Ikuta Toma to star as a Dark Hero in ‘Yokokuhan’ Movie

Yet another acting project for Ikuta Toma slated for next year. He has been cast in the lead role of upcoming live-action adaptation of Tsutsui Tetsuya’s manga ‘Yokokuhan’. This comes after recent announcements of him starring in revenge thriller movie ‘Grasshoper’ and television drama Ouroboros’ with Oguri Shun. 

‘Yokokuhan’ is a suspense-thriller depicting terrorism using the internet. It tells the story of a mysterious man who posts his “prophecies” on the internet, which includes the worst type of crimes. Ikuta will play a man named Gates, head of ‘Shinbunshi’ organization. He hides his face, except his eyes, with a mask made of newspaper and punishes those who were freed from police judgement.

Shinbunshi is responsible for a series of internet videos giving the public advance notice of crimes in which people, the group deems guilty of transgressions not punishable by law, are victimized. 30% of Ikuta’s scenes will have his face covered with hooded mask; thereby sealing Ikuta’s handsome face. In lieu to that, Ikuta will be relying on his eye power to convey his charisma with his strong sense of justice.

The cast playing members of Shinbunshi: Hamada Gaku will play Nobita, Suzuki Ryohei will play Kansai, and Arakawa YoshiYoshi will play Metabo. Toda Erika has also been cast to play Yoshino Erika, an elite inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s cyber crime division who’s attempting to track down the members of Shinbunshi and put a stop to their crimes.

Directed by Nakamura Yoshihiro, filiming begins this fall and the movie has a planned release for Summer 2015.


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