Visuals and MV released for Morning Musume ’18’s 65th single “A gonna”

The visuals and MV have been released for Morning Musume ’18s 65th single! While this is the groups 65th single overall, this is the first single to be released under the name “Morning Musume ’18.”

It will be a double a-side titled “Are You Happy?/A gonna”. The covers for the single have been released, alongside the MV for “A gonna”.

Five versions will be available for fans to purchase, three limited editions and two regular versions. In usual fashion first press for all editions will award fans a lottery ticket in order to attend special events for the single release.

Limited edition A comes with the full MV for “Are You Happy?”, while limited edition B comes with the full MV for “A gonna”. The limited edition “SP” version comes with the dance shot version of both MVs, along with a making-of for “Are You Happy?”.

Meanwhile, fans are still buzzing about the news of Morning Musume heading to Mexico City to hold a concert!

“Are You Happy?/A gonna” will be released on June 13th, 2018.