Motohiro Hata unveils all of the info. about his upcoming Album “Copernicus”

Back in September we reported that singer/songwriter Motohiro Hata would be releasing both a new single and a new album this year. While the info. concerning the single was included with that initial announcement, he has now chosen to publish more details regarding the album.

This record, titled “Copernicus”, will be Hata’s sixth studio effort and is set to include his previously released tracks “Hana”, Aogeba Aozora”, and “Raspberry Lover”, a pair of instrumental tracks, and eight new vocal songs for a total of 13. Its Limited Edition (and the special Fanclub Edition) will come packaged with a DVD (or Blu-ray) which contains both the era’s music videos and footage from his live event “HATA EXPO”.

Read on below to find both the cover and track list for “Copernicus”, as well as the audio for Hata’s upcoming single “Raspberry Lover”.

-’Copernicus’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Tendousetsu (instrumental)
  3. Raspberry Lover
  4. Lost
  5. Earth Collection
  6. Joan
  7. Aru
  8. Chidousetsu (instrumental)
  9. 9inch Space Ship
  10. Aogeba Aozora
  11. Hyouryuu
  12. Hana
  13. Rainsongs
  • DVD/Blu-ray (Limited & Fanclub Editions Only)
  1. “Nichinan Merger 10th Anniversary ‘HATA EXPO’ in Obijoukamachi” (2019.10.20)
  2. “Nichinan Merger 10th Anniversary ‘HATA EXPO’ in Obijoukamachi” (2019.10.20) -Live Documentary- (Fanclub Edition Only)
  3. Raspberry Lover -Music Video-
  4. Aogeba Aozora -Music Video-
  5. Hana -Music Video-
  6. Raspberry Lover -Making of Music Video- (Fanclub Edition Only)
  7. “Motohiro Hata no Radio Hajimetandesukedo…” ~ “Copernicus” Special Edition (Fanclub Edition Only)

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