GQ JAPAN Reveals Its “GQ MEN OF THE YEAR 2022”

GQ JAPAN has revealed its “GQ MEN OF THE YEAR 2022”! The award is given to people who have shown great success this year regardless of their field. Winners this year include Awich, Oizumi Yo, Sexy Zone, and Machida Keita.

The award show will be streamed live on GQ JAPAN’s YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok accounts at 7:30 PM JST on November 30.

Check out the winners below!

Chisato Moritaka and Night Tempo Perform on “Love music” for November 27

This week’s episode was a special dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the show’s host, Chisato Moritaka. She performed on the show along with Night Tempo. Haruomi Hosono was the talk guest.

Chisato Moritaka x Night Tempo – Cup Mudle / Omoshiroi (Moritaka Connection) / Stress / Nozokanaide / Hong Kong / Yurusenai / Aru OL no Seishun ~A Ko no Baai~ (Moritaka Connection) / Watashi ga Obasan ni Natte mo

King Gnu, BE:FIRST, &TEAM, and More Added to “Best Artist 2022” Lineup

On December 3, “Best Artist 2022” will air. As previously announced, performers include Ado, MISIA, King & Prince, NiziU, SixTONES, Naniwa Danshi, Ryokuoushoku Shakai, and Yuzu.

A third set of performers has been announced. This set includes the likes of King Gnu, BE:FIRST, &TEAM, Mika Nakashima, and THE RAMPAGE. In a separate announcement, it was announced that KinKi Kids will also appear on the show in honor of their 25th anniversary. See who else was added below!

Nogizaka46, ano, and Kitani Tatsuya Perform on “Venue101” for November 26

This week’s guests were Kitani Tatsuya, ano, and Nogizaka46.

Kitani Tatsuya – Scar

ano – Chu, Tayosei.

Nogizaka46 – Koko ni wa Nai Mono

Naniwa Danshi and Ken Miyake Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 11/14 – 11/20

This week, Naniwa Danshi topped the Combined Single chart with their new single “Happy Surprise”, with 519,363 points in its first week.

Ken Miyake topped the Combined Album chart with his debut solo mini album “NEWWW”, with 49,623 points in its first week.

JUJU, Miyamoto Hiroji, and Sera Masanori Perform on “Music Fair” for November 26

This week’s guests were Miyamoto Hiroji, JUJU, and Sera Masanori.

Miyamoto Hiroji – Machibuse (Miki Seiko cover)

JUJU – Hana

Sera Masanori x Miyamoto Hiroji – Anta no Ballad (Sera Masanori & Twist cover)

Sera Masanori x Miyamoto Hiroji – Hikigane (Sera Masanori & Twist cover)

Sera Masanori x Miyamoto Hiroji x JUJU – Moero Ii Onna (Twist cover)

BiSH, Liella!, and More Perform on “Buzz Rhythm 02” for November 25

This week’s guests were BiSH, Girls², KANDYTOWN, and Liella!

BiSH – Promise the Star / Datsu Kisei Gainen / Sayonara Saraba / SEE YOU / beautiful Sa

Girls² – Love Genic

KANDYTOWN – Curtain Call (feat. KEIJU, Ryohu, IO)

Liella! – WE WILL‼︎

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