Morning Musume ’16 Sakura, Haruka and Mizuki go Feline Fatale in “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu”

The music video for the new Morning Musume ’16 PV “Sexy Cat no Enzetsu” has been released to the group’s official YouTube channel.

With lyrics and music by the legendary Tsunku♂ and arrangement by long-time contributor Kaori Okubo, the group combines their signature sound with a jazzy saxophone riff.

In the video, Morning Musume ’16 members Mizuki Fukumura, Haruka Kudo, and Sakura Oda take the form of anthropomorphic felines to ruin the lives of their group members, from knocking over their Jenga tower mid-game, messing up their nail polish, and hanging the phone up on them. But instead of getting too caught up in the destruction, they realize it’s better to roll with the punches and have a little fun with their feline friends.

Check out the video’s promotion edit below!
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Namie Amuro cozies up with Shinigami in “Fighter” PV

The short version of Namie Amuro‘s newest video “Fighter” for the upcoming film Death Note: Light Up The New World has been released to her official YouTube channel. The song is an English-language dance number written from the point of view of the character Death Note character Misa Amane.

On trend with her recent releases, Amuro serves heavens-high production value yet again.

The video takes place in a floating cubical fortress chained above a body of water. The camera traverses through the interior where we meet Amuro in a long, winding hallway with doors leading to different dimension-defying locations. Between choreography (which is really… something else), she soon finds herself in a bright dining room where the shinigami Ryuk sits  with a plate apples. With her eyes glowing red, I don’t trust whatever they’re plotting.

Check out the short PV below:

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AKB48 Snaps to the Beat in “High Tension” MV

The latest single from AKB48 is funky disco-inspired “High Tension“. For the last time before her graduation, Haruka Shimazaki takes the center stage in this groovy, catchy number.  With just a snap of her fingers, Haruka signals the start of the party and sends everyone into a dancing frenzy.

Catch the MV after the jump!

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RADWIMPS unveil all of the information about their new album “Ningen Kaika”

Back in August we reported that popular rock band RADWIMPS would be releasing a new full album on November 23rd.  Now, about a month away from its release date, the band have finally chosen to reveal all of the details about their new record.

The group’s eighth studio album is titled “Ningen Kaika” and will consist of 15 tracks total, including the previously released “Kigou Toshite” and “‘I’ Novel” as well as the original versions of songs “Zen Zen Zense” and “Sparkle”.  As mentioned previously, the release’s Limited Edition will come packaged with a DVD which contains 13 lives from the band’s 10th anniversary live last December.

Read on below for a look at the cover and complete track list for “Ningen Kaika”, as well as a preview of the live footage that will be included with the album.

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Keishi Tanaka plays with possibilities in the Music Video for “Another Way (is so nice)”

Last month we reported that jazz/pop singer Keishi Tanaka would be releasing a new studio album titled “What’s A Trunk?” on November 9th.  In support of this release, Keishi has now published the music video for the record’s lead track “Another Way (is so nice)” to his label’s official Youtube channel.

Directed by Yuta Sekiyama, the MV for this fun party tune focuses on the concept of duality, giving viewers a look into two entirely different realities.  And the hijinks that can occur when both worlds collide.

You’ll find the full PV for “Another Way (is so nice)” after the cut, and look forward to the release of “What’s A Trunk?” in early November!

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MONOEYES push us to keep going in PV for “Get Up”

Following a rather quiet year, punk-rock outfit MONOEYES have announced that they will be releasing a brand new three song EP this week on October 26th.  Ahead of this date, the group have chosen to make the music video for the EP’s lead track “Get Up” available on their Youtube channel.

The PV for this emotional mid-tempo number finds the band performing poolside as a huge crowd of people dance all around them, as though in a final farewell to the summer season.  Also included on this release is “Moth To Flame”, the first of the group’s tracks to feature songwriting and lead vocals from its bassist Scott Murphy.

You’ll find the full MV for “Get Up”, as well as the EP’s cover and track list right after the jump.

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