Catch the trailer for the “Kimi wa Petto” drama remake

Iriyama Noriko and Shison Jun are your new Sumire and Momo in the latest drama version of Yayaoi Ogawa’s popular manga “Kimi wa Petto”! This was confirmed months ago, but no air date was set.

The 16-episode drama will air late night starting February 6 on FUJI TV. The manga was previously adapted into a 10-episode live-action television series in 2003 starring Koyuki as Sumire and Matsumoto Jun as Momo.

A long drama trailer was already released, check it out below!

Iriyama Noriko (Peter no Soretsu, Akahana no Sensei) stars as Sumire Iwaya, a highly educated and beautiful career woman who encounters a homeless boy on the street who resembles her childhood pet Momo and facetiously offers to take him home as a pet. However, the boy surprises Sumire by agreeing to the proposition. Shison Jun will play as as Momo / Takeshi Goda.