Genki Iwahashi Talks King & Prince Split

Genki Iwahashi took to Instagram today to discuss the issues surrounding his former group, King & Prince.

He said that he himself was surprised by the news, but said that it took great courage on the part of Sho Hirano, Yuta Kishi, and Yuta Jinguji to leave. Genki is proud that these three are making such an important life decision.

He is also proud of Ren Nagase and Kaito Takahashi for respecting Sho and the Yutas’ decision to leave.

He expressed thanks to his former group and their fans, Tiara, for giving him the best treasure in his life. He urged fans to continue to support all five members before and after May 22, 2023, the day of the split. He also asked that fans not say things that may upset the group or speculate as why the split is happening. If fans do want to do that, feel free to DM him!