E-girls subunit ShuuKaRen release video for debut single “UNIVERSE”

Your faves are SHOOK!!

E-girls subunit ShuuKaRen, consisting of Fujii sisters Fujii Shuuka (from Flower) and Fujii Karen (from Happiness), has released their highly anticipated music video for their debut single “UNIVERSE.

Fans will be excited to hear both girls will singing, as this song marks the first time Fujii Shuuka will be featured as more than just a performer since her debut with Flower in 2011.

For the music video, the duo worked with Shigeaki Kubo, a director who has previously worked on more than 400 music videos including EXILE, E-girls, and Namie Amuro. His concept for the video was about breaking free from the monotony of everyday life, with an emphasis of showing the girls’ powerful performance skills in a variety of spaces.

Check it out below.

The song, which used as theme song for Beats by Dre “Show Your Color” CM, was produced in part by DJ DARUMA from PKCZ, giving this song a modern world-class club sound.

“UNIVERSE” has an exclusive prerelease with Apple Music starting today.

The single will be released across all platforms starting October 5 in three editions: two CD+DVD editions, limited with a 52-page magazine and regular CD+DVD edition, and a limited pressing One Coin CD edition.