YUKI Goes into Another World in Surreal “My lovely ghost” MV

As previously reported, YUKI will release her new album, “Terminal”, on April 28. The album will contain 13 songs, including both songs from her last single, “Baby, it’s you / My lovely ghost.” “Terminal” will be released in a CD+DVD limited edition and a CD only regular edition, with the limited edition DVD containing the music video for “Baby, it’s you.”

YUKI recently released the music video for “My lovely ghost.” Paranormal activity takes place in YUKI’s bedroom in the music video, which features many colorful and sumptuous settings that exist on this plane and in others. Check it out below, along with more inforamtion on her new album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition



  1. My lovely ghost
  2. Baby, it’s you
  3. good girl
  4. NEW!!!
  5. ご・く・ら・く terminal (Go・Ku・Ra・Ku terminal)
  6. ラスボス (Last Boss)
  7. ベイビーベイビー (Baby Baby)
  8. 雪が消してく (Yuki ga Keshiteku)
  9. 泣かない女はいない (Nakanai Onna wa Inai)
  10. Sunday Service
  11. チューインガム (Chewing Gum)
  12. 灯 (Tomoshibi)
  13. はらはらと (Harahara to)

Limited Edition DVD
・Baby, it’s you (Music video)