Mr.Children to release a new Live DVD/Blu-ray on Christmas Day

Popular rock band Mr.Children have revealed that they will be releasing a brand new Live DVD/Blu-ray titled “Mr.Children Dome Tour 2019 -Against All GRAVITY-” on December 25th. This release will contain footage from the group’s second tour in support of their latest studio album “Juuryoku to Kokyuu”, focusing in on its May 26th show at the Nagoya Dome.

The main disc (or two) will feature 21 tracks, including the band’s hit songs HANABI”, “Namonaki Uta”, and “CANDY”, along with all MC segments. Two versions are planned for release, with the Limited Edition to include a pair of Live CDs containing audio from their May 20th performance at the Tokyo Dome.

You’ll find a trailer, along with the track list for “Mr.Children Dome Tour 2019 -Against All GRAVITY-” below.

-’Mr.Children Dome Tour 2019 -Against All GRAVITY-’ Track List-

  2. Your Song
  3. Starting Over
  4. himawari
  5. S.MC
  6. everybody goes ~Chitsujo no Nai Gendai ni Drop Kick~
  7. MC
  9. Sign
  10. MC
  11. Namonaki Uta
  12. MC
  13. CANDY
  14. Tabidachi no Uta
  15. MC
  16. Road Movie
  17. addiction
  18. Dance Dance Dance
  19. Monster
  21. Tomorrow never knows
  22. Prelude
  23. innocent world
  24. Umi Nite, Kokoro wa Hadaka ni Naritagaru
  26. Worlds end
  27. MC
  28. Hifukokyuu
  29. END ROLL

(via natalie)