Sex Scandal Development: 3 Popular Male Idols & A Pregnant 17 Year Old

As previously reported on ARAMA! JAPAN, It is currently being reported that members of a certain male idol group are causing their agency great trouble due to drinking and immoral sexual acts with a minor. One of which is believed to impregnated a 17 year old girl!

According to a new article on DailyNewsOnline, one of the men is said to have just landed a huge sponsorship which has caused advertisers to investigate because if his name is revealed while they air his commercials they could face great backlash. It is rumored that the 3 men are now extremely pale from the news and hope no further evidence comes out.

When the news first broke, many netizens were speculating on who these 3 men can be, naming groups like SMAP, Sexy Zone, and KAT-TUN as main suspects. However many now believe it to be 3 members of Hey!Say!JUMP. Other netizens don’t believe the rumors and are questioning the legitimacy of the sources.

Catch some comments from Girls Channel below and be sure to let us know what you think of this whole ordeal!

[+2262 -10]
2016/09/08(木) 21:32:22
I want to know who it is!!
[+1726 -108]
2016/09/08(木) 21:32:32
Was it Hey!Say!JUMP after all?
[+1639 -16]
匿名 2016/09/08(木) 21:32:36
Please don’t publish an article without a name.
[+1124 -39]
匿名 2016/09/08(木) 21:33:03
Although they’re using Yamada Ryosuke’s image, I wonder wonder who it really is.
[+426 -26]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:15
Is this from the latest Tokyo Sports? lol.
[+1634 -74]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:21
This is Heisei isn’t it? Isn’t Yamada the only one with a major contract and company.
[+959 -21]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:30
Please make an announcement when this criminal is found.
[+995 -21]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:31
It’s sentence spring.
[+1533 -60]
2016/09/08(木) 21:33:32
They just look the other way unless it’s assault or rape… The woman must be in distress.
[+3033 -80]
2016/09/08(木) 21:34:02
[+1885 -22]
2016/09/08(木) 21:35:03
The ways of a woman participating in drinking and such promiscuity at 17…

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