Yu Takahashi reveals all of the info. about his New Album “PERSONALITY” & PV for “Jiyugaoka”

Back in August we reported that singer/songwriter Yu Takahashi would be releasing a new studio album titled “PERSONALITY” on October 21st. With scarcely a month remaining before its street date, he has now chosen to publish all of the details regarding the record online.

“PERSONALITY” will include already revealed songs like “one stroke”, “room”, and “Asphalt no Wani”, his latest digital single “Jiyugaoka”, and 11 new tracks for a total of 15. In conjunction with this announcement, a music video for “Jiyugaoka” – featuring Takahashi performing the moving ballad on piano – has been uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Read on below to find both this PV and the complete track list for “PERSONALITY”.

-‘PERSONALITY’ Track List-

  • CD 1
  1. Hakkeyoi
  2. room
  3. RUN
  4. Jiyugaoka
  5. LIFE
  7. Asphalt no Wani
  9. Fried Potato
  10. ABC
  11. Honmei
  12. Tokyo Unko Aika
  13. ORION
  14. one stroke
  • CD 2 (Limited Edition A Only)
  1. Kodomo no Uta -Live-
  2. Rakuda -Live-
  3. Subarashiki Nichijou -Live-
  4. Fukuwarai -Live-
  5. Shounen de Are -Live-
  6. Onaji Sora no Shita -Live-
  7. Ryman’s Rock -Live-
  8. BEAUTIFUL -Live-
  9. Niji -Live-
  10. Pride -Live-
  11. Akehanatsu Mado -Live-
  • DVD (Limited Edition B Only)
  1. Pioneer -Music Video-
  2. Taiyou to Hana -Music Video-
  3. Ashita wa Kitto Ii Hi ni Naru -Music Video-
  4. Sakura no Uta -Music Video-
  5. Umareta Riyuu -Music Video-
  6. Hikari no Hahen -Music Video-
  7. Road Movie -Music Video-
  8. Niji -Music Video-
  9. Reportage -Music Video-
  10. Pride -Music Video-
  11. Arigatou -Music Video-
  12. Mr.Complex Man (Special Edit) -Music Video-
  13. one stroke (Incomplete Version) -Music Video-
  14. room -Music Video-
  15. Jiyugaoka -Music Video-
  16. THE LIVE 2010-2020 ~Road of 10th Anniversary Document~

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