Comme des Garçons president Adrian Joffe under blast over accusations of not casting models of color, blocks people on Instagram

Rei Kawakubo‘s husband and president of cult fashion brand Comme des Garçons, Adrian Joffe has recently been under netizen’s fire over debate of lack of models’ diversity on their fashion shows.
Trouble started on Tumblr when user amen69fashion wrote a post complaining about Comme lack of racial diversity in their show, bringing up the fact that the brand didn’t cast a single model of color since 1994.

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Tentenko Releases Catchy 80’s Inspired Banger

The team that brought you Tentenko‘s most successful single to date “Good bye, Good girl.” have banded together again for another 80’s inspired bop, “Kiken na Highway“. The Kosuke. T and SungY Park produced track finds Tentenko at her retro finest, proving that if anyone is going to do the disco schtick right, you can rely on Tentenko to do it justice. The music matches perfectly Tentenko’s delivery and the lyrics are pointed and sharp.

“Kiken na Highway” will be released on 25th of October digitally through OTOTOY– who will be offering it as a high resolution download. The lyric video was dropped overnight, along with the single’s over-the-top cover. Studio Alegori were responsible for the latest artist picture, with Phil Boehm (who Arama interviewed earlier) in charge of the art direction, Nino Ellison the photographer.

Check out the cover and watch the lyric video below!

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Passepied to Release New Mini Album “OTONARI-san”

On October 18, Passepied will release their new mini album, “OTONARI-san.” This is the band’s first release since their album from this past January, “&DNA.” This is also Passepied’s first release since the departure of their drummer, Yao Takuya, this past May. Since his departure, the band has used supporter drummers, who also appear on “OTONARI-san.”

Passepied’s new mini album features seven songs. The song “Akatsuki” serves as the CM song for Inter-High 2017 Yomiuri Shimbun, which showcases high school student athletes. In support of the album, Passepied has released music videos for “Akatsuki” and two other songs, plus a preview for another song. Check out the videos below, along with the mini album’s cover and tracklist!

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Trailer for live-action ‘Kids on the Slope’ starring Yuri Chinen, Dean Fujioka, & Erina Mano

A trailer for the highly anticipated live-action film Kids on the Slope has been released.

Hey! Say! JUMP member Yuri Chinen stars as the main protagonist Kaoru Nishimi. The rest of the main cast include Dean Fujioka (Junichi Katsuragi), Erina Mano (Yurika Fukahori), Taishi Nakagawa (Sentaro Kawabuchi), and Nana Komatsu (Ritsuko Mukae).

The live-action film is based off of the acclaimed manga series of the same name by Yuki Kodama. It’s original run started in September 2007 and concluded in July 2012. Shortly before the manga ended, an anime version of the series began airing in April 2012.

Kids on the Slope takes place in the mid 60s. Kaoru Nishimi moves from the large city of Yokosuka due to his fathers work, all the way to the city of Sasebo in order to live with relatives. Kaoru is an honor roll student and tends to keep to himself, until he’s introduced to the rowdy Sentaro Kawabuchi. Soon, he’s introduced to the world of Jazz and playing it becomes his passion.

The film was directed by Takahiro Miki and will hit Japanese theaters on March 10th, 2018. Watch the trailer below!  Read More

Former member Moga Mogami comes out as bisexual

Former member Moga Mogami has officially come out as bisexual. Mogami shared the news on a broadcast of the new TBS variety show “Yume nara samenaide“. The shows premise centers around female guests who chat about various aspects of love. It has received a lot of positive attention due to how freely the guests are able to talk about such a subject matter, even delving into “forbidden” relationships like affairs.

Mogami revealed that she started to realize her feelings for other girls at around age 10. She then dropped another bombshell by saying she had a pseudo relationship with another female entertainer. The unnamed female entertainer knew about Mogami’s preferences, and Mogami herself made sure to be somewhat cautious at first so there wouldn’t be any awkward situations.
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THE RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE unleash MV for “100degrees”

The RAMPAGE from EXILE TRIBE has released the MV for their upcoming single “100degrees“. Their 4th single of the year overall, it will be released on November 8th, 2017.

100degrees will be released in two versions, the standard CD only and CD+DVD. The single will feature two b-sides titled “Can’t Say Goodbye” and “DREAM YELL“. Additionally, an English version of their third single Dirty Disco will be included as a bonus track.

100degrees was written by J-urban singer JAY’ED and THE RAMPAGE member Kawamura Kazuma, this is the very first time Kazuma or a member of THE RAMAGE has received writing credits for a song. The high energy track features the typical LDH smooth RnB vocals, paired with rapping. The black and white MV was filmed at a shipping pier, featuring the large amount of members doing their thing, singing and showing off their fancy dance moves.

Once promotion for the singles concludes the boys will prepare for their first tour titled THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2017-2018 “GO ON THE RAMPAGE, it will begin in December and is currently scheduled to conclude in February 2018.

The MV and single covers for 100degrees can be seen below the jump.
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Who is Sally Amaki, and why did she go viral?

If you have a Twitter account chances are earlier in the month you saw a quote or video featuring idol Sally Amaki, making it’s way onto your timeline. Amaki is a member of 22/7, a “digital voice actress idol group” which was made in collaboration between Aniplex and the mastermind behind the “48” groups Yasushi Akimoto.

Amaki is a Los Angeles native, and speaks perfect fluent English. This came as a shock to many of her Japanese fans, who at the time had absolutely no idea she was bilingual.

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IKUMI Spring/Summer 2018 Review

Model turned designer Ikumi held her Spring/Summer 2018 show of her eponymous fashion label in Paris this October.

The French capital is a first for the 30 years old japanese designer who did her international debut in New York since her 2016 Spring/Summer fashion show, and sticked to this location until now.

Staying true to the brand’s signature Black & White color palette, this collection features innovative etheral, translucent material along with corn-headed fairy make up as an obvious nod to Japanese folklore and fairytales.

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