New Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics Ceremonies Committee Revealed

After the scrapping of the original Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics ceremonies and their committees, the members of the new ceremonies committee have been revealed! The show director is Kobayashi Kentaro, the musical director is Tanaka Tomoyuki (FPM), the assistant musical director is Nakamura Hiroshi (i-dep, Sotte Bosse), Taneda Yohei is in charge of performing arts, and Higuchi Takuji is in charge of writing.

The Opening Ceremony’s music will be composed by Oyamada Keigo (Cornelius), Tokuzawa Seigen, Hara Marihiko, and Kagei Masayuki. Tsujikawa Kojiro, Kodama Yuichi, and Kojima Junji will serve as the ceremony’s film directors. Gamarjobat‘s HIRO-PON will also appear at the Opening Ceremony.

The theme of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics ceremonies is “Moving Forward.” With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the goal of the Olympics & Paralympics is to connect the world through the power of sports and create hope for the future. The theme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony is “United by Emotion.” The theme for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Closing Ceremony is “Worlds we share.”