Riisa Naka declines being an Olympic torchbearer, husband Akiyoshi Nakao tests positive for COVID-19

Top actress Riisa Naka has brought more questionable publicity to the ill-fated Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games. It was recently revealed that she declined being a torchbearer for the upcoming event, shortly after news came out that her husband Akiyoshi Nakao tested positive for COVID-19. Naturally, the two were in close contact.

Akiyoshi is currently in stable condition just suffering from a slight fever. Thankfully Riisa has yet to test positive for the virus. Actor and talent Yusuke Kamiji was also in contact with Akiyoshi, who will be undergoing his own testing.

Last week Japan officially entered it’s 3rd state of emergency as the Olympics are supposed to happen in just 3 months. Sporting officials have continually had to adjust plans for the initial 2020 Tokyo games, with last month it was confirmed that no international fans would be allowed to attend.

The opening date for the Tokyo Olympics is still planned for July 23rd.