Do you believe in fate? DEADLIFT LOLITA tells their story in “SIX PACK TWINS” MV

Weight training is believing. Believing builds our “now”. The far future will soon be here. When it’s time, dreams will come true!

When on March 1st LADYBEARD announced he was teaming up with bodybuilder Reika Saiki to form the definitive bodybuilding kawaii idol group, “DEADLIFT LOLITA”, not many people could have said they saw it coming. Probably, not even them saw it coming, as it is hard to imagine that they could find someone as cute and as ripped as them, but in the end, they met each other and are ready to show the world the “physically strongest idol unit ever”. The tale of sorrow, hope and destiny of this situation is the main topic of their debut single “SIX PACK TWINS”, which has been released along its MV just today! In the MV, you can check both LADYBEARD and Reika Saiki fighting baddies, performing together and showing their strongest features: their cuteness and their strength, though their vocals are not to be left behind!

Additionally, they have also released other two singles that have been already teased as the month passed: “Kimi Terasu Sairiumu”, a song about how to dance Otagei; and “Pump Up JAPAN”, a song about cheering up even though Japan’s economy is not as good as it was once, as it’s still a great place. Check the MV and info about the three singles just after the jump!

DLL_SingleJacketSIX PACK TWINS Official Description:

Do you believe that some day, somewhere, you will meet your soulmate?…
Until that day, we’ll keep training hard. If we don`t, how will our soulmates recognize us?Ladybeard`s trademark Kawaiicore screams are complimented for the first time by his clean voice singing. The addition of Reika`s voice makes for an unprecidented sonic experience.

kimi terasu sairiumu coverKimi Terasu Sairiumu Official Description:

Japanese idol fans, or “Otakus” created a unique dance system to support their favourite idols, known as Otagei. This dance, using penlights, is a highly energetic and highly colorful explosion of movement, straight from the Idolground!

We’ve takin it upon ourselves to teach the world how to Otagei. From a standard Kawaiicore base of Reika’s vocals mixed with Ladybeard’s screams, we’re set to get the world screaming “O.A.D!!”

pump up japan coverPump Up JAPAN Official Description:

Remember the good old days when the economy was strong, and life was fun and easy? Remember how that all came crashing down and the every day is now an exhausting challenge?

Well, cheer up! We made this comical, cartoony track to remind everyone that Japan’s still a great place, full of life and prosperity. Composed by renowned guitarist ISAO of BABYMETAL’s Kami Band, this song promises to lift everyone’s spirits, and PUMP UP JAPAN!!

Listen on streaming to the three singles on Spotify or buy them on iTunes!

(via DEADLIFT LOLITA Official Site)