Nominees for The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards + Voting Form

A few days ago, we announced The 2017 Arama! Japan Awards. You, the readers, selected who would be nominated for our awards show. The voting for the preliminary round was closed recently and we now have the final nominees. There are some expected nominees, but also some surprises. There’s something for everyone here!

Voting will open now and runs until January 20. On January 21, the winners will be announced. There are more details on that to come.

The voting form is located below! Voting in every category is not mandatory. If you don’t want to vote in a certain category, feel free to skip it.

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Alice & Suzu Hirose’s brother involved in drunk driving arrest, apologize on his behalf

The elder brother of actresses Alice and Suzu Hirose have both made public apologies in response to his arrest involving drinking and driving.

In the early morning of January 15th their brother Kouya Oishi was using his mobile phone while driving and crashed into another car, the accident happened at 3:20 AM. The police suspected that Oishi had been drinking, and a breathalyzer test was done. Oishi was well above the legal limit and was then apprehended by police.

The victim that Oishi crashed into is a 44 year old man. On top of the drinking and driving Oishi is also being investigated for causing injury to the man who may have received some slight injuries to his neck. Luckily both men left the scene with no major or life threatening injuries.

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Open Post

It’s Friday, so it’s Open Post time! Feel free to chat with your fellow readers about whatever you like! Enjoy!

Utada Hikaru Tweets About Region-Restricted Music Videos

As anyone who listens to Japanese music knows, YouTube can be an issue at times, mainly due to videos not being available worldwide.  One label that is particularly notorious for this practice is Sony, which makes their videos only available in Japan. International fans of Utada Hikaru were upset when she moved to Sony recently, out of fear that they would no longer to able to watch her music videos on YouTube.

Today is Utada’s 35th birthday. After thanking fans via Twitter for their birthday wishes, she spoke on why her videos are now delayed internationally on YouTube.

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AV idol duo “Lolita Daydream” to debut in February

A new unit consisting of AV idols Kena Kirari & Yui Makina called Lolita Daydream will be making their debut in February.

The concept of the group has been described as decadence x electro, which is thoroughly displayed in the girls first single Blue Plaque.  Proving that there is indeed life after porn, the song is actually produced by a former AV star! Yu Nakami, who also DJs under the name Yuutamu. Sha P (Yu Sando) provided the lyrics.

On January 28th the girls will be appearing and performing at an event called Milgenne New Year Party 2018, where fans will be able to purchase copies of the single ahead of the standard release date. Two b-sides will be included on the single, Je and To Arms! Previews for both tracks are expected to be released shortly.

Blue Plaque will have a standard release on February 21st, 2018. The full version of Blue Plaque can currently be streamed on SoundCloud for a limited time, listen to it below!

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Haruna Kojima stars in sexy new CM for Uniqlo

Talent and model Haruna Kojima has bagged herself a brand new endorsement deal with the retail giant Uniqlo.

Since graduating from AKB48 in April 2017 Kojima continued to grow her personal brand, being one of the most influential Japanese female celebrities on Instagram. Her official website serves as a lifestyle/wellness blog of sorts, where she gives tips and recommendations on fashion, make up, and other various beauty products.

Kojima flew down to the heart of New York city to film the CM and take photos for the campaign. The CM begins with a almost naked Koijima getting out of bed and starting her day by putting on Uniqlo’s wireless bra, from their “LifeWear” collection. She puts on a grey shawl then dramatically gazes into the camera.

At an event promoting her new campaign, Kojima praised the comfort and support of the bra, while still adding how important it was that it still makes the wearer feel sexy and confident. Wearing actual items from “LifeWear” to the event, she also showed off how no panty lines were exposed despite wearing skin tight white jeans.

She went on to play a good spokesperson by saying “If you wear a Uniqlo bra, happiness will come!“. The full CM, BTS footage, and photos from the event can be seen below.  Read More

Shukan Bunshun Reveals Details of Tetsuya Komuro’s Alleged Affair

Earlier today, Testuya Komuro announced his retirement in light of a weekly magazine reporting on him cheating on his wife KEIKO. It should come as no surprise that Shukan Bunshun is the source of this story.

In 2011, KEIKO was diagnosed with with a subarachnoid hemorrhage. During the time that his wife has been ill, Komuro has painted himself as a doting husband devoted to his wife’s care. Shukan Bunshun has revealed though that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

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Tetsuya Komuro to Retire After Cheating on Wife KEIKO

A weekly magazine has released a story that Tetsuya Komuro has been cheating on his wife of 15 years, globe’s KEIKO. During a press conference today in reponse to the story, Komuro announced that he will retire, thereby admitting his guilt. He apologized to KEIKO, his family, fans, and other people inconvenienced by his actions.

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TV Drama Ratings (Jan 9 – 18)

The new ratings chart is up! Several Jdramas have started airing, check out our list of Winter Jdramas 2018 to help you take your pick!

Kimura Takuya’s drama BG tops the premiere episode ratings with 15.7%, followed by Matsumoto Jun’s second season of 99.9 with 15.1% and Yamada Ryosuke’s family comedy Momikeshite Fuyu with 13.3%.

New taiga drama Segodon starring Suzuki Ryohei is off to a tough start with 15.4%, the lowest in 10 years and 2nd lowest in taiga ratings record.

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