Kindan no Tasuketsu Releases PVs for “Anniversary” and “GOGO! Kung Fu Dance”

On May 13, Kindan no Tasuketsu released “Konya wa Boogie Woogie Tonight 2015 EP.” A week later, they released “Kindan no TSUTAYA Rental Gentai Ban”, a rental release that is only available at TSUTAYA. The group has now released 2 music videos, one for each release.

The first music video is for the 4th track on “Konya wa Boogie Woogie Tonight 2015 EP”, “Anniversary.” The dreamy song has a music video which features video projections mixed with coastal scenes.

The second music video is for “GOGO! Kung Fu Dance”, the 15th track on Kindan no Tasuketsu’s rental release. The song features Tentenko, a member of the now defunct anti-idol group BiS. As expected, the music video has a kung fu / Chinese theme, complete with a dance that incorporates kung fu moves.

Check out both videos after the jump!



GOGO! Kung Fu Dance feat. Tentenko