Utada Hikaru: Social Media’s Queen of Finding Things

With the rise of social media happening during her hiatus from the entertainment industry, legendary recording artist Utada Hikaru has used her social media accounts to give a glimpse into her mysterious life away from the spotlight.

Unlike most celebrities, Utada uses her social media accounts in a very down-to-earth sort of way, not using it to show off or really promote herself.

With just a glance serious investigative journalism analyzing her shared media across Twitter and Instagram, you’ll notice something right away: she’s always finding things—small things, things that surprised her, unusual things.

For the past 6 years, she has consistently been picking up things and displaying them for her fans. Now that she’s back (and actually promoting), it seems like she will continue this long-standing tradition and I’m excited about it.

Who else but the J-Pop queen of detail?

Since it has been 17 years since her Japanese debut, check out these 17 things Utada has found.

Something small: a shoe

Something small: an origami crane

Look what I found on the street today! 今日道端でこれ拾ったよ(^o^)

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Something unusual: a waving hand in the pavement

Something small: guitar picks

Something unusual: a face in the pavement

Something small: a key

ちっさい鍵拾った Found a tiny key on the street

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Something unusual: a ketchup packet in a window sill

Something small: a spring

ちっさいバネ拾った Today's find in the streets: a tiny spring

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