Tokyo Jihen Visits Earth in “Eien no Fuzai Shoumei” MV

As previously reported, Tokyo Jihen will release their new EP, “News”, on April 8. The EP will contain five songs, all written by Shiina Ringo; each song is composed by a different band member.

The Kameda Seiji-composed “Geneki Player” serves as the theme song for WOWOW’s tennis coverage this season. Also featured on “News” is “Eien no Fuzai Shoumei”, a composition by Ringo. The song serves as the theme song for the new Detective Conan film, “Meitantei Conan Hiiro no Dangan”, out April 17.

The music video for “Eien no Fuzai Shoumei” has now been released! The clip depicts Tokyo Jihen coming to Earth during a leap year. The music video can also be seen a continuation of two of Ringo’s previous music videos, 2015’s “Kamisama, Hotokesama” and last year’s “Niwatori to Hebi to Buta.” Check it out below, along with more information on Tokyo Jihen’s new EP!

Tokyo Incident "News" first time specification jacket
  1. 選ばれざる国民 (Erabarezaru Kokumin)
    (composed by Ukigumo)
  2. うるうるうるう (Uru Uru Uruu)
    (composed by Izawa Ichiyo)
  3. 現役プレイヤー (Geneki Player)
    (composed by Kameda Seiji)
  4. 猫の手は借りて (Neko no Te wa Karite)
    (composed by Hata Toshiki)
  5. 永遠の不在証明 (Eien no Fuzai Shoumei)
    (composed by Shiina Ringo)

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