THE CHARM PARK celebrates life in his Music Video for “Imperfection”

Last month we reported that up-and-coming singer/songwriter THE CHARM PARK would be releasing his major debut album “Timeless Imperfections” this week on December 5th.  Now that this date has arrived, he has chosen to upload the music video for the record’s second lead track “Imperfection” to avex’s YouTube channel.

This PV, which was directed by Shuichi Bamba, features Charm’s performance of the track in a number of different locales – such as a city and the center of a lake.  A digest which contains previews of the double album’s remaining tracks, including tie-in songs “For You” and “Wonderland,” has also been made available.

You’ll find both this digest and the PV for “Imperfection” below.

(via natalie & natalie)