INI to Release Debut Album

On December 14, INI will release their debut album, “Awakening.” The album’s concept is “the moment you become aware of your new self, shine.” The album will include the previously released songs “Rocketeer”, “Brighter”, “CALL 119”, “We Are”, and “Password.”

The album will also be a first for INI in that some of the members will be participating in song creation. Nishi Hiroto wrote the lyrics for the new song “SPECTRA”, while Tajima Shogo wrote the lyrics for the new song “Runaway.”

Ahead of the release of “Awakening”, the music video for “SPECTRA” has now been released. Check it out below!

Limited Edition A

INI「Awakening」初回限定盤Aジャケット (c)LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT

Limited Edition B

INI「Awakening」初回限定盤Bジャケット (c)LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT

Regular Edition

INI「Awakening」通常盤ジャケット (c)LAPONE ENTERTAINMENT


  2. Dramatic
  4. Do What You Like
  5. Runaway
  6. Brighter
  7. We Are
  8. Mirror
  9. Password
  10. CALL 119
  11. Rocketeer
  12. Let Me Fly~その未来へ~ (INI Ver.) (Let Me Fly ~So no Mirai e~ (INI Ver.)) (Regular Edition / Fanclub Edition only)

Limited Edition A DVD
・Awakening Camp #1

Limited Edition B DVD
・Awakening Camp #2

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