SixTONES & Snow Man sell nearly 800k in 1 day with debut single “Imitation Rain / D.D.”

Johnny’s latest groups SixTONES and Snow Man made their major debut with the single “Imitation Rain / D.D.” The groups made their debuts together, billed as “SixTONES vs Snow Man”. This is the first time for two different Johnny’s groups to make their debut on the same day, and on the same single. This is also the first double a-side debut single for a Johnny’s group.

The experiment seems to have paid off, Oricon has reported that “Imitation Rain / D.D.” has sold 772k in just one day!

Ame no Parade to Release New Album “BORDERLESS”

On January 22, Ame no Parade will release their fourth album, “BORDERLESS.” This is the band’s first album since the departure of bassist Korenaga Ryosuke last year. The remaining members of the band act as co-producers on this album, working alongside their other co-producer, Tsutaya Koichi of agehasprings.

Frontman Fukunaga Kohei explains the album’s title as a reflection of the world today, where mainstream and underground, Japanese music and Western music, are mixed, without borders. With “BORDERLESS”, Ame no Parade has expanded their point of view, resulting in the band taking their sound in new directions.

“BORDERLESS” comes in two editions, limited and regular. The limited edition comes in a book format and includes a bonus live CD.

In tandem with the album’s release, Ame no Parade has released the music video for the album’s title track. Check it out below, along with more information on the album!

Mika Nakashima and MIYAVI Team Up for “Innocent Rouge”

Last year, Mika Nakashima made her theater debut in the muscial “Innocent musicale.” Mika will release the musical’s theme song “Innocent Rouge” on January 22.

She’ll release the single under the name “Marie starring MIKA NAKASHIMA“. This is the first time Mika has used the name “starring MIKA NAKASHIMA” since “THE END”, the 2006 album by NANA starring MIKA NAKASHIMA.

“Innocent Rouge” was written by Sakamoto Shinichi, the manga artist that created “Innocent”, the manga on which Mika’s musical is based. MIYAVI was in charge of the song’s composition and arrangement. Shinichi also created the single’s cover art.

Check out more information on the single below, along with its lyric video!

E-girls Journey Through the Seasons in “Bessekai” MV

On January 29, E-girls will release their new single, “Bessekai.” The song is one of optimism, reflecting how the members will draw on their experiences as E-girls as they move forward after the group disbands later this year.

A music video depicting the changing seasons of the year has been released to accompany “Bessekai.” E-girls say that people feel anxious when the seasons change, but they they most look forward to the new season as a new opportunity, just how the members are looking forward to their lives after the group. Check out the video below!

Yamashita Tatsuro on AI Misora Hibari: “Blasphemy”

A few weeks ago on the 70th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen, a hologram of Misora Hibari performed a new song created using her voice and AI, in honor of the 30th anniversary of her death. Reactions to this use of technology were mixed, but Yamashita Tatsuro has one word for it: “blashpemy.”

Tatsuro expressed his thoughts on the matter on January 19, on his TOKYO FM show, “Yamashita Tatsuro no Sunday Songbook.” He opened the show with “Inochi no Uta”, the new single by his wife, Mariya Takeuchi. He expressed thanks for the single hitting #1 on Oricon, due to Kohaku, which Mariya debuted on a few weeks ago with the song. He then moved onto the topic of “AI Misora Hibari.”

Mackenyu Arata & Takumi Kitamura sing the theme to “Our 30 Minute Sessions”

Mackenyu Arata & Takumi Kitamura are gearing up for the release of their upcoming film “Our 30 Minute Sessions” (Sayonara made no 30 pun).

The film follows the two main characters Aki Miyata (Mackenyu) and Sota Kubota (Takumi Kitamura). Aki is the lead singer of the band ECHOLL, he has a very bright and outgoing personality, besides his talent.

Unfortunately, he tragically dies before his band can ever really make it big. Sota is a university student who is quite shy and anti-social. One day he comes across a cassette tape that was recorded by Aki, and upon playing the tape Aki’s spirit takes over Sota’s body.

Yamashita Tomohisa, Yoshizawa Ryo, Miura Haruma, and More Attend Paris Fashion Week Men’s

Paris Fashion Week Men’s ended today, after showcasing the new collections for the Fall / Winter 2020 season. A number of Japanese celebrities attended the shows over the past week. See who was in Paris this past week below!

Sexy Zone show off their “sharp bodyline” in anan

Johnny’s group Sexy Zone are the latest cover boys for anan magazine. The issue will revolve around the “common sense of a diet”, perfect topic for both the new year and decade.

It will focus on effective training methods to help tone your body, along with easy healthy recipes. The always in-shape Sexy Zone members are said to show off their own sharp bodylines and “parts” in the anan photoshoot.