Sexy Zone’s Fuma Kikuchi Covers anan’s “Ai to SEX” Issue

On August 10, anan will release its annual “Ai to SEX” issue, and this year’s coverboy is Sexy Zone‘s Fuma Kikuchi! His shoot comes a year after his groupmate Kento Nakajima covered the same issue.

The gravure photoshoot for this issue has a title that translates as “Love and Cherish, Gentle Time.” It is an adult love story that balances career and romance. In the shoot, Fuma and his female partner are busy working people who find the time in their busy schedules to enjoy a date night.

Fuma has been secretly hoping to appear in this issue. “I’ve been serious about building a perfect body that looks good from anywhere, all 360 degrees,” he said of the shoot.

Check out Fuma’ s cover below!

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SixTONES Celebrates the Summer in “PARTY PEOPLE” MV

A day after Snow Man unexpectedly released a music video for a new song, we now have SixTONES doing the same!

SixTONES has just released the music video for their new song “PARTY PEOPLE.” In the video, the group and the dancers of GANMI have fun under the summer sun.

But we are left with the same questions as yesterday! Is this a new single? A new album? Given that Johnny & Associates does see YouTube as a streaming service per their Twitter account, maybe this is the company’s new way of debuting new songs?

That being said check out “PARTY PEOPLE” below!

BE:FIRST and SEVENTEEN Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 7/25 – 7/31

This week, BE:FIRST topped the Hot 100 single chart with their new digital single “Scream”, with 10,692 points in its first week.

SEVENTEEN topped the Hot Albums chart with their re-package album “SECTOR 17.”

SEVENTEEN also topped the Artist 100 chart.

KinKi Kids and SEVENTEEN Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 7/25 – 7/31

This week, KinKi Kids topped the Combined Single chart with their new single “Amazing Love”, with 235,744 points in its first week.

SEVENTEEN topped the Combined Album chart with their re-package album “SECTOR 17”, with 219,324 points in its second week.

Issei Takahashi & Marie Iitoyo Are Dating

FRIDAY has revealed that Issei Takahashi and Marie Iitoyo are dating! The two were co-stars in the NHK mini-series “Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe” that aired at the end of both 2020 and 2021.

Snow Man Releases Surprise MV for New Song “JUICY”

After teasing fans with a cryptic video on YouTube on August 3, today Snow Man released a music video for a new song, “JUICY.”

But what is this new song for? A new single? A new album? Who knows!

The video, which was choreographed by Hikaru Iwamoto, features the group in an Oriental-themed nightclub setting.

Check it out below!

mitsume to Release New Album “mitsume Live ‘Recording'”

On August 3, mitsume will release their new album, “mitsume Live ‘Recording’.” This album was record at the concert of the same name that the band held this past February at Tokyo’s Otemachi Mitsui Hall.

To record the album, mitsume brought the console that they use in the recording studio to the venue. They recorded then recorded a mixture of old and new songs as they normally do in the studio, and then overlayed additional instruments.

mitsume recently released the music video for one of the songs off the album, “number.” The song originally appeared on their 2014 album “Sasayaki.” The new version of “number” is markedly different than the original, featuring a richer sound and brighter feel. In the video, mitsume can see seen recording the song live at Otemachi Mitsui Hall. Check it out below!