Former AKB48 General Manager Minami Takahashi got married on the 1st day of Reiwa

Former founding AKB48 member Minami Takahashi got married, her agency said on Thursday.

Takahashi spoke about her marriage via her Tokyo FM radio show “Takahashi Minami no Kore Kara, Nani Suru?“, revealing that she and her husband submitted their marriage registration on the first day of Reiwa era.

Takahashi explains, “He was born in Showa, and I was born in Heisei. We decided to get married at the start of a new era.”

Takahashi’s husband is a non-celebrity 15 years her senior and works in the IT field. They started dating in May 2016, following her graduation from AKB48.

The couple’s wedding date is not yet confirmed.

(via Nikkan Sports)