CHEMISTRY to Release First Album in Over 7 Years

As previously reported, CHEMISTRY will release their new self-titled album on September 25. This is the duo’s first album since January 2012’s “Trinity.” “CHEMISTRY” will come in four editions: CD+DVD limited edition A, CD+Blu-ray limited edition B, a CD-only regular edition, and a vinyl version.

One of the producers on the album is tofubeats. CHEMISTRY and tofubeats met in 2017 when they were both recording new material in studios next to each other. A collaboration came about in the form of the uptempo song “Get Together Again”, which opens “CHEMISTRY.”

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Limited Edition


Regular Edition


Vinyl Edition



  1. Get Together Again
  2. ユメノツヅキ (Yume no Tsuzuki)
  3. Angel
  4. もしも
  5. Horizon
  6. サイレント・ナイト (Silent Night)
  7. Heaven Only Knows
  8. 数えきれない夜をくぐって (Kazoe Kirenai Yoru wo Kugutte)
  9. 夜行バス (Yokou Bus)
  10. Windy
  11. 13ヶ月 (13 Kagetsu)
  12. Still Walking

Limited Edition DVD / Blu-ray

  1. CHEMISTRY LIVE “密会” 2019年7月8日(月)新宿ReNY (CHEMISTRY LIVE “Mikkai” 2019/7/8 (Getsuyoubi) Shinjuku ReNY)
  2. CHEMISTRY LIVE “密会” -Document Movie- (CHEMISTRY LIVE “Mikkai” -Document Movie-)
  3. Angel -Music Video-
  4. Angel -Music Video Making Movie-
  5. もしも -Music Video- (Moshimo -Music Video-)
  6. もしも -Music Video Making Movie- (Moshimo -Music Video Making Movie-)
  7. Heaven Only Knows -Music Video-
  8. Heaven Only Knows -Music Video Making Movie-
  9. Windy -Music Video-
  10. Windy -Music Video Making Movie-
  11. ユメノツヅキ (Short ver.) -Lyric Video- (Yume no Tsuzuki (Short ver.) -Lyric Video-)