Shiina Ringo to Duet with BUCK-TICK’s Sakurai Atsushi

As previously reported, Shiina Ringo will release her new album, “Sandokushi”, on May 27, her 21st anniversary. The album is composed of various tracks she’s released in the four and a half years since the release of her last album, “Hi Izuru Tokoro”, as well as six new songs. Two of these new songs are duets, one featuring BUCK-TICK‘s Sakurai Atsushi (“Kakeochimono”) and the other featuring former Tokyo Jihen member H ZETT M (“Isogaba Maware”).

May 27 also sees the Blu-ray / DVD release of “(Nama) Ringo Haku ’18 -Fuwaku no Yoyuu-“, Ringo’s 20th anniversary tour from last fall. In support of the release, she has released five clips from the concert. Check them out below, along with the tracklist for her new album!

Chisato Moritaka Celebrates Her 21st Anniversary on Love music for April 21

This week’s episode was a special one dedicated to host Chisato Moritaka‘s 21st anniversary.

Kanjani8 and Guests Discuss the Music of the Heisei Era on KanJam Kanzennen SHOW for April 21

This week’s guests were Suga Shikao, Matsuo Kiyoshi, Hyadain, Takahashi Shigeo, and Arai Elina. Instead of having a performance, the show centered around the music of the soon to end Heisei era.

HKT48, Jaejoong, Yonezu Kenshi, BTS, and Aimyon Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 4/8 – 4/14

This week, HKT48 topped the Combined Single chart with their new single “Ishi”, with 199,551 points in its first week.

Jaejoong topped the Combined Album chart with his debut Japanese album “Flawless Love”, with 45,803 points in its first week.

HKT48 also topped the Single chart with “Ishi”, selling 197,846 copies in its first week.

Jaejoong also topped the Album chart with “Flawless Love”, selling 42,472 copies in its first week.

Yonezu Kenshi retook the top spot on the Digital Single chart with his single “Lemon”, selling 20,078 copies in its 61st week and topping the chart for the 26th non-consecutive week.

BTS topped the Digital Album chart with their new mini album “MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA”, selling 9,139 copies in its first week.

Aimyon also topped the Streaming chart for the 15th consecutive week with her single “Marigold”, with 2,179,594 streams in the chart’s 18th week.

Maho Yamaguchi to graduate from NGT48

NGT48 Team G vice captain Maho Yamaguchi and Team G members
Rena Hasegawa and Riko Sugahara have announced their graduation from the group.

The announcement was made during the team’s final performance at NGT48 Theater on April 21. Announced last week, NGT48 management revealed that the group would be restructured and the the current team system would be dissolved.

Leo Ieiri, THE YELLOW MONKEY, and Suga Shikao Perform on CDTV for April 20

This week’s guests were THE YELLOW MONKEY, Leo Ieiri, and Suga Shikao.


Leo Ieiri – Prime Numbers

Suga Shikao – Rodonanka Shinaide Kogosei dake de Ikitai

AKB48, Jaejoong, and More Perform on Music Fair for April 20

This week’s guests were Junretsu, AKB48, Jaejoong, and Eir Aoi.

Junretsu – Hoshi Furu Machikado (Toshi Ito to Happy & Blue cover)

AKB48 – Koi no Vacances (The Peanuts cover)

Jaejoong – Second Love (Akira Nakamori cover) / Sweetest Love

Junretsu – Propose

Eir Aoi – Ryuusei

AKB48 – Jiwaru DAYS

The Recording Industry Association of Japan Releases Its Digital Certifications for March

Three songs from 2019 were certified Gold this month for selling 100,000 copies: King Gnu‘s “Hakujitsu”, back number‘s “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, and milet‘s “inside you.”