Seiko Oomori Glows in “Tokyo Black Hole” Music Video

As we have previously reported, Seiko Oomori will drop her new album, titled “Tokyo Black Hole”, this March 23. In anticipation for the upcoming release, the singer/songwriter has uploaded the music video for “Tokyo Black Hole”, the titular track of the album,  on her official Youtube channel.

The video featured Oomori singing and moving about erratically beneath the backdrop of Tokyo’s night sky while wearing a pure white dress. The dress, however, is no ordinary dress seeing how it glows pulsatingly along with the song. “Tokyo Black Hole” itself is a slow acoustic guitar-driven ballad that once again plays the vulnerable sound the artist has proven herself to be very good at.

Check out the beautiful music video below and don’t forget to mark down March 23 in your release calendar!