Utada Hikaru announces her official return to the Music Industry

After much speculation and numerous reports on the subject, famous pop singer Utada Hikaru has finally provided official confirmation that she will be ending her hiatus from the music industry on April 4th.  On this day two of her new songs will air live on Japanese television:  her theme song for the Asadora “Toto Nee-chan”, which has now been revealed to be titled “Hanataba wo Kimi ni”, and the new ending theme for news program “NEWS ZERO”, the title of which will be unveiled at a later date.

In celebration of Utada’s return to the scene, her team have launched what is called the “NEW-TURN Project”, a webpage which will help both fans and industry professionals welcome her back. Every time any Utada-related products are purchased through the website, or anyone tweets the hashtag “#おかえりHIKKI”, more cherry blossoms will bloom on the site’s main page.  A portion of the proceeds earned through this project will be donated to non-profit organizations which will plant cherry trees in areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Arama!Japan warmly welcomes Utada Hikaru back to the Japanese music industry and encourages all those who would like to do the same to visit the “NEW-TURN Project” webpage.

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    • Alberto Moreno

      I’m so happy that she finally returns to the music industry there are many people (me included) who have missing her all of this time. Welcome back Hikki ^_^.


    • Taima-kun

      looking forward to hearing those songs
      welcome back Hikki!

    • hikki

      yes! the queen is back!

    • Owatari

      Interesting promotion plan.

    • Aki

      GODTADA IS BACK!!!!!! Thank goodness! The empty space she left with her hiatus will finally be filled in with amazing music again!

    • me

      welcome back Hikki!

    • eplizo

      OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD! YESSSSSSSS! I’ve been waiting for this for so long! I’m so happy!

    • Step Rivera
    • james

      The wait is finally over. The WAR IS OVER!!!!

    • Dalooshe

      I’m so happy she’s back :’) but I’m kinda worried whether this reception comes across to her as setting a high expectation or whether she (and management) sees it as people will just swallow anything she puts out. Either way I can’t wait the return of someone whose had a huge impact on me <333

    • Hillias

      Im excited to hear what type of songs she will sing now

    • miko


      interestingly enough a hipster cafe in my town was playing “sakura drops” which was…completely odd, so i went up and asked why the sudden j-pop tune, and i was told it was because hikki is coming back. i didn’t believe them so i rushed here. T__T

      and smart promoting tactic. the media is too busy with idols and scandals rn, just have your fans (which include celebrities) do the promoting on social media.

      • analog

        omg where do you live????

        • miko

          edmonton, alberta!

      • hasawa

        I heard “Hikari” in Mcdonald’s once
        uncredibly odd and unexpected
        i really enjoyed it tho ;-)

    • rie

      SLAY ‘EM LADY. God I missed her.

    • swt_kiss01

      *Sobs with joy* she is back y’all. I am so happy TvT. I can’t believe she is going to make a comeback. Can’t wait!!! :D

    • Jennifer

      I was waiting for this!

    • OhSoDarling

      Just when I thought 2016 couldn’t get any better!

    • lwavesurfer

      I wish she’d sing for Kingdom Hearts again. Give me another Passion!

    • supakawaiigurl89

      I’m happy!


    • 浜崎あゆみ

      I hope she flops.

      • but Ayumi… why so negachibuですか? ^^;

    • ponpiri

      Hopefully she brings something decent. I like the sakura concept.

    • Esha

      good to see her back:)

    • BlaXxNWhite

      OMG YESSSS!! T____T She is baaack!! I listen to her songs now and still get goosebumps

    • FadeinAysel

      I love her music!

    • Kimkoko


      THANKU !!!!!

    • furaigon

      I made an account just now JUST so I could fangirl on the internet!!! Her Highness is returning!!
      /ugly cries