Silent Siren release summery single ‘BANG! BANG! BANG!’

Girl band Silent Siren will release their 6th single ‘BANG! BANG! BANG!‘ tomorrow on August 13.

They are one of the most popular new girl bands out there, and just two years and two months since major debut, they have announced they will be ending their 22-date tour with a performance at Budokan on January 17th of next year.

To keep up with that momentum, they are releasing this upbeat summery tune. It will be available in 5 versions: one regular edition and 4 limited edition versions featuring a different ‘SPECIAL TALK’ from each member.

BANG!BANG!BANG!’ Tracklist

  2. What Show is it?
  3. Star drops
  4. Suu SPECIAL TALK (Limited Suu Edition)
    Hinanchu SPECIAL TALK (Limited Hinanchu Edition)
    Ainyan SPECIAL TALK (Limited Ainyan Edition)
    Yukarun SPECIAL TALK (Limited Yukarun Edition)