Yumi Ito (ICONIQ) wants you to choose her new winter hairstyle

Since taking a hiatus from her music career, Yumi Ito announced back in the summer that she would be dropping the ICONIQ name and focus full-time on being an actress.  Yumi was recently selected by the online magazine/app Hair to sponsor a very special contest. Yumi is looking for a new winter hairstyle and wants you to help!

In an interview with Hair right off the bat Yumi’s ICONIQ past is refereed to as “shabby”, despite that ICONIQ is still used in parenthesis behind her name and a large chunk of the interview is spent talking about her ICONIQ persona. Yumi does speak fondly of that era saying that she wasn’t scared to chop it all off, the bald look made her feel stronger and she has no regrets doing it. She’s glad that people still remember and talk about those days.
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nano liberates herself revealing her face and announcing new single “MY LIBERATION / PARAISO”

Today is a turning day in the story of anisong singer nano. After three studio albums, seven singles and almost five years in the professional scene, the singer has fully revealed for the first time her face. That’s not all, as this new chapter in her career will come along her eighth single announced back in September when she revealed her 5th Year Anniversary Project and now titled “MY LIBERATION/PARAISO”, planned for February 1st 2017. Check all the info published about the tracklist, a short preview of “PARAISO”, the Instagram post in which she revealed herself and a personal comment from the artist to her fans about it just after the jump!

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Morning Musume. ’16 and RADWIMPS Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 11/21 – 11/27

This week, Morning Musume. ’16 topped the Oricon single chart with their new single “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu / Mukidashi de Mukiatte / Sou Janai”, selling 97,818 copies in its first week.

RAWIMPS topped the Oricon album chart with their new album “Ningen Kaika”, selling 203,621 copies in its first week.

RADWIMPS also topped the Oricon digital album chart with “Ningen Kaika”, selling 13,673 copies in its first week.

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#1 Song Review: Week of 11/16 – 11/22 (AKB48 v. Hoshino Gen)

Hello, Arama! Japan readers and welcome to this week’s installment of #1 Song Review! Last week saw Hoshino Gen top Nogizaka46. Gen is back again this week, facing off against a newcomer. Find out what various staff members thought of the songs that topped the physical and digital charts this week and share your thoughts on them too!

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Fun and Chaos in Dempagumi.inc’s ‘WWDBEST’ PV

Experimental idol group Dempagumi.inc are back with their most craziest video yet! To write and film their newest song, ‘WWDBEST‘, many hands were on deck to make sure it was their most original release to date. The song had a team of 11 producers and writers (such as megrock, Tom-H@ack and Tamaya 2060% from Wieners); while it’s video had a creative team of six (featuring BOZO&YGQ and Takumi Shiga, amongst others). Even though the project was worked on by so many, it is cohesive and still gives the listener/viewer classic Dempagumi.inc. Enjoy the video below!

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The GazettE Shows Love To Its International Fanbase

The band has created a VEVO channel containing the videos “DOGMA” and “DEUX” and have more of the band’s videos schedule to be released on the new channel. 

On January 25, 2017, international fans will be able to watch “the GazettE LIVE TOUR 15-16 DOGMATIC FINAL -shikkoku- LIVE AT 02.28 Yoyogi National Arena First Gymnasium” as the two hour concert footage will be available for purchase on iTunes in 56 countries. 

Check out the music videos for “DOGMA” and “DEUX” below on the band’s new VEVO channel after the jump!

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