Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Wearing Native American Inspired Outfit Sparks Cultural Appropriation Conversation

Fans of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu are voicing their concern towards the pop singer using another culture’s traditional identity as a stage costume.

In two new Instagram posts (1, 2) promoting her new single “Kizunami,” Kyary’s hair is in two braids, wearing a braided headband with feathers sticking out of it, a feather-lined top adorned with a flower brooch, and two lines of paint underneath her eyes—all of which are associated with the imagery and representation of Native Americans in popular culture.
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Utada Hikaru Teams Up with Skrillex and Poo Bear For Kingdom Hearts III Opening Theme “Face My Fears”

A new song from Utada Hikaru and American record producers Skrillex and Poo Bear entitled “Face My Fears” has been registered to the ASCAP database.

Revealed through the song’s alternate title, “Face My Fears” will act as the opening theme to the long-awaited upcoming Square Enix video game Kingdom Hearts III.

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Rekishi steals hearts and duets with Daichi Miura in his Music Video for “GOEMON”

Funk singer/songwriter Rekishi will be releasing his sixth full-length album “Mukishi” next week on September 26th.  His first new record in nearly two-and-a-half years, it will include the performer’s previously released tracks “Katoku” and “SEGODON,” a new version of song “GET THE NOTE,” and seven additional tracks for a total of ten.

Ahead of the album’s release, he has published a pair of PVs to his label’s YouTube channel.  One, for album lead track “GOEMON” (which features guest vocals from singer Daichi Miura), stars Rekishi as he attempts to steal a woman’s heart before she can say “I do,” while the music video for “SEGODON” centers around the production of the release’s Limited Edition, which required Rekishi to spend over 80 hours writing the record’s title 16,666 times.

Read on below to find both of these PVs, as well as the cover and track list for “Mukishi.”

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Straightener to release a pair of Best Albums in October

Early in the summer alternative rock band Straightener announced that they would be releasing a compilation album on October 17th.  Now, as this date draws nearer, they have revealed that it will in fact be a pair of best albums and detailed the track lists for each.

Styled as “Best of U -side DAY-” and “Best of U -side NIGHT-,” the tracks included on these two releases were taken from the results of a recent poll on the band’s website, which allowed the group’s fans to rank their Top 25 songs.  Also recorded are the band’s recent digital single “Braver,” and one song selection from each of the group’s members.  The Limited Edition of each album will come packaged with a DVD containing live footage of each of the included tracks.

You’ll find a promotional spot, as well as the covers and track lists for both of these compilations below.

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DREAMS COME TRUE to release their first New Single in 4 Years

Following up on a relatively quiet 2018, pop/new wave duo DREAMS COME TRUE have just announced that they will be releasing a brand new single on November 14th.  This single, their first such release since 2014’s “AGAIN,” will be titled “Anata to Turattatta♪ / THE WAY I DREAM” and is planned to include four tracks in total.

The first A-side, “Anata to Turattatta♪,” has already been selected as the theme song for the upcoming NHK Asadora “Manpuku,” while “THE WAY I DREAM” will be featured in a collaboration with brand development company MTG.  Of note, this marks the first time that an artist has ever been tapped twice to perform an Asadora theme, as DREAMS COME TRUE also provided “Haretara Ii ne” for 1992’s “Hirari.”

You’ll find the track list for “Anata to Turattatta♪ / THE WAY I DREAM” after the jump.

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The Recording Industry Association of Japan Releases Its Digital Certifications for August

One song from 2018 were certified Gold this month for selling 100,000 copies: MISIA’s “Ai no Katachi.”

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Erina Mano transforms into past legendary idols for new “pro-style” CM

Actress Erina Mano is the star of a brand new nationwide campaign for “pro-style”, a line of hair styling products.

For the campaign, Mano took inspiration from some of the most iconic idols from the past four decades. Using pro-style products Mano transformed into the idols emulating their fashion and of course defining hairstyle.

Clocking in at nearly 5 minutes the CM is almost like a MV, where she does a performance emulating the idol also.

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