Kikkawa You goes viral for debuting quarantine hobby of counting pieces of food

Global pandemic COVID-19 has left millions across the globe out of work.
Every industry across the board has been hit hard as isolation measures to keep the daily numbers cases at a manageable level and lessen the risk of spreading the virus have become of utmost importance.

The entertainment industry is no exception; music festivals have been cancelled, the production and premiere of dramas have been put on halt, artists activities and promotions paused, and so on. So what are they doing instead?

This week, singer Kikkawa You has kind of been giving Utada a run for her money with unusual social media content output. The idol has been receiving attention for her new quarantine hobby: meticulously picking apart her food piece-by-piece, counting it, and sharing her findings on social media.

Her investigative research began on April 2, showcasing the 158 pieces that made up her slice of orange.

Orange—158 juice sac pieces

In the following days following days, she continued her investigation with other foods.

Strawberry—241 seeds

Cod Roe—340 eggs

Corn—433 kernel pieces

Raspberry—72 juice sac pieces, 61 long stringy bits

Kiwi—571 seeds

Twitter user @kangfoo4 brought attention to her hobby by compiling screenshots of her recent posts, commenting that this is what out of work idols are doing due to COVID-19 quarantine.

I want the public to know just how much idols who can’t do lives anymore have nothing to do

The post garnered more than 80,000 retweets, 320,000 likes and a response out of Kikkawa herself, who quote-retweeted it asking people to stop retweeting it or no one would be interested in marrying her in the future.

Stop RTing this before someone sees it and thinks “this girl is crazy” and I won’t be able to get married in the future 😡”

And before I hear any “this isn’t viral“—save it! Let me have some lighthearted fun in quarantine. Going viral is relative. It’s making numbers on social media 100-times as much as she normally gets.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops. Thank you Kikka for your hard work!

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