Nishino Kana Dances Away Stress in “Pa” PV

On May 3, Nishino Kana will release her new single, “Pa.” The song serve as the CM song for Otsuka Foods’ beverage “Vitamin Tansan MATCH.” “Pa” is described as an upbeat pop song that will help listeners blow off the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

Kana has released the perfect video to match the song’s mood! The music video for “Pa” is a bright, happy clip which literally shows people stressing about the workday and then dancing their cares away. This dance takes place on a giant picture of a slice of pineapple, to complement the single’s theme. Check it out below, along with more information about Kana’s new single!

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Cornelius to Release First Studio Album in Nearly 11 Years

For the past few years, Cornelius has been involved in numerous side projects such as METAFIVE and various soundtracks. He will release his first studio album under his own name on June 28. Cornelius’ new album is titled “Mellow Waves” and it is his first studio album since October 2006’s “Sensuous.”

Ahead of the release of “Mellow Waves”, Cornelius will be releasing two 7 inch vinyl singles. The first of these is “Anata ga Iru nara”, out April 26. Sakamoto Shintaro wrote the lyrics for this song, while Cornelius wrote the lyrics for the single’s B-side, “Helix / Spiral.”

The second single is out May 24 and it’s titled “Itsuka / Doko ka.” The lyrics for the B-side, “Warukunai. Kono Kanji”, were also written by Shintaro. This B-side will not be on “Mellow Waves” however.

Check out more information on Cornelius’ two upcoming singles below!

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Creephyp Are Paper Doll Puppets in “Ito” PV

On April 26, Creephyp will release their new single, “Ito.” The song serves as the theme song for the Suda Masaki movie “Teiichi no Kuni”, which opens in theaters April 29.

“Ito” will come in a limited edition and a regular edition, with the limited edition containing an additional live CD. The covers for the single feature a drawing of a man who has the synthesized face of all four members of Creephyp.

The music video for “Ito” was recently released and it features Creephyp as paper doll puppets, in the real world. These paper versions of Creephyp perform, go on talk shows, do photoshoots, and get caught going to a love hotel by the press. Check it out below along with more information on Creephyp’s new single!

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Producer DJ YAMATO to release “Shining” featuring Anna & Akina from FAKY

It seems avex is getting a new artist under their name, and his name is YAMATO! YAMATO is a producer DJ that made himself first known when he won the ”burn WORLD DJ CONTEST JAPAN 2013” contest, and since then he has been collaborating with world famous DJs such as AVICII and Zedd. However, his most successful feat could easily be his promotional video for Pioneer DJ’s CDJ-2000NXS2 player and DJM900NXS2 mixer, which has almost gained 4 million views.

Now, he is debuting in avex with a new digital singled titled “Shining feat Anna & Akina (from FAKY)”, in which these two Japanese-English bilingual singers provide full English vocals to the track! Check both this chill EDM song and the promotional Pioneer track just after the jump!

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········· is an enigmatic project that may hide a deep meaning

As you can notice from the headline of this article, even the name of this Idol unit is kind of bizarre. And it’s no coincidence that ·········, or simply Dots, represents one of the most interesting experiments in the Idol scene in a while, precisely since the niche took an unexpected turn in 2010. Composed by nine unidentified members wearing particular sunglasses to hide their identity, Dots’ main attraction resides in Shoegaze-influenced numbers as well as in a personality that’s enigmatic to say the least.

The unit’s compositions mostly rely on classic Shoegaze parameters, with occasional Brit pop and Post-rock bits here and there, and despite not being anything necessarily innovative, the unit promptly dodges the common label of “alternative music with cute vocals on top” with solid songwriting and a vocal performance that greatly fits the vibe of these numbers. Read more

INDEEA release Four-Track EP to close out April

Late last year newly formed alternative band INDEEA released their first single “UREI / Dokusho“.  Since then they have been hard at work on more music, and this past weekend they finally revealed the fruits of their labor:  a new EP titled “NEW SHIT 2017 S/S”.

For this release, INDEEA have taken inspiration from a variety of different sources, attempting to interpret them all in their own style.  The first of these four new songs, “SPIN”, references the delicate guitar work of Vini Reilly; “Ajisai” is meant to be a melancholic cold funk song; “Big Punisher” is influenced by melodic shoegaze music; and finally, “Gotta Be Fair” is the band’s modern take on neo-acoustic sounds.

Read on below to find the full versions of all four of these songs, and look forward to more interesting music from INDEEA in the future.

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