DECO*27 releases new album “Ghost” after 2 year break

It’s been two and a half years since DECO*27‘s last album, “Conti New“.   Finally, a new album titled “Ghost” will be released on September 28 of this year! The upcoming album will include hit songs like “Ghost Rules” and “Liar Dance“, of which the MVs hit 4 million and 1 million views respectively.

Take a listen below!

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Chinza DOPENESS, Tamaki ROY, and U-zhaan Unite for “Summer Jam ’95”

Back in 1995, rap group Scha Dara Parr released their fifth album, “5th wheel 2 the Coach.” One of the songs on that album, “Summer Jam ’95”, was released that summer as a recut single. A music has now been released for a cover of the song, courtesy of Chinza DOPENESS, Tamaki ROY, and U-zhaan. Chinza DOPENESS and Tamaki ROY are in charge of the song’s rap portions, while U-zhaan has recreated the track using traditional Indian instruments. Scha Dara Parr also makes a guest appearance in the video. Check it out below!

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#1 Song Review: Week of 7/13 – 7/19 (NEWS v. Nishino Kana)

Hello, Arama! Japan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw Kanjani8 defeat Naoto Inti Raymi. This week, we have 2 newcomers facing off! Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

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Level-5 Announces Lady Layton, Inazuma Eleven Ares, 2 new Transmedia Projects

Level-5, the company behind hit franchises Yo-kai Watch, Professor Layton, and Inazuma Eleven held an press conference on Wednesday called “Level-5 Vision 2016 -New Heroes-. Several exciting news were revealed in the event, such as the announcement of new game entries for their current franchise line-up. But as the title suggests, the highlight of the event was a reveal of Level-5’s “new heroes”: 4 new projects  featuring entirely new characters/new franchises from the company. Catch the details, official descriptions, and videos for the 4 projects after the jump!

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Shinohara Tomoe and Vanilla Beans Combine Forces to Form ShinoVani

This September Shinohara Tomoe is teaming up with Shibuya-kei idols Vanilla Beans to form the unit ShinoVani.  It took Shinohara eight years to compose and write the lyrics for the title track “onnanoko ☆ otokonoko” and that’s not the only part she’s had her hands in. Shinohara will also be in charge of costume design and the story for the PV. In celebration of this release ShinoVani will perform at Roppongi Hills Arena on August 17 for free!

onnanoko ☆ otokonoko” will be released September 28th under Avex. The ShinoVani unit name comes from the program that Shinohara co-hosts with Vanilla Beans on Asahi-TV. The collaboration is something that both groups had wanted to do since the beginning of their show and now finally have the chance.

Via Natalie and Shinohara Tomoe Official Site

Milly Milly releases ~aesthetically~ pleasing preview for “I miss you”

Milly Milly is a bilingual “hafu” singer, and is one of the fresh batch of artists to be signed by avex trax. On July 26th she will release her fourth digital single “I miss you”, a relaxing ballad. Milly Milly has released one digital single per month since her first release under avex “Free”. Still a first year highschool student, Milly Milly got her start in the business very early. Her very first music release was released independently when she was still in elementary school.

avex has also uploaded videos where Milly Milly comments on her songs in English, perhaps there are plans to promote her internationally too? Despite the English comment videos Milly Milly’s music is not available outside of the Japanese iTunes store.

Check out the preview for “I miss you” as well as her comments on the song below!
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