Kikkawa You goes viral for debuting quarantine hobby of counting pieces of food

It’s been about a week since I last updated you all on Kikkawa You’s ambitious quarantine hobby of dissembling foods. As promised in the initial post, here are the recent developments:

Kikka has received attention both domestically and internationally for her efforts. In response to British publication Dailymail Online writing about her, she simply offers a shocked emoji (too busy counting to say more, I’m sure).

In an interview with music publication natalie, Kikka reveals that she would like to publish a book on food disassembly.

And on to more counting, of course:

Papaya—620 seeds

Natto—287 pieces

Pomegranate—427 seeds

Red Pepper—113 seeds

Kaiware daikon sprouts—266

She mentions she was in a hurry this day because she made a radio appearance.

Watermelon—191 seeds (60 black, 131 white)

Mochi with Sesame Seeds(?)—1825 sesame seeds

How do we think this sensation will affect her career?

And yes, I’ll continue with these updates.

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