Kanjani8’s “Kyanjani” Returns with New Candy Crush Soda Solo CMs

After the first batch of Candy Crush Soda ads introducing Kanjani8 as the new girl group Kyanjani, a new series of of CMs have aired.

Watch Yokoyama Yu “Yoko-ko”, Shibutani Subaru “Subako”, Murakami Shingo “Mura-ko”, Maruyama Ryuhei “Maruko”, Yasuda Shota “Yasuko”, Nishikido Ryo “Nishikiko”, and Okura Tadayoshi “Kurako” in their solo CMs as they play and pose with props and random objects such as tennis balls, hula hoops, flute, ice cream, dried squid cuttlefish and more!

Also, find out who was voted the ugliest. Who’s your fave?

Solo CMs

First CM Sub

If links go down, you can find everything here