Airi Taira Says Ciao and Joins Husband Yuto Nagatomo in Italy

Actress and talent, Airi Taira, announced all her work has finished as of the fourth of February. She married football player, Yuto Nagatomo last month after publicly announcing their engagement in December 2016. Airi will relocate to Italy, where Nagatomo plays for Internazionale Milano.

Ari mentioned she will limit her work in the future and focus on her new life for the time being. Whilst busy packing, cleaning and preparing for the move, she expressed her gratitude to fans and staff for the years of fun and memories. She graduated from the long running tv program, Hirunandesu and finished filming Moshimo Tours (starring Kis-My-Ft2) last month. She will continue to use LINE to communicate with her audience.

Today’s Moshimo Tours at 6:30 on Fuji TV is my last duty as a tour guide. But I’m the same as always ( ´ ▽ ` )
Please watch it ✨

Thursday’s Hirunandesu is my last day.
It’s lonely to think that starting next week, there won’t be any mornings where I go to Nippon TV…
The weather is great today! The sun’s out smiling ✨I’ll head out with gratitude and a smile, too!

Via Yahoo JP & Twitter

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    • the groupie who

      ahhh I used to ship her with my ichiban XD but they ended up as BFF lol

      I watched her last episode in Hirunandesu and fot a bit teary eyed , I always liked her bubbly personality and her way to lead the fashion segment was good. Wishing all the best for this girl , hope everything turns out great in Italy …. congrats Airi-chan!

    • light

      Congratulations =)

    • K

      It’s “Moshimo Tours”, not “Moshi Moshi Tours”.
      I’m sad she won’t be the guide anymore, but I wish her all the best~

      • Thanks! It’s been changed now.