer, just not her shitty music. She’s supposedly doing two tours this year. One for fanclub members only to about 25-30k and the second a normal tour for the second album of the year

      • honey girl

        Thank you! Thats really not a bad number of people. Do you know if her tracklists with her recent tours have more older songs? Or mainly just newer songs w/ a few throwbacks here and there? Perhaps she’s like Namie (pre-Finally) in that people will turn in just bc they are great performers but leave their new stuff on the shelf or just buy it digitally.

        • Guest

          Her last tour was mostly newer songs from her double albums with a few throwbacks here and there. I’m very curious to see if these two albums will be able to debut at #1. Avex can pick good release dates all they want but with her sales touching around 20-25k first week even Namie’s Finally could be a threat due to its longevity.

    • Idy

      Yay looking forward to these albums! Really liked the songs in W face. Going to aim for her next live. Though I’m a fan of the her, namie and ayu I still feel that she’s still the queen of live among the three of them, constantly seeing myself looking out for her tour dates and even my non jpop friend is always eager to follow along to her concerts.

      I’m glad she’s just doing what she has to do as a artist and not desperately trying to promote herself. Can see that she in a comfortable place in life to not bother about stuff like that. As much as I hope more ppl get to know her, I feel that her decisions based on her own life as an artist is even more important.

      So I honestly don’t get the people in arama’s comment sections who are always throwing shade at her. Just because you sell over 100k doesn’t make you a great artist. Many good artists in Japan don’t make it to 100k mark at all. Some ppl just have too much free time to spare to spread negativity and needless sarcasm.

      • Nels Nellis

        I am a bigger fan of Amuro, but I must agree that Kumi live is really entertaining and her shows always look different. Its like the combination of Ayumi and Namie , you have the creative set like Ayu but also with the dancing like Namie.

    • black_ciel

      There are two mistakes in the article.
      First, the FC edition is available for all 3 of her FCs, not only playroom.
      Second, we don’t know yet, if HUSH is included on the album or not, cause there isn’t a tracklist up yet. HUSH PV isn’t included on the DVD/Blu-Ray though.

    • Diego

      Her albums used to be pure awesomeness until 2013. After that, she
      started to go for random american composers and her music became the
      same boring stuff with few exceptions such as Dance in the rain.

      The latest singles are a mess imo. NEVER ENOUGH could have been a good ballad but it became a forgettable snore-fest in the end. Both LIT and HUSH were so horrible that I couldn’t even finish watching the PVs…

    • Who at Avex is signing this shit off?

    • sohly20

      That shit worked back back in 2006. (Then again, Best ~Second Session~ was just a cheap compilation album.) Why does anyone at Avex think this will work now?

    • donboydeluxe

      I saw Kumi twice at NHK Hall last April she puts on a great live show and her voice is still there, her live rendition of Heartless was spellbinding, not a empty seat to be found, there does seem to be a disconnect between how popular her live shows are versus her lack of sales for new music.

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    • M

      I don’t know why people are hating so hard… I really loved W face, moreso Outside than Inside (though I did like at least half of Inside). I didn’t like LIT or HUSH, but Never Enough is alright and I enjoyed it. I like her new, more mature style – she’s still doing the sexy thing but it’s more classy and refined, in my opinion. I like this new direction. I just wish she’d start releasing normal singles again, and maybe after this double album release, go back to a standard album format for an album or two. But I guess maybe she likes not doing singles as much and focusing on larger releases like albums, but if that’s the case, then I’d wish Avex would put more into her PVs – the biggest issue for me with W Face was the music videos being so bland or just stupidly simple, and the HUSH and Never Enough Limited singles had the same minimalist concept (though I think it worked for Never Enough).

      I’m looking forward to these albums. I also really enjoyed her last remix album, her best to date in my opinion. I hope the next Driving Hits has a similar sound to it, this one really worked. The remix for Lippy made the song actually good. Some songs were a little too short or didn’t use the best parts from the original songs, I found (like the “One by one, we hit the ground…” parts of Insane — the remix didn’t include it). But otherwise it was great.

    • Nels Nellis

      Obviously just like Ayumi, Koda Kumi is no longer an powerfull album sellers, however as long an artist can still Tour that’s where you can see the real Star Power, it means they became some kind of has been yes but also a legend as well. People might not be as interested to follow her new music, but they acknowledge her as an Icon. Also it seems quite hard for Solo artist in Japan in general compare to here.