Hikaru Utada is working on new music and returning to Japan next summer

“Although Hikaru is suffering from chronic sleep deprivation due to breastfeeding her child, it seems that she has started creating new songs at the end of August.”, reports a music official who is an acquaintance of Hikaru Utada (33).

Hikaru got married to Italian barman F (24) last February and gave birth to a baby boy in June of this year. Currently, the three of them reside in London but it seems that they are moving to Japan in Summer 2016. At the time of his first ever visit to Japan, her son will be one year old.

“Until now, Hikaru hasn’t voted even once. For some time, she has been saying things like ‘I want to try voting just once, too’ and she has changed her certificate of residence from New York to Tokyo for this. However, she did not make it in time for last year’s House of Representatives election. She says that she will ‘absolutely vote’ during next summer’s House of Councillors election.”

Since becoming a mother, Utada’s feelings for her homeland have become stronger. It seems that she is singing Japanese children’s songs to her son and that she bought special material for teaching him Japanese from an early stage on: The DVD of “Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi” (Manga Japanese Folk Tales).

Hikaru has been born and raised in New York. Her father, Teruzane Utada (67) had made her watch the same series so that she would not forget her Japanese at that time.

“‘Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi’ is an unforgettable work for Hikaru because it reminds her of her deceased mother, Keiko Fuji (62 at the time of her death) who lived together with her and her father in New York. I have heard that Teruzane, who went to visit Hikaru and her husband in England this August, gave her the DVD there.”

Maybe Hikaru gets to relive some childhood memories of her beloved mother while watching “Manga Nihon Mukashibanashi” together with her son.

(via Yahoo News)