Vice Wants Your Questions and Comments for a Live Show about Their Recent “Joshi Kosei Osanpo Date” Documentary

Last week, Vice released a controversial documentary about “joshi kosei osanpo dates”, a practice in which older men pick up underage schoolgirls off the street for paid dates. They linked this to the dark side of Japan’s obsession with schoolgirls and cute culture. They also showed certain cafes and an idol concert / handshake event as elements of this phenomenon. A few days later, they released extra footage from the idol concert / handshake event, including an interview with one of group’s members. This extra footage also proved to be controversial. Vice is now allowing viewers to respond to the film in a way besides the usual YouTube comments. At 12 PM EST on Thursday, Vice’s series “On The Line” will focus on their recent documentary. Viewers of the documentary can tweet or make a Skype video with their questions and comments for the documentary’s reporter Simon Ostrovsky, as well as contributor Jake Adelstein. They will be answered during tomorrow’s live broadcast by the two men. Find out how you can become a part of the show after the jump!

Tweet Simon Ostrovsky or Jake Adelstein your questions and comments, using the hashtag “#ontheline“. Or you can make a Skype video as shown below: