Listen: Short Previews for Utada Hikaru’s Fantôme Surface

Utada Hikaru’s upcoming sixth Japanese-language studio album Fantôme is already out in the wild, though hasn’t hit the Internet in full as of yet.

Somehow, though never shockingly, China and Hong Kong always gets their copies of Japanese albums half a week early so leaks are always rampant. It’s real and imminent, ladies.

At this point, we have heard most of the album through digital release and live performances, but we finally get to hear snippets of never-before-heard songs like “Ningyo” and “Kouya no Ookami“, and more.

If you don’t mind being spoiled, check them out below. They’re only about 15 seconds long.
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Spotify to Finally Begin Services in Japan by the End of September

With half a dozen streaming services available to consumers, Japan’s music industry in its beginnings of the transition to digital; Spotify is next.

Business Insider reports after more than a year of saying it’s coming, Spotify has reported that they are finally have plans to go live in Japan before the end of this month, working in tandem with Tokyo-based advertising giant Dentsu for this initiative.

The Nikkei earlier this summer reported that the launch was imminent. The publication, one of Japan’s leading business publications, said that Spotify Premium will cost around 1,000 yen (close to $10) per month.

This launch in Japan, the second largest music market, has been a long time coming for Spotify, which recently passed 40 million paying customers.

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What Was The Streaming Song of the Summer?

Summer 2016 is OFFICIALLY over. As we pick at our McDonald’s Japan pumpkin spiced french fries and cart some Halloween decorations from the local Daiso, let’s reflect on this summer’s hits.

What was The Song of The Summer, according to a more general population and beyond the mess that is the physical music charts? What are the bops? What songs should I have been listening to? What is It?

Google Play Music launched in Japan one year ago, giving the world’s second-largest music market—but a late adopter of music streaming in favor of tradition—a more modern approach to listening to music in the CD-loving country. Google Play Music’s arrival followed the launch of Apple Music but precedes the world’s largest music subscription service, Spotify, which might possibly be starting in Japan this month after like 2 years of being like “soon™”.

The service has compiled a list of the most streamed songs from June 1 to August 31, showing us what songs actually had some replay value this summer.

Bands, Idols, Artists, Western hits—what do you think the Japanese public preferred to listen to over the past few months?
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TV Drama Ratings (Sep 7 – 22) – Season Ender

We finally reached the end of the Summer 2016 Jdrama season! This will be the last update for the summer ratings chart. TV Asahi’s “Kami no Shita o Motsu Otoko” starring Mukai Osamu will have a movie continuation titled “Ranmaru Kami no Shita wo Motsu Otoko” to be shown on December 3. The movie will continue from the last episode of the drama.

Any dramas this season that satisfied you? Check out how they did with their last episodes below.

Also, please stay tuned for Arama’s list of upcoming Fall 2016 Jdramas!

The latest ratings on current Asadora drama Toto Nee-chan is found HERE

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Ryo Nishikido, Fumino Kimura, and more set to star in live-action “Hitsuji no Ki”

A live-action film adaptation of Tatsuhiko Yamagami and Mikio Igarashi’s “Hitsuji no Ki” (The Sheep’s Tree) manga has officially been announced! Ryo Nishikido has landed the lead role of “Hajime Tsukisue”, a kind-hearted public servant who has knowledge of a special government project hidden from the public.

The plot of the manga revolves around a former seaport town that becomes the base for a secret government project. Former convicts are sent to live in the town, however virtually no one in the town is aware that these new citizens are former criminals. The story delves into the building tension between all the convicts, whose true intentions are unknown, and the unaware citizens.

Fumino Kimura will be playing the role of Aya, a former classmate of Hajime Tsukisue who is returning to town where the government project is being conduced. Kazuki Kitamura will be playing Masashi Sugiyama, one of the former criminals and current owner of a fishing shop. Yuka, Ryuhei Matsuda, Shingo Mizusawa, Min Tanaka, and Mikako Ichikawa round out the rest of the main cast.

Filming will begin in October, a commercial release for the film is currently scheduled for 2018.

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