Koda Kumi shows off experimental #FASHION in MV for “k,”

Singer Koda Kumi has released another music video in support of upcoming her 16th studio album “re(CORD)“.

The full MV for “k,” has been uploaded to avex’s official YouTube page. In the MV Kumi perhaps takes avant-garde fashion to a brand new level by using balloons as intricate hair accessories. Rick Owens is shaking!

Various scenes showcase Kumi in a bright green outfit, and pink latex outfit as her and some dancers perform on exercise balls. A special dance version of “k”, will be included on the DVD and blu-ray editions of “re(CORD)”. Check out the full MV for “k,” below:

“re(CORD)” will be available nationwide in Japan on November 13th, 2019. Fans outside of Japan may need to get creative with ways to obtain the album, as it apparently cannot be sold outside of Japan.