Kanjani8’s girl group alter ego ‘Canjani8’ to get a summer CD debut

A girl group debut in Johnny & Associates?? Canjani8, the girl group alter ego of Kanjani8 will be releasing their debut single! In April, the group became the image character for the popular smartphone game app Candy Crush Soda and has a created a big buzz as a girl group dressed in pink uniforms. If you missed the previous ads, they have aired an introduction CM, followed by solo CMs.

Since then, they have received  a lot of requests of a debut from fans. It was announced that this summer, Canjani8 will be releasing their debut single CANDY MY LOVE under Kanjani8’s independent label Infinity Records. Their first and last song is a medium tempo ballad about a girl who is in love with being in love.

On July 27, a new CM “musical composition” will be released. When the members get told they will be wearing bikinis in the CD jacket shoot, they react with lots of booing “ewwww”, “what the hell”, “If you make me do that I’ll really really hate it”. Then they wonder what kind of song it would be and member Yasuda Shota sings an impromptu ad lib. (CM below)

According to their record company, Canjani8’s only activities will be the CM and CD release, they are not scheduled to appear on a television program at the moment. But if there is a flood of requests, there is a possibility of singing in a music program as the the first “girl group” in Johnnys.

Check out the comments from the members and the temporary bikini jacket shoot.


Yokoko (Yokoyama Yu): What the hell are you making a 30+ year old do?!
Subako (Shibutani Subaru): I sang my very best while eating squid. Please listen to it while eating squid.
Murako (Murakami Shingo): Candy Soda is really fun! I already cleared 390 levels. You should all play too~!
Maruko (Maruyama Ryuhei): To be honest, I’m not as ugly as everyone thinks♥
Yasuko (Yasuda Shota): Please don’t just listen to the song, but watch the PV as well. Please pay close attention to my cute, heart-rending expression.
Nishikiko (Nishikido Ryo): At last Canjani8’s debut single CANDY MY LOVE will be released! Please everyone listen to it.
Kurako (Ohkura Tadayoshi): I’m still wondering if this isn’t a dream *pinches his cheeks*. To think that even with a girl as ugly as Maruko in the group we can still debut!

(credit trans here, Sponichi, Daily)

**it’s either Canjani8 or Kyanjani, but the Candy Crush Soda site spells it as Canjani8 and is now キャンジャニ∞