Masahiko Kondo Breaks His Silence After Leaving Johnny & Associates

This past April, Masahiko Kondo left Johnny & Associates after 44 years. The previous November, it was revealed that he had been cheating on his wife for the past five years, leading him to go on indefinite hiatus in regards to his entertainment career.

Masahiko is now ready to speak. On September 7, he appeared on the Nippon Cultural Broadcasting radio show “Matsui Sayuri ‘new normal’ no Ko Heya.” This was Masahiko’s first time back on the radio station, where in the last five years of his time at Johnny’s, he hosted his own show, “Masahiko Kondo Kurukuru Matchbox.”

Masahiko said that all of the drama of last year was the trigger that led him to choose to leave Johnny & Associates. He found balancing his entertainment career and his racing career, his main career, difficult to do due to staff changes at Johnny & Associates. He also found it difficult to work in a company where the generations change so rapidly.

He also fondly remembered Johnny Kitagawa and his sister Mary, saying, “I have so many memories, and I want to keep those memories in my heart and continue to do my best. I’m really thankful to them.”

KREVA Releases Surprise Digital Album

On September 8, KREVA unexpectedly released a new digital album, “LOOP END / LOOP START.” This album comes nearly two years after his previous one, “AFTERMIXTAPE.” It is described as a look into KREVA’s life during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time during which he has worked constantly. The 14 song album will include the previously released songs “Fall in Love Again”, featuring Daichi Miura, and “Tanpopo”, featuring ZORN.

In tandem with the release of “LOOP END / LOOP START”, KREVA has released a combined music video for three of the album’s new songs, “Finally”, “Back in those days”, and “Kae Rareru no wa Mirai dake.” He also held an onlive live event in support of the album. Check out both videos below, along with more information on KREVA’s new album!

PEARL CENTER to Release Their Debut Album

On September 8, PEARL CENTER will release their debut album, “Orb.” The 12 song album will include the previously released digital singles “Alright”, “clouds”, “Orion”, and “Flutter.”

Ahead of the release of “Orb”, PEARL CENTER has released the music video for one of the album’s new songs, “NEVER TOO LATE.” Check it out below, along with more information on PEARL CENTER’s debut album!

GACKT to Go on Indefinite Hiatus Due to Illness

It has been announced that GACKT will suspend his activities indefinitely. GACKT came to this decision after consulting his doctors and his management.

He suddenly became ill after arriving in Japan on August 6. A nervous system disease from his early childhood has reappeared, triggering a life-threatening condition.

KAT-TUN, Sayaka Yamamoto, and More Perform on “CDTV Live! Live!” for September 6

This week’s guests were s**t kingz, Sayaka Yamamoto, ReN, KAT-TUN, and Little Black Dress.

s**t kingz – Egao! feat. PES

Sayaka Yamamoto – Don’t hold me back

ReN – Ahh-ah.

KAT-TUN – We Just Go Hard feat. AK-69

Little Black Dress – Ame to Koigokoro

Noriyuki Makihara resumes entertainment activities after drug scandal

Famed singer Noriyuki Makihara will be resuming his entertainment activities after a highly publicized drug scandal. Last year in early 2020 he was arrested for drug possession and later faced up to 2 years in prison.

Even though Noriyuki is making a comeback, he isn’t in the clear yet as he currently has a suspended sentence. If up until 2023 Noriyuki breaks the conditions in his probation, or breaks the law in general then he can be sent to prison.

Ami Suzuki makes her musical comeback with “Drip”

The myth, the legend, Ami Suzuki is back! She surprised fans with the upload of a brand new MV and song titled “Drip“. This is the very first music video from the superstar in around 12 years, her last being the hit single “KISS KISS KISS / aishiteru…” released in 2009.

“Drip” will serve as the theme song for the film “Hatsu no Coffee ~第一杯咖啡~”, the lyrics were written by Amigo and so far it will only be released on YouTube. The film is being used to promote a campaign promoting Taiwanese Coffee nationwide to Japan, 13 Taiwanese coffee farms will be participating in this promotion. The film hopes to portray Taiwan’s lovely commitment to coffee, while honoring the strong relationship between the two nations.

GOLDEN BOMBER vocalist Sho Kiryuin announces marriage

The vocalist of meme rock band GOLDEN BOMBER has announced that he is married! Sho Kiryuin took to his official Ameba blog account to make the happy announcement himself, thanking fans for their continued support. Sho married a woman who isn’t in the entertainment business.