Utada Hikaru on divorce rumors: “Money is of least importance in a partner”

Singer-songwriter Utada Hikaru took to Twitter earlier today after reports that her marriage isn’t so simple and clean these days.

At the bottom of my list of what I look for in a partner: economic strength,” the singer wrote.

Back in early 2014, through an announcement on her personal website, Utada announced that she was engaged to be wed to an Italian man, Francesco Calianno, and asked fans and the media to view her personal life from a “respectable distance” as he is not in the entertainment industry. The couple met while she was London during the period in which Utada took a hiatus from the music industry to focus on herself.

Francesco worked as a bartender at a hotel in London, but quit before they were to be wed in May of that year.

Though barely even months into their marriage, the Japanese media reported that Francesco was unemployed, broke and using his wife for her fortune, and it seems the media hasn’t given up on their theory more than two years later. Arama first reported the rumor back in July of 2014.

When a wealthy man is with a cute girl who thinks highly of him, the world thinks nothing of it. Yet, when the genders are flipped, for some reason there’s an issue? Boys have it rough,” Utada followed up.

Now that she has effectively put that rumor to rest, we can focus on what’s truly important: Hikki will release her first full album in over eight years, Fantôme, on September 28, 2016.

Less than a month’s wait left!