Utada Hikaru Releases Emotional “Hatsukoi” PV

Ahead of the release of June 27 release of her new album “Hatsukoi”, Utada Hikaru will release the album’s title track as a digital single on May 30. “Hatsukoi” serves as an image song for the TBS drama “Hana Nochi Hare ~Hanadan Next Season~.”

Earlier today, the music video for “Hatsukoi” was released on Sony Japan’s YouTube page, meaning that it was blocked worldwide except for Japan. Knowing that she has fans worldwide, Utada released the video on her own YouTube channel later in the day. Tsuge Yasuhito, the video’s director, used light and shadow to create an emotional display to play on the fact that there are things before and after having a first love that can never be experience the same way again. Check out the video below!