Shiina Ringo Joined by Shinichi Osawa, STUTS, KID FRESINO, and More for Remix Album

Shiina Ringo is set to release her first remix album, “Hyakuyaku no Cho.” It will be released digitally on November 30, with a physical release set for January 11. This release was delayed following a controversy involving the design of the release’s limited edition goods.

Ringo has enlisted an international roster of musicians for this release, including Japan’s Shinichi Osawa, STUTS, and KID FRESINO; the UK’s Gilles Peterson and object blue; and the US’ Telefon Tel Aviv.

Ahead of the release, Ringo has released a music video for a remix of her signature song, “Marunouchi Sadistic.” The remix is courtesy of South Korea’s Miso. Of the remix, Miso said she had a lot of fun making it and wanted to blend her and Ringo’s styles on it. Check the result below!

Limited Edition

Regular Edition

  1. あの世の門 ~Gate of Hades~ (Telefon Tel Aviv Version) (Anoyo no Mon ~Gate of Hades~ (Telefon Tel Aviv Version))
  2. JL005便で ~Flight JL005~ (B747-246 Mix by Yoshinori Sunahara) (JL005 Bin de ~Flight JL005~ (B747-246 Mix by Yoshinori Sunahara))
  3. ちちんぷいぷい ~Manipulate the time~ (Gilles Peterson’s Dark Jazz Remix) (Chichin Puipui ~Manipulate the time~ (Gilles Peterson’s Dark Jazz Remix))
  4. おとなの掟 ~Adult Code~ (object blue Pleasure Principle Remix) (Otona no Okite ~Adult Code~ (object blue Pleasure Principle Remix))
  5. 長く短い祭 ~In Summer, Night~ (Yasuyuki Okamura 一寸 Remix) (Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri ~In Summer, Night~ (Yasuyuki Okamura 一寸 Remix))
  6. カーネーション ~L’œillet~ (Ovall Remix) (Carnation ~L’œillet~ (Ovall Remix))
  7. 女の子は誰でも ~Fly Me To Heaven~ (STUTS Remix) (Onna no Ko wa Dare Demo ~Fly Me To Heaven~ (STUTS Remix))
  8. 丸ノ内サディスティック ~Marunouchi Sadistic~ (Miso Remix) (Marunouchi Sadistic ~Marunouchi Sadistic~ (Miso Remix))
  9. 浴室 ~la salle de bain~ (Takkyu Ishino Remix) (Yokushitsu ~la salle de bain~ (Takkyu Ishino Remix))
  10. 意識 ~Conciously~ (Shinichi Osawa Remix feat. Daoko) (Ishiki ~Conciously~ (Shinichi Osawa Remix feat. Daoko))
  11. 鶏と蛇と豚 ~Gate of Living~ (KID FRESINO REMIX) (Niwatori to Hebi to Buta ~Gate of Living~ (KID FRESINO REMIX))
  12. いとをかし ~toogood~ (Ajino Namero Bon Voyage Remix) (Ito wo Kashi ~toogood~ (Ajino Namero Bon Voyage Remix))