LiSA, Miyamoto Hiroji, and BTS Top the Billboard Japan Charts for the Week of 11/16 – 11/22

This week, LiSA retook the top spot on the Hot 100 single chart with her single “Homura”, with 23,494 points, topping the chart for the fifth non-consecutive week.

Miyamoto Hiroji topped the Hot Album charts with his new cover album “ROMANCE.”

LiSA also topped the Streaming Songs chart for the fifth consecutive week with “Homura.”

LiSA also topped the Download Songs chart for the sixth consecutive week with “Homura.”

BTS topped the Download Albums chart with their new album “BE.”

NMB48, Miyamoto Hiroji, LiSA, and BTS Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 11/16 – 11/22

This week, NMB48 topped the Combined Single chart with their new single “Koi Nanka No thank you!”, with 131,675 points in its first week.

Miyamoto Hiroji topped the Combined Album chart with his new cover album “ROMANCE”, with 52,806 points in its first week.

NMB48 also topped the Single chart with “Koi Nanka No thank you!”, selling 130,416 copies in its first week.

Miyamoto Hiroji also topped the Album chart with “ROMANCE”, selling 47,104 copies in its first week.

LiSA topped the Digital Single chart for the sixth consecutive week with her single “Homura”, selling 52,422 copies its sixth week.

BTS topped the Digital Album chart with their new album “BE”, selling 11,396 copies in its first week.

LiSA also topped the Streaming chart for the sixth consecutive week with “Homura”, with 12,923,771 streams in its sixth week.

Kumi Koda releases her new albums “angeL + monsteR [MY NAME IS…]”

Kumi Koda has released a brand new set of mini-albums celebrating her 20th anniversary in the industry, titled angeL + monsteR [MY NAME IS…]. Each mini-album contains 6 songs each, and the DVD and blu-ray for the albums contain MVs for the tracks puff, XXKK, Killer MonsteR, and RUN. The fanclub edition of the album has exclusive making-of footage.

To prep for the album release, the “QUEEN OF LIVE” uploaded a video on YouTube seemingly aimed at international fans, giving a short history on her career and information about her anniversary and upcoming tour. Unfortunately, within a day it was deleted but hopefully it’s uploaded again!

“2020 FNS Kayousai” First Night Live Stream & Chat

At 6:30 PM JST on December 2, the first night of “2020 FNS Kayousai” will air. The show will feature performances by ArashiAyumi Hamasaki, Yumi Matsutoya, LiSASuda Masaki, JO1, Seiko MatsudaMr.ChildrenKing & PrinceNiziUMika NakashimaDaichi Miura, and more.

There is a live stream of the show and Arama! Japan will be hosting a chat on Discord so that readers can chat with each other during the show! Links to the show and the chat are after the jump!

moumoon Leaves Avex

On December 1, moumoon enters a new stage in their career as independent artists. The duo announced they have left Avex to continue activities on their own.

In a post on their Avex artist site dated November 30, moumoon’s YUKA and MASAKI announced the departure, saying that they had consulted with Avex and that their contract had expired.

moumoon continued, saying that in the 15 years since their debut, the music market has changed drastically as times have changed. There was a lot of discussion about the duo’s future. In the end, in light of their milestone 15th anniversary, they decided to go independent. moumoon believes that this new start will serve as a refresh, taking them back to energetic feel they had at their debut.

moumoon thanked Avex for their support during the 13 years they were signed to the company. They also thanked their fans, saying that they hope that they continue to support them in the future.

Yumi Matsutoya, King Gnu, back number, GENERATIONS, and More Perform on CDTV Live! Live! for November 30

This week’s episode was a three hour special. This week’s guests were Hilcrhyme, GENERATIONS, Little Glee Monster, Pentatonix, Shirota Yu, Suda Masaki, back number, King Gnu, Masaharu Fukuyama, Yamazaki Ikusaburo, Yumi Matsutoya, AI, and Awich.

Hilcrhyme – Shunkashuutou

GENERATIONS – Star Traveling

Little Glee Monster – Dear My Friend feat. Pentatonix

Shirota Yu – I LOVE YOU (Ozaki Yutaka cover)

Little Glee Monster – Butterfly (Kaela Kimura cover) / Ai wo Komete Hanataba wo (Superfly cover)

Suda Masaki – Niji

back number – Christmas Song / Emerald

King Gnu – Sanmon Shousetsu

Masaharu Fukuyama – HELLO / Sakurazaka / IT’S ONLY LOVE / Saiai / Niji / Squall / vs. ~Chikaku to Kairaku no Rasen~ / Kakumei / Shinon / Michishirube

Yamazaki Ikusaburo – Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto

Yumi Matsutoya – Manatsu no Yoru no Yume / Shiranai Doshi

AI – Not So Different feat.Awich

Arama! Japan Playlist: October 2020

We’re back with a new edition of Arama! Japan Playlist! This playlist is a mixture of staff selections and new releases, all from this past October. There’s something here for everyone, including LiSA, Fujii Kaze, Arashi, Kato Miliyah, Yumi Matsutoya, JUJU, King Gnu, Seiko Oomori, aiko, Nana Mizuki, Ging Nang BOYZ, and AiNA THE END. Check it out below!

Super group Jr.EXILE drop “WAY TO THE GLORY” MV

Jr.EXILE is a super group from LDH consisting of GENERATIONS, THE RAMPAGE, FANTASTICS, and BALLISTIK BOYZ. The group began their activities in 2019 with the release of the single “BATTLE OF TOKYO ~ENTER THE Jr.EXILE~

Their latest track “WAY TO THE GLORY” has been released on November 30th as a pre-release digital single, ahead of the “RISING SUN TO THE WORLD” single release which features all of the debuted male EXILE TRIBE groups.

In the MV for “WAY TO THE GLORY” each group is seen in a different setting while dancing, eventually they all unite and perform together. Check out the full MV below: