Snow Man’s Iwamoto Hikaru Resumes Activities

Earlier this year, Snow Man member Iwamoto Hikaru voluntarily decided to take a break from his activities after it was reported that he was part of a drinking party with underage girls before he debuted. On July 1, he resumed activities.

Johnny & Associates said that Hikaru was very upset that he was not able to take part in “Johnny’s Smile Up! Project” during the COVID-19 stay at home measures.

Takuya Kimura’s “BG: Shinpen Keigonin” to end early due to COVID-19

TV Asahi has announced that the second season of the drama series “BG: Shinpen Keigonin” will end earlier than expected due to COVID-19. A meeting was held on June 30th, and the president of TV Asahi made the decision.

COVID-19 has had a huge effect on the filming and production for dramas, many of them had to be delayed for months. Starring Takuya Kimura, Takumi Saito, and Nanao the drama got off to a great start with a 17% television rating. It debuted on June 18th, and will end at the end of July with 7 episodes in total. The show was originally supposed to begin airing on April 16th.

Watch the trailer for Yuki Furukawa & Ryo Ryusei’s “Restart wa Tadaima no Atode”

A brand new trailer for the upcoming film “Restart wa Tadaima no Atode” has been released. The film is based off of the manga of the same name by Cocomi, originally released in January, 2019.

Yuki Furukawa and Ryo Ryusei will be taking on the lead roles as Mitsuomi Kozuka and Yamato Kumai respectively. One day Kozuka decides to quit his job due to constant conflict with his boss. He decides to lay low for a bit and leaves the city to return to his home town, it’s been a decade since he originally left.

“M Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite” Episode 5 Review

On June 20, the fifth episode of “M Ai Subeki Hito ga Ite”, the drama based on the rise to fame of Ayumi Hamasaki, starring Kalen Anzai as Ayu, aired.

Things start off where they left off in the last episode, with Reika entering Masa’s office in a wedding dress. He tells her he can’t marry her because he’s in love with Ayu, sending her into a rage. He came to this realization after reading Ayu’s fax to him. Reika knew this would happen because she read Ayu’s fax before Masa did.

We then see Ayu having a dream about her missing father, complete with a montage of him letting her hand go and child Ayu falling into the ocean, trying not to drown. She wakes up from her dream and finds a response fax from Masa, telling her he likes her.

Ayu and Masa decide to meet. They run into an embrace in Shibuya Crossing. They go to the waterfront and Masa asks Ayu out, to which she accepts.

Arama! Japan Podcast: Pride 2020

Due to COVID-19, Pride celebrations around the world have been canceled this year. We here at Arama! Japan though have a special celebration in the form of a special episode of the Arama! Japan podcast! This episode features segments on what draws the LGBT community to Japanese music, the role of the LGBT community in international Japanese music fandom, the role of women in the fandom, and acts with LGBT themes in their work.

Featured on the podcast alongside myself this time is Hannah, as well as special guests Jasmine and Randy!

Check out the short version of Kalen Anzai’s new music video “Bokura wa Tsuyoku Nareru”

Avex has released the short version of the latest single “Bokura wa Tsuyoku Nareru” from up-and-coming singer Kalen Anzai to their official YouTube Channel.

This release follows her March 2020 single “FAKE NEWS REVOLUTION”, and is a notable departure from her dystopian neon city aesthetic.

The song was written by Kalen and is about standing up for what’s right and using your voice as a weapon, with production by Mitsuru Igarashi, former keyboarder and songwriter of Japanese pop group Every Little Thing.

The video debuts the singer’s new logo and features the Kyoto Tachibana Senior High School Band clad in white, with Kalen herself even taking part in the performance on soprano saxophone.

Yamashita Tomohisa Stars in New Ad for Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Moncler Line

On July 2, the new collection of Hiroshi Fujiwara‘s Moncler Genius 2020 line, 7 Moncler Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara, will be released. To promote the release, a short film has been released, starring Yamashita Tomohisa.

In the clip, Hiroshi’s new digital single, “TERRITORY”, can be heard. Out June 29, “TERRITORY” was produced by Watanabe Shunsuke (Schroeder-Headz), with a chorus by Yamaguchi Ichiro (Sakanaction) and bass by Hama Okamoto (OKAMOTO’S). The song is described as a blend of city pop, folk, and soul. A short video for the song has been released. It can be seen below, along with the Moncler ad starring Yamapi!

Yuya Tegoshi reveals he a Nozomi Tsuji stan, Johnny Kitagawa told him their talent couldn’t sing, & more

Former Johnny’s talent and NEWS member Yuya Tegoshi has uploaded a new video on his official YouTube channel, it’s the first “normal” video he has uploaded, and third overall since the press conference upload.

In the video Tegoshi used this as an opportunity for fans and the public to get to know him a little better. He filmed the video inside of his closet surrounded by clothes and a Stich plushie from the Disney film “Lilo & Stitch”. Tegoshi went into his hobbies as a youth, explaining that he was a really big fan of Morning Musume, 4th generation member Nozomi Tsuji to be exact.