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Daichi Miura, ayaka, Hey! Say! JUMP, and More Perform on Music Station for February 16

This week’s guests were Hey! Say! JUMP, Ozawa Kenji, Leo Ieiri, Kiyozuka Shinya, Aimyon, ayaka, and Daichi Miura.

Hey! Say! JUMP – Mae wo Muke

Ozawa Kenji – Lovely / Arpeggio (Kitto Maho no Tunnel no Saki)

Leo Ieiri with Kiyozuka Shinya – Zutto, Futari de

Aimyon – Kimi wa Rock wo Kikanai

ayaka & Daichi Miura – Heart Up

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Kenshi Yonezu to release his latest Single “Lemon” in March

Just four months after the release of his hit album “BOOTLEG”, singer/songwriter Kenshi Yonezu has revealed that he will be releasing a new single on March 14th.  Titled “Lemon”, the lead track has already been selected as the theme song for the currently airing drama “Unnatural”.  Of note, this is the first time that one of Yonezu’s songs has been tied to a drama.

“Lemon” will be released in three different versions:  a regular CD-Only Edition, a Limited “Lemon” Edition which will come packaged with a specially designed letter set, and a Limited “Video” Edition which will include a DVD containing both the music videos for “Haiiro to Ao (+Masaki Suda)” and “Shunrai”, as well as live footage from Yonezu’s January 10th live at Nippon Budokan.

Read on below to find the cover and complete track list for “Lemon”, and look forward to further information about the single as its release date draws closer.

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Toshinobu Kubota to release his first Single in nearly 4 years this March

Renowned R&B singer/songwriter Toshinobu Kubota recently announced that he will release a brand new single, his first in nearly four years, next month on March 28th.  Well ahead of this date, the lead song “You Go Lady” has already been selected as the latest CM track for KOSE’s “Esprique” product line.

“You Go Lady” has been described as a funky, upbeat song meant to support women all over the world, its title based on the popular phrase “You Go Girl”.  Also included with the single is a new version of his track “SOUL BANGIN'”, which was used to promote the “B.LEAGUE EARLY CUP” basketball tournament last year.

You’ll find the CM featuring “You Go Lady”, which stars actress Keiko Kitagawa, as well as the single’s track list right after the cut.

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Yuzu cheer on Japan’s Olympic Team in their Music Video for “Uta Yell”

Just last week we reported that Yuzu‘s latest song, “Uta Yell“, had been picked up as the CM track for insurance brand Nissay’s new Olympic-focused advertising campaign.  In further support of the track’s digital release, the duo have now chosen to make its full PV available on their Youtube channel.

Directed by Tomokazu Yamada, who is known for his work with both Sakanaction and Suiyoubi no Campanella, the music video features all 2018 of Yuzu’s ‘new members’ that were selected from among the Japanese public for this campaign.  This massive chorus follows Yuzu all around Yokohama’s Isezakicho, the video culminating in a sing-along held in a city square.

You’ll find the PV for “Uta Yell” right after the jump.

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androp unveil Studio Live for their New Song “Hanabi”

Earlier this month we reported that rock band androp would be releasing their ninth studio record “cocoon” on March 7th.  In advance of this date, the group have now uploaded a studio live of album track “Hanabi” to their label’s Youtube channel.

This video features the band performing the song while surrounded by a series of warm, inviting lights – a fitting accompaniment for the soothing ballad.  The full version of this live, as well as three others, will be found on the DVD which is paired with the album’s Limited Edition.

You’ll find the available section of Hanabi’s studio live below.

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Iconic gyaru magazine “egg” is back!

egg magazine was a very popular fashion magazine that catered to gyaru fashion and culture. The magazine specialized in reporting on popular trends, both lifestyle and fashion wise, and become quite notorious for their candid photos of girls rocking the ganguro/gyaru style on the streets of Tokyo, similar to Fruits magazine.

The first issue came out back in 1995, and enjoyed immense success through out the 90s and 00s. During egg‘s peak each new monthly issue would on average sell a massive 450,000 copies. The magazine was responsible for nourishing the careers of some of the most popular gyaru models including Rumi Itabashi, Kaoru Watanabe, and Yayo Nemo.

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SCANDAL’s “HONEY” hits #1 in 9 charts across Europe!

SCANDAL recently returned to the music scene with the release of their 8th studio album HONEY. It received it’s worldwide release on Valentines Day, February 14th and proved to be an instant success as it shot to the top of the charts across various regions.

Since it’s release HONEY has topped nine charts all across Europe, and it managed to each the top 10 in three more. On iTunes world music category HONEY reached #1 in Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile on Amazon Music’s world chart it reached #1 in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, the album went on to enter the top 10 on iTunes in Ireland, Italy, and Poland.

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