Watch Tia’s debut MV for “Deal with the Devil”

Tia is set to make her major label solo debut next month in August under avex pictures with the single “Deal with the Devil”. Tia originally got her start back in 2012 as a junior high student, collaborating with Ryo from the music group supercell. She released a bunch of popular anime tie-in songs under the stage name “Tia produced by ryo (supercell)”. The success of those songs eventually lead to Tia securing a deal with avex. After singing with avex Tia dropped her previous stage name where she will now simply release under “Tia”.

“Deal with the Devil” is the opening theme for the anime series “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”. The high energy track takes inspiration from Jazz and “Big band” music ensembles, paired with Tia’s smooth vocals it makes for quite the memorable debut.

The single will be released in two versions, a CD only and CD+DVD. A b-side titled “Say you love me” will be included on the CD+DVD version, it has yet to be determined if the CD only version will have the same b-side or a completely new song. Depending on where you order the single from, customers will receive a limited edition storage sleeve featuring characters from “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”.

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JASMINE Pays Tribute To Icon Aya Sugimoto In New Song

J-urban songstress JASMINE has shared a brand new song celebrating one of her idols, actress and former singer Aya Sugimoto. The song has been uploaded on JASMINE’s official soundcloud account as a free download. Titled “Aya Sugimoto“, it’s a gift for fans who are currently suffering through Japan’s extremely hot and humid summer, which ties into Aya’s “image” in general.

The song was produced by RIKI (理貴) who is known for his work with AK-69, Miliyah Kato, and KOHH among others.

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KinKi Kids, GLAY, and Mr.Children Top the Oricon Charts for the Week of 7/10 – 7/16

This week, KinKi Kids topped the Oricon single chart with their new single “The Red Light”, selling 200,257 copies in its first week.

GLAY topped the Oricon album chart their new album “SUMMERDELICS”, selling 52,642 copies in its first week.

Mr.Children retook the top spot on the Oricon digital album chart with their best album “Mr.Children 1992-2002 Thanksgiving 25”, selling 7,514 copies in its tenth week.

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Kuchiroro to Release First New Work in Over 4 Years

On July 19, Kuchiroro will release their new mini album, “LOVE.” This is the group’s first solo release since the album “JAPANESE COUPLE”, which was released in March 2013. Last October, Kuchiroro joined forces with the band apart to release the mini album “Mae e.” Check out more information on Kuchiroro’s new mini albm below!

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Masami Nagasawa Does Interpretive Dance in Bath House for UNDER ARMOUR

Actress Masami Nagasawa appears in the latest promotional video for sports apparel “UNDER ARMOR” choreographed by Los Angeles-based dancer dance studio owner Ryan Heffington.

Heffington is best known for choreographing the music videos for Arcade Fire’s “We Exist” (2013) and Sia’s “Chandelier” (2014), both of which were nominated for Grammy Awards, and the latter of which won him a VMA Award. Other Sia videos that Heffington has choreographed include “Elastic Heart” featuring actor Shia LaBeouf, “Big Girls Cry“, “Cheap Thrills” and “The Greatest“.
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Tomohisa Yamashita’s “Breast-Like” Pectoral Muscles In Code Blue Make Headlines

Johnny’s Actor Tomohisa Yamashita is currently starring in the highly anticipated third season of the Fuji TV Drama Series “Code Blue. It began airing on July 17th to positive reviews and a very high viewership rating, exceeding 15%.

Many viewers were excited to see Yamapi reprise his role as Aizawa Kosaku again, and watch him interact with his numerous co-workers at Shohoku Emergency Medical Services. However, there was one scene in particular during the first episode that caught the attention of many viewers. Aizawa begins to take off his medical scrubs to change clothes, which is where the viewers are exposed to his “voluptuous” pectoral muscles. One writer at the gossip website mess-y stated that after seeing the scene, it was all she could think about for the remainder of the episode.  Yamapi’s chest has transformed from an ironing board to a tiny mountain.

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Daichi Miura Releases Choreo Video for New Song “Complex”

Singer and dancer Daichi Miura has released the choreography video for “Complex“, the coupling song from his upcoming single “U.

The choreography video opens to an out-of-focus disco ball, slowly panning back to reveal a suited-up Miura front and center with two backup dancers and a live band supporting him.

With lighting and effects reminiscent of 80s music shows, Miura delivers his own choreography to a nostalgic “future disco sound” provided by LDN Noise, who has previously worked with Kis-My-Ft2, Shuuji to Akira and top K-Pop groups.
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