lol, yup’in, and More Portray Classic Avex Acts in “M Aisubeki Hito ga Ite”

On April 18, “M Aisubeki Hito ga Ite”, TV Asahi / Ameba TV’s drama about Ayumi Hamasaki‘s rise to fame will premiere. Kalen Anzai stars as Ayu, with Miura Shohei playing her love interest / producer Masa (based on Max Matsuura).

Several of Avex’s hit acts of the time will also be portrayed in “M Aisubeki Hito ga Ite.” Da-iCE‘s Wada Hayate and FAKY‘s Hina will play members of the trio “OTF”, based on Every Little Thing. lol will portray a group based on TRF, “USG.” yup’in will play rock diva “Saeki Maki”, based on Aikawa Nanase.

Single covers, in the style of the 90s 8cm singles, have been created for all the acts. They reveal that Avex is “a victory” in “M Aisubeki Hito ga Ite”, and Tetsuya Komuro is “Tenmei Kira.” Check out the covers below!

AKB48, Johnny’s WEST, Official HIGE DANdism, and Soken Masayoshi Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 3/16 – 3/22

This week, AKB48 topped the Hot 100 single chart with their new single “Shitsuren, Arigatou”, with 42,070 points.

Johnny’s WEST topped the Hot Albums chart with their new album “W trouble.”

Official HIGE DANdism also topped the Streaming Songs chart for the sixth consecutive week with “I LOVE…”

Official HIGE DANdism also topped the Download Songs chart for the seventh non-consecutive week with “I LOVE…”

Soken Masayoshi topped the Download Albums chart with his new soundtrack “FINAL FANTASY XIV: SHADOWBRINGERS – EP.”

Watch Kalen Anzai start a “FAKE NEWS REVOLUTION” in new MV

Former CGI creation Kalen Anzai has returned to the scene with her 4th digital single “FAKE NEWS REVOLUTION“. This is Kalen’s very first release since it was announced that she would be portraying Ayumi Hamasaki in a TV Asahi drama series.

In the MV Kalen is seen in a digital dystopian world, an aesthetic that she has stayed true to since making her debut. Kalen penned the lyrics herself, while arrangement duties were handled by Chikara Gonohe. Previously, Chikara has worked with AAA and SKE48. Check out the full MV for “FAKE NEWS REVOLUTION” below:

Love Live! collaborates with Powerpuff Girls

Multimedia project Love Live! has collaborated with the beloved American cartoon series Powerpuff Girls. Love Live! has had a plethora of popular projects including an anime series, light novel, and manga that has been in publication since 2012. The collaboration is currently live in the mobile game “Love Live! School Idol Festival”.

In the event, the girls of the fictional band μ’s have all been drawn in the style of Powerpuff Girls. There’s a bunch of special art of the girls, along with appearances from Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in the game.

Arashi, Official HIGE DANdism, Uru, and More Perform on Debut Episode of CDTV Live! Live!

Earlier today, CDTV Live! Live! debuted. The first episode was a four-hour long special and featured performances by Arashi, Official HIGE DANdism, Uru, iri, DA PUMP, Nogizaka46, Sandaime J Soul Brothers, Daichi Miura, and more. Check it out below!

KAT-TUN urges public to wash hands by remixing their song

It was recently announced that Johnny & Associates would be streaming two concerts, apart of the “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE with YOU” live series. Due to COVID-19, the company has been forced to cancel numerous live events so they decided to hold this as a way of cheering up fans.

On March 30th the first concert took place, featuring performances by Tomohisa Yamashita, Hey! Say! JUMP, Kis-My-ft2, and Travis Japan. The second concert for the 30th had KAT-TUN, A.B.C-Z, and King & Prince.

One of the highlights of the concerts came from KAT-TUN, who remixed their song “We Are KAT-TUN” in a way to help the public!

Yamashita Tomohisa, Hey! Say! JUMP, KAT-TUN, and More Perform on “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE with YOU” for March 30

In light of event cancellations due to the novel coronavirus COVID-19, Johnny & Associates has started a YouTube concert series, “Johnny’s World Happy LIVE with YOU.” Today’s first concert featured Kis-My-Ft2, Yamashita Tomohisa, Travis Japan, and Hey! Say! JUMP. The second one featured King & Prince, A.B.C-Z, and KAT-TUN. Check them out below!

Koda Kumi, tofubeats, Mukai Taichi, and More Lend Support to Coronavirus-Affected Cultural Facilities

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 is terrorizing the world. People everywhere are sick and dying, businesses failing. In Japan, a particularly hard hit segment of businesses are cultural facilities. Live music venues, nightclubs and theatres across the country have seen events canceled as a means of preventing transmission of the virus in large groups, resulting in plunging revenue. These spaces have a hard time closing though because they need to make money still to survive. But it’s not only the venues that are affected; their employees, performers, sound engineers, lighting engineers, and many others have been harmed.

A movement, #SaveOurSpace, has been created by the affected parties. This movement is asking that the government fund cultural facilities so that they can close, while still being able to pay their workers and maintain their spaces. It would also cut down on the chances of the COVID-19 being transmitted, since these spaces often contain large amounts of people in close quarters. #SaveOurSpace is also seeking compensation for revenue lost from events that have been canceled since February 26, when the Tokyo government first advised people to stay away from large groups.