Which Celebs are Dating in 2014 So Far?

As part of the special on relationships for 2014, we’re going to feature who is dating who so far for the year. In our last article, we focused on marriage, this time we’re going to look at dating. One of the biggest dating rumors to come out is ex-AKB48 member Tomomi Itano and EXILE vocalist TAKAHIRO.  And while netizens were abuzz and some Japanese EXILE fans demanded they break up, it seems the couple has been going strong for a while? We also have one of the top actresses Anne who is now dating her former co-star. Even though the tabloids had everything to say, the agency left the couple to their own devices.

Please check out the list of celebrities who are dating in 2014 so far.

Anne and Higashide Masahiro

They appeared in “Gochisousan” together and played a married couple. Josei Seven discovered their relationship in January. The two were reported to be dating many times in the same magazine. On June 17th, 3 different weekly magazines published information on their dates and that they lived together in Anne’s home. Both of their agencies said that they would leave them to deal with their own matters.

Mizusawa Ally and Makino Tomoaki

The news broke out on January 5th, but they started dating in December 2013. On New Year’s, the two went to Makino’s hometown together. On December 17 2013, Mizusawa said on TV that she had a boyfriend. She made hints, and said he was a guy that “has a manager” and is “from a genre that’s popular with guys”. Makino commented, “We’re really close to each other. With that meaning, I think that we can build a good relationship”.

Narumi Riko and Yamashita Shohei

On January 17th, FRIDAY reported that the two were on a date. They spent the night at Narumi’s (parent’s) home and were caught taking a smoke outside of a curry shop. Narumi’s agency explained, “We have heard that he’s a very good friend of hers”.

Jinnai Tomonori and Matsumura Nao

FRIDAY reported on January 24th that the two were dating and were sleeping over at each other’s houses. The relationship was confirmed by Jinnai on TV the same day. 2 weeks later, FRIDAY reported that he was double-timing with Kobayashi Mayu. Jinnai denied it, “She’s really only a friend, there’s really nothing”.

Itano Tomomi and EXILE TAKAHIRO

FRIDAY reported their relationship on January 31st. They were reported to be living together last March, but this time there were photos on them on a date. Lots of information was published, that they live in the same house/building, photos of their lunch and dinner dates. The rumour is that they’ve been dating for several years already. Bth of their agencies denied the rumours and that they just happen to run into each other a lot.

Ishihara Hayato and Mukouyama Shiho

News broke out on June 18th that they’d be getting married within the year. People around them also say that it looks like they’re ready to get married. They met in Summer 2011 though a friend. Weekly magazines reported their relationship in April 2012 and the two admitted it through their blogs.

Minami Akina and Yoiko’s Yamaguchi Masaru

News broke out of their relationship on February 26. The two already knew each other since over 5 years ago, but Yamaguchi made a move last Spring during Wada Akiko’s birthday party and exchanged numbers with her.Yamaguchi revealed, “I told her ‘I like you’ on the 2nd or 3rd date” and he continued to do so a lot later on as well. Akina also commented that she began to like him because he’s kind, and that his juniors also adore him very much.

NMB48’s Watanabe Miyuki and Fujita Tom

News broke out on March 13th through Shunkan Bunshun. They caught Fujita staying over the Watanabe’s second house. No photos together but there were photos of them leaving the same building separately. Watanabe’s agency did not comment, while Fujita gave an incoherent denial. Afterwards, Watanabe places 18th during AKB48’s 6th election with 36108 votes, but didn’t enter the selection.

OKAMOTO’S Hama Okamoto and Toki Asako

Their relationship was revealed on April 30th, dating since around 1 year ago. They’re from the same agency, which is how they met. Their agency commented, “We heard that they are good musician buddies but we didn’t receive any reports on their romantic relationship”. They apparently started out as encouraging each other musically with feelings of respect, then moved onto romance.

Saeko and Osawa Shinichi

Josei Seven reported on May 15th that they are dating with plans to marry. The same magazine also published a photos of them, such as Saeko heading to Osawa’s house my car, the two of them going to a soba restaurant and both heading to Osawa’s house at 2 in the morning with their arms entwined. Saeko is a big fan of Mr.Children. When she went to a live and went to greet them in their dressing room, she met Osawa, who is in a unit with Mr.Children’s producer Kobayashi Takeshi. Their agencies commented that they’d leave the entertainer’s private lives to themselves.

Yamagishi Mai and Kikuchi Shuji

News broke out on June 5th. They appeared in a commercial together in 2010. Yamagishi’s family omelette restaurant is but a mere kilometre away from Kikuchi’s house. They’re from the same area and hit it off right away. This is Yamagishi’s very first love “scandal”.

HKT48’s Murashige Anna and Johnny’s Jr. Abe Alan

Shukan Bunshun caught them on a late night date and published it on June 19th. A few days before this, on the 12th, Murashige posted “I’m sorry for worrying you. I’m sorry” on her Google+ account but deleted the post afterwards. Murashige ranked 67th in AKB48’s previous election, and is a popular member within HKT .Abe has also been pushed forward in the media since last fall. He’s gaining popularity very quickly.

Mori Kanna and Sato Takeru

Josei Seven’s June 26th issue reported them having a late night date. The same magazine reported that these dates happened several times. They also published a photo of them walking together. However, after this was reported, Becky, Mori’s good friend, said that she was walking with them and that it was not a date. They first met during a drinking party, sitting near each other. Not long after, they became very good friends.