Ulfuls unveil all of the details about their upcoming Album “U!!!”

Last month we reported that veteran rock band Ulfuls would be releasing a new studio album titled “U!!!” on June 26th. Now that this date has drawn closer, they have chosen to publish all of the details regarding the record online.

As expected, the album will include the group’s trio of recent digital singles – “Kawaru Kawarutoki Kawareba Kaware”, “Rhythm wo Tomeru na”, and “Sentimental Fever ~Anata ga Suki Dakara~” – plus a number of new songs, such as CM tracks “Hitotsu Futatsu” and “Power”, and a new version of “Ai ga Nakucha” – originally from their 2003 album “Eenen”. The record’s Limited Editions will come packaged with either a DVD or Blu-ray containing footage from the band’s outdoor live at Momijikawa Shibafu Plaza, which is located in Osaka’s Expo’70 Commemorative Park.

You’ll find the cover and complete track list for “U!!!” right after the jump.

-’U!!!’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Sentimental Fever ~Anata ga Suki Dakara~
  2. Rhythm wo Tomeru na
  3. One Two Three Tengoku
  4. Hitotsu Futatsu
  5. Arigacchu
  6. Ikiteku
  7. Dakishimetai
  8. Kawaru Kawarutoki Kawareba Kaware
  9. Power
  10. Ai ga Nakucha (2018ver.)
  • DVD/Blu-ray (Limited Editons Only)
  1. I Can’t Turn You Loose -Live-
  2. Ulfuls A A P no Theme -Live-
  3. Seya na Seyaseya Jinsei wa -Live-
  4. Banzai ~Suki de Yokatta~ -Live-
  5. Power -Live-
  6. SUN SUN SUN’95 -Live-
  7. Shakkin Daiou -Live-
  8. Waltz! -Live-
  9. Bakayarou -Live-
  10. Boku no Jinsei no Ima wa Nanshoume Gurai Darou -Live-
  11. Thank You For The Music -Live-
  12. Osaka Strut -Live-
  13. Maido Happy -Live-
  14. Ashita ga Aru-sa -Live-
  16. Kawaru Kawarutoki Kawareba Kaware -Live-
  17. Samurai Soul -Live-
  18. Waraereba -Live-
  19. Baka Survivor -Live-
  20. Ai ga Nakucha -Live-
  21. Sore ga Kotae da! -Live-
  22. Ii Onna -Live-
  23. Guts Daze!! -Live-
  24. Eenen -Live-

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