Utada Hikaru on divorce rumors: “Money is of least importance in a partner”

Singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru took to Twitter earlier today after reports that her marriage isn’t so simple and clean these days.

At the bottom of my list of what I look for in a partner: economic strength,” the singer wrote.

Back in early 2014, through an announcement on her personal website, Utada announced that she was engaged to be wed to an Italian man, Francesco Calianno, and asked fans and the media to view her personal life from a “respectable distance” as he is not in the entertainment industry. The couple met while she was London during the period in which Utada took a hiatus from the music industry to focus on herself.

Francesco worked as a bartender at a hotel in London, but quit before they were to be wed in May of that year.

Though barely even months into their marriage, the Japanese media reported that Francesco was unemployed, broke and using his wife for her fortune, and it seems the media hasn’t given up on their theory more than two years later. Arama first reported the rumor back in July of 2014.

When a wealthy man is with a cute girl who thinks highly of him, the world thinks nothing of it. Yet, when the genders are flipped, for some reason there’s an issue? Boys have it rough,” Utada followed up.

Now that she has effectively put that rumor to rest, we can focus on what’s truly important: Hikki will release her first full album in over eight years, Fantôme, on September 28, 2016.

Less than a month’s wait left!

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    • Nixy

      PREACH! lol

      There were lots of reports she would be divorcing her husband because he’s “broke” and she and her husband were bashed by the media. Good to see she’s still not afraid to speak up against rumors, I used to love checking her blog after a tabloid rumor. ;)

    • Midna

      Iconic Queen

    • honey girl

      The media is so sexist, ageist, and ignorant when it comes to women. I like how it wasn’t a problem that she was wealthier than her previous husband despite him being 12 yrs older than her. But now she’s older than her current husband and has more money than him, it’s unsitely and makes him less than a man. rme Money is definitely not the end all be all in a relationship. Just ask all the recent divorces among the Japanese celebrities as of late. People are just loveless trash. I hope Hikki & her hubby carry on with their love for one another and ignore the broke lonely bitter haters.

      • maguro part deux

        Matches like this, where a female star marries a bartender or a ski instructor or whatever, have a long track record of not working out in Hollywood. It’s not really a situation that’s conducive to a stable long-term relationship.

        • honey girl

          C’mon sis, give me something better. Your comment about occupations deciding the stability of a relationship holds no merits whatsoever. We got couples getting married and divorced in less than 72 days and they are wealthy as shit with the woman being wealthier. Money is not everything. There are tons of celebrities who marry non-celebrities aka people w/ basic ass 9 – 5 jobs and are doing fine. It’s not like it’s uncommon in Japan either. My other problem with this is the whole classiest shit that’s being
          tossed at them. Why are people looking down on him because of his
          occupation? Let’s face the facts, Francesco will never be richer than Hikki. So why should he give up what he likes doing & what she’s perfectly fine with because society can’t seem to stop dangling this falsified ideology of manhood over people’s heads? People dont babble this crap at men who make more money than their wives, specifically those whose occupations are “housewives”. Anything to keep women down and men in power. smh

          • Sunny

            100% agree

          • It’s not about that. You come with your feminist talk, but then what you talk about doesn’t really seem like equality. People just ideally want marriages to be between 2 people who are equally yoked.

            • Sérgio Moço

              What people ideally want usually has nothing to do with those 2 people tho.
              Also, Hikki has never once showed herself to be the kind of person who’d base her relationship on how much money the guy has. This is just simply japanese media being japanese media. They met in London, where half the people are working odd jobs at pubs or coffee shops, most of them with higher education, she clicked with an Italian guy, got married, had a child together… I’m sure at this point Hikki would have realized if the guy was a gold digger or not, before making such important decisions. How naive do we thing she is?
              For all we know the guy could be focusing on taking care of the child or wants to find a proper job without her help. I’m sure living between Japan and Italy is not easy for a regular Joe either: should he work in Italy, should he work in Japan? We don’t even know where they are actually living. They’re handling their life as they see fit, they’re both grown ups.

              PS: Let’s not forget the guy most likely didn’t know about Hikki being a multi-trillion-money singer-songwriter from Japan when he met her.

              • Please, Google exists. Everyone looks everyone up now.

                She’s a celebrity so she is open to criticism and that would happen anywhere.

                And I do think she’s naive.

                • Sérgio Moço

                  So what? “oh sorry I can’t date you because you earn more money than me and are a Japanese celebrity”?
                  What makes you think she’s naive?

                  • It’s just that not everyone is meant to be together. She seems intelligent, but not in a realistic sense.

                • honey girl

                  But this isn’t criticism. It’s straight up classism, sexism, and ageism they are throwing at them. Like I said earlier, they weren’t saying shit when she was married to someone who was wealthy and older than her. I want to even go on to say they are also borderline nationalistic towards her since they are acting like she’s misrepresenting Japan by not marrying someone Japanese. However they feel towards their marriage, they just need to shut up with the hatred.

                  • There wasn’t anything to really criticize before, now there is.

          • Anny

            Wish I could upvote your comment 100 times, you said it all girl!!
            I’m glad Hikaru gave them an answer, how not to love that woman?

            @disqus_TQVKnTMJed:disqus I don’t think this talk was about feminism, no, it was clearly about gender equality (we don’t want superiority, we want equality), regardless of what society says/thinks, why some things are ok for men and criticized when with women? Like in this case, if Hikaru was a man who married a girl who left work to go with him, no one wouldn’t be saying a word about it. It’s unfair. :( So yes, we shall speak up.

          • ira

            Thank you, honey girl.

        • Or just look at Ayu.

        • Just Tim

          Because Hollywood, let alone English-speaking media, has a tendency to put the V in the pedestal; historically, this is a bad idea, especially when that let pre-Crusades Englishwomen to cuckold their own men and hand over their country to the Vikings.

        • jj

          Well first of all she’s not from Hollywood, second of all give people the benefit of the doubt! Hikki has always been quite humble, down to earth, and not a spoilt divi that needs attention. So why does everyone make it seem like her marriage is so unbalanced just because she has a cool day job and he has one less so??

      • Rebecca

        expose them sister

      • Jo

        I don’t agree with the way the media views her marriage but your comparison somewhat bugs me. Her ex-husband was not as wealthy but he continued working nevertheless, while the new husband quitted his job as soon as he is married to her. I guess in Asian point of view, that’s also one of the problems.

    • REMISU

      PRAISE 🙌🏻 I’m glad she called the media out.

    • This is why she’s the Queen.

    • Rebecca

      she literally wrote a song about this 7 years ago

      lying is ugly hun

      • Liz “Lizzy” Colton

        I don’t think that’s a literal title

      • monet

        she also wrote about being promiscuous and going clubbing on that album when she likes to stay indoors and play video games in sweats soooo

        • surfboardt

          Hotel Lobby. Clearly, SHE’S A PROSTITUTION WHORE.
          /FLIPS TABLE

        • circe154

          Its America. She had to do that or it wouldn’t sell.

          • Just Tim

            The casting couch is real.

          • Just Tim

            Of course, the best way to punish couch operators, according to Sicilians…

            Seriously, since Hikaru is married to a Paisan, she should take a page or two.

        • desho

          Sounds like you’ve never been to a club. And “promiscuous”? Seriously?? Her lyrics are tame compared to most popular music.

      • Let’s also remember about her talking about eventually having a mixed baby: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vbGZ150E4E

      • Just Tim

        LOL, that song was and still is forever linked to Hikaru’s ex-husband, Kazuaki Kiriya, at the level of how Heartbreaker by Mariah Carey is directly linked to her own ex-husband, Tommy Mottola.

    • senapie

      Rumors be rumors, but honestly if the person you were with really was just using you for your wealth, you probably should find someone else. Her “economic strength” comment is just gold though; never knew being financially responsible and independent are not good and important traits in a partner /s

    • starlightshimmers

      This so much.

      Marrying someone who loves you for who you are, and you love them for who they are. To love oneself, that is the greatest love of all, à la Whitney Houston.

      Preach it, Hikki.

    • Ryusei

      And this will be the only promo for this album

      • Sérgio Moço

        This made me laugh more than it should <3

      • elsupertai


    • Toreii

      Go Utada!! Where is my sugar mama???

    • Digital Junkie

      Hikki is worth like $200 million dollars, why on Earth would her husband bother going back to work making squat when he can stay at home and take care of the kid with Hikki? They have plenty of money and should dedicate their time molding that boy into the next Elvis Presley. The media needs to stfu and stay out of people’s private lives because they have no idea what they’re talking about.

    • Mayura

      It’s her money. Even if she wants to waste it all on him, it’s her problem and no one else’s. Just give them a break.

    • swt_kiss01

      It is THEIR marriage. It is their business and they should not have to answer to anyone BUT THEMSELVES. Who cares? Maybe he cooks for her and makes her tea when she stays up late composing music. Maybe he compensates in other ways. Even if he doesn’t do any of those things WHO.CARES. People need to stay out of marriages, celebrity or non-celebrity alike.

      • Erik Vickers

        Just saying her husband is lazy

      • Erik Vickers

        Just saying her husband is lazy. But that’s just me as everyone has their own opinion.

    • Summerlights

      From Keep Tryin’ over 10 years ago:

      Love rather than money

      Even if your darling is a salary man

      That’s okay, if there’s love

      • Rebecca


    • geeesyt

      She’s reacting like an American to Japanese fans. She’s enough of a legend that it will blow over, but I hope this doesn’t last long.

      On another note, the racism and shallow posts about Francesco’s looks are annoying. I’m over it.

    • Sensei

      As far as her personal life is concerned, that’s her business. I don’t give a hoot if their marriage is successful or not. All I care about is Hikki making music once again.

    • Digital Junkie

      Money isn’t important but she is charging her fans to view her music videos when no other artist on the planet does.

      • Mayura

        Well, doesn’t mean she isn’t looking for “economic strength” from her fans. LOL

    • jj

      Good for her for standing up for herself against the stupid media. I feel bad that Hikki is getting treated this way when everyone should be welcoming her back and focusing on her new album.

    • Erik Vickers

      Going to be flat honest if it was me, all I would care about in a relationship is the love I’d have for the women I marry and supporting her. To be honest I would also support her no Matter what cause money is an asset not everything in a relationship. It’s love.

    • Erik Vickers

      One last thing, never give up

    • Erik Vickers

      To me as a relationship is not about money, as it’s an asset. If it was me, I would support the person I was with, and love them. Because when it comes down to it love and support is the most important in any relationship or marriage. Never give up

    • 8675309

      There’s nothing wrong with being a stay-at-home husband, and maybe Hikki prefers it this way. Such an arrangement for someone like her could give her maximum artistic freedom while knowing her child is being well taken care of. I won’t begrudge her that right. We should all be so lucky.

    • Abeer Qasim Hamza

      Hiikaru is an ugly, overweight bish – sings like retard, loved by retards and human fails – weaboos – she is a crime against decency for crowding out better artists.

      The worst thing about her:

      Her white-worship and self-hating love for the White Man. ‘I’m Japanesey’ and ‘I Love you long time’ anyone? JUst naaaaaaaasty.