AKS files lawsuit against two men who assaulted NGT48’s Maho Yamaguchi

AKS has filed a lawsuit on April 30 against the two perpetrators over the assault on NGT48 member Yamaguchi Maho that took place late last year,
Sponichi reports.

It is purported that the goal of this lawsuit is to clarify the details of the incident in a court setting, as the have perpetrators previously refused to participate in the investigation by the third-party committee organized by AKS (the same third-party committee that concluded that no NGT48 members were involved with the assault).

The accused are assumed to be the two perpetrators arrested on charges of physical violence on December 9, and were later released without prosecution.

A legal expert tells Sponichi that they believe the lawsuit has been served in order to concretely clarify if any NGT48 members were involved with the planning of the attack, as the two perpetrators have previously denied questioning.

We’re unable to speak about this matter,” commented AKS.

As for Maho Yamaguchi, it was announced late last month that she will graduate from NGT48 with a theater performance on May 18.