Motohiro Hata to release New Single and Album in 2019

Singer/songwriter Motohiro Hata has announced that he will be releasing both a new single and a new album before year’s end. The single, titled “Raspberry Lover”, will be his first such release in over two-and-a-half years, while the as-yet-untitled studio album will be his first since 2015’s “Ao no Koukei”.

“Raspberry Lover” will be released on November 6th and is planned to be issued in four versions, both of the Limited Editions paired with live DVDs. The album, meanwhile, will start stocking store shelves on December 11th and will include the above track, Hata’s previously released songs “Hana” and “Aogeba Aozora”, as well as ten new tracks for a total of 13.

You’ll find the complete track list for “Raspberry Lover” below.

-’Raspberry Lover’ Track List-

  • CD
  1. Raspberry Lover
  2. Aogeba Aozora ~Acoustic Session~
  3. Raspberry Lover (backing track)
  • DVD (Limited & Fanclub Editions Only)
  1. Yawaraka na Gogo ni Osoi Choushoku wo -Live-
  2. SEA -Live-
  3. Himawari no Yakusoku -Live-
  4. Pool -Live-
  5. Atarashii Uta -Live-
  6. Aogeba Aozora -Live-
  7. Shikisai -Live-
  8. Koi no Dorei -Live-
  9. Uroko -Live-
  10. Hana -Live-
  11. Yuugure no Tamoto -Live- (Fanclub Edition Only)
  12. Tama ni wa Machi ni Dete Miyou -Live- (Fanclub Edition Only)
  13. Gogatsu no Amanogawa -Live- (Fanclub Edition Only)

(via natalie)